Hampel Wins Third in a Row; O’Regan Sets Women’s Course Record

by Clay Shaw

SPARTAN HALF MARATHON,  YORK, PA, April 28, 2019—Alexander Hampel of Marietta, PA. made it a three-peat as he won the Spartan Half Marathon for the third consecutive year.  Hampel won it in 1:12:58, despite strong rain through much of the race.  Zach Lofties of York was second in 1:16:22.  Andrew Friesema of York was third in 1:16:33.  York College of PA coach Stephen LoBianco was fourth in 1:18:53, brother Pete LoBianco was seventh and first Master in 1:25:40.  Tim Schuler of Lititz, age 55, finished ninth among men in 1:30:00. 

Katie O’Regan of Lititz won the women’s race in a course-record time of 1:22:52.  O’Regan has won many area events including the York White Rose Run and the Race Against Racism/Lancaster.  She told me after the race that she would really like to represent Ireland in the Euro XC meet and/or competitive trail runs.  Katie has duel USA/Ireland citizenship.    Megan DiGregorio of Baltimore ran strong to place second in 1:26:38.  O’Regan, and DiGregorio both placed in the top eight overall.  Karen Lam-Duckett of York placed third in 1:38:26 and was first Master.  Both third place runners Friesma and Lam-Duckett live in our Raintree neighborhood. 

Three hundred YCP student athletes braved the weather and the early wake-up call to staff the 4th Annual Spartan Half Marathon.  The rain and the race both started at 8 am.  The rail trail did get quite muddy, as the lead cyclist and your race photographer can attest to.  The rain quieted down after the elites finished, and stopped all together before the end of the race.  In total 207 registered with 174 finishers.  Weather conditions, and having Easter Sunday the week prior (and those races moving to our crowded weekend) were likely factors.   The event benefits The Spartan Advance for York College athletics. 


  1.  1:12:58  Alexander Hampel PA
  2. 1:16:22  Zach Lofties PA
  3. 1:16:33  Andrew Friesema PA
  4. 1:18:53  Stephen LoBianco PA
  5. 1:25:40  Will Gordon PA
  6. 1:25:40  Pete LoBianco  (40) PA
  7. 1:27:54  JT Thomas PA
  8. 1:28:03  Chris Cloke NJ
  9. 1:30:00  Tim Schuler  (55) PA
  10. 1:34:32  Evan Scheffey PA


  1. 1:22:52 Katie O’Regan PA
  2. 1:26:38 Megan DiGregorio MD
  3. 1:38:26 Karen Lam-Duckett (41) PA
  4. 1:42:29 Danielle Werner PA
  5. 1:47:19 Allison Keller (15) PA
  6. 1:48:10 Lindsay Nye PA
  7. 1:48:34 Kathryn Meier PA
  8. 1:50:17 Alyssa Young (40) PA
  9. 1:50:21 Elizabeth Sheibley (53) MA
  10. 1:50:39 Maggie Stein MD
Katie O’Regan all smiles before the start of the race and the rain. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Andrew Friesema #3, Alexander Hampel #1, and Zach Lofties #102 at the start line of the Spartan Half Marathon. The three would be the podium placers at the end.
Megan DiGregorio, Rabbit Elite, from Baltimore, MD. is ready to go at the start of the Spartan Half Marathon at York College of PA.
Alex Hampel #1 starts fast in quest of his third straight Spartan Half Marathon win. Zach Lofties of York, PA. hung tough to place second.
Cortnie Amelotte #15, Katie Shacklett #203, and Grayce Langheine #206 and many other start the Spartan Half Marathon in rain.
Katie O’Regan of Lititz races south of the York Heritage Rail Trail on a cool, damp, and wet April morning. O’Regan would win with a new course record.
Megan DiGregorio of Baltimore running top master Pete LoBianco #204 just south of the Howard Tunnel, in the pouring rain.
Katie O’Regan of Lititz, PA, and the F & M Track Club wins the Spartan Half Marathon in a course record time of 1:22:52.
Will Gordon of Harrisburg PA gets sixth overall, Pete LoBianco of York finishes seventh and first master. Both men clocked at 1:25:40.
Megan DiGregorio of Baltimore finishes second in the Spartan Half Marathon.
Karen Lam-Duckett of York, PA is the third overall female, and gets the cheers of York College student athletes.
Gordon Day #47 places 27th, just ahead of Brendan McDonough of Camp LeJeune, NC.
Alyssa Young of York finishing the Spartan Half Marathon with her children, as Young placed eighth overall woman.
Mindy Miller of York finishes with cheering of York College student athletes.
Podium Gals: Megan DiGregorio (2), Katie O’Regan (1), and Karen Lam-Duckett (1st). (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Podium Guys: Zach Lofties (2), Alex Hampel (1), and Andrew Friesema (3) with Logan. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Katie O’Regan of Lititz (1:22:52, 1st Place), and Megan DiGregorio of Baltimore (1:26:38, 2nd place) both finished in the top ten overall. Katie set new course record. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Tim Schuler of Lititz PA, placed 9th among men with a 1:30:00. At 55 Schuler continues to race at a high level. (Photo by Clay Shaw).
Karen Lam-Duckett of York, PA was third female and first master. Karen is a very dedicated athlete, and serves on the White Rose Run race commitee. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Joe Church is a remarkable endurance athlete and world traveler. Summer plans include the Madagascar Marathon, and travel throughout southern and eastern Africa. (photo Clay Shaw)
Katie O’Regan of Lititz, PA. all smiles after setting a new women’s record record of 1:22:52, in the rain. (Photo by Clay Shaw)
Cyndy Glosenger of Red Lion, PA and Lynda Hasper of Lititz finish together along with supportive friends. Both are legacy runners who have completed all four Spartan Half Marathons.

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