Wardian, Pentico Capture 29th NCR Marathon; Muse, McNamara Capture Half

By George Banker with Photos by Clay Shaw

GLENCOE, MD, NOVEMBER 24, 2018—This year marked the 29th running of the NCR Marathon and second year for the half-marathon.

The course has an 8/10-mile downhill road section with the remaining 25.4 miles on the NCR Trail making this the fastest marathon and Boston Qualifier for hundreds of miles! The trail surface is a compacted combination of dirt and fine stone and winds along the Gunpowder River through quiet farmland. The half-marathon starts and finishes the same as the marathon, which makes it  one of the fastest half marathons for hundreds of miles.

The top males and females in the marathon competed for $1,600 in prize money and $1,200 in the half- marathon.

The race favorite was Michael Wardian of Arlington, VA, making his NCR debut. There are not many race distances which he has not mastered which include running seven marathons in seven days on seven  different continents. The NCR was a refreshing change.

The runners were in close contact once they had reached the NCR Trail. The lead runners included Jacob Smith of Potomac, MD, Michael Wardian, Matthew Germain of Spencer, MA, and Matthew Dyjack of Odenton, MD. Each competitor had a good view of the runners up front.

The defining moment was on the return as Wardian had full control. The trailing runners were holding for their current positions.

Wardian laid tracks for first place with a time of 2:40:48 (16th fastest winning time). Wardian became the 5th Master to capture the Open and Masters title.

Germain captured second with a time of 2:50:53. There was a battle for the next three places. Smith held fast for third with a time of 2:54:26 and Dyjack was a close fourth with 2:54:30. Fifth went to Yang Shen of Rockville, MD with a time of 2:54:55.

The women’s race was a little more spread out. The top female was Julie Pentico of Williamsport, PA with a time of 3:05:38 (15th fastest winning time). Al Tufano of Columbia, MD captured second with a time of 3:18:18. Third was captured by Sarah Dickens of Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a time of 3:21:57. Yan Zhang of Laurel, MD was fourth with a time of 3:26:13. Fifth went to Jill Regets of Palmyra, PA with a time of 3:28:55.

Wardian’s time of 2:40:48 was the 5th fastest Masters winning time. Yang Shen was the second Master with a time of 2:54:55. The third Master was Jicheng Liu of Ellicott City, MD with a time of 2:56:38.

For the women, Pentico’s time of 3:05:38 was the 3rd fastest Masters winning time. Yan Zhang was the second Master with a time of 3:26:13. Third Master was Dawn Lasek of Perry Hall, MD with a time of 3:34:15.

The standout in the marathon was eight-year-old Nate Vainds of Rydal. PA who placed 50th male with a time of 3:32:06.

The Half Marathon

This was the second year for the half-marathon and all of the previous times could be beaten. In 2017 there were 298 finishers and this year the numbers increased to 437.

In the closing miles of the half-marathon the lead was under the control of Tyler Muse of Baltimore in a time of 1:15:40. The runner-up position was captured by Nathaniel Dordai of Columbia, MD in a time of 1:16:22. In 2017 Dordai placed second with a time of 1:19:40.

Third place was captured by Steve Mrozinski of Baltimore in a time of 1:18:37 who was followed closely in fourth place by John Arcibal of Baltimore with a time of 1:18:50.

The leading female was Nicole McNamara of Mt. Airy, MD with a time of 1:27:00. Second was captured by Jody Berinato of Parkville, MD with a time of 1:29:26. Luisa Fairfax of Baltimore captured third with a time of 1:30:19.  Fourth went to Flavia Coppolino with a time of 1:31:43.

Marathon Results Top Men

  1. 2:40:48   Michael Wardian (44)
  2. 2:50:53   Matthew Germain
  3. 2:54:26   Jacob Smith
  4. 2:54:30   Matthew Dyjack
  5. 2:54:55   Yang Shen  (42)
  6. 2:56:38   Jicheng Liu  (47)

3:32:06   Nate Vlands (8)

Marathon Results Top Women

  1. 3:05:38   Julie Penico (50)
  2. 3:18:18   AL Tufano
  3. 3:21:57   Sarah Dickes
  4. 3:26:13   Yan Zhang  (42)
  5. 3:28:55   Jill Regets

Half Marathon Results Top Men

  1. 1:15:11  Tyler Muse
  2. 1:16:22  Nathaniel Dordai
  3. 1:18:37  Steve Mrozinski
  4. 1:18:50  John Archibald
  5. 1:19:14  Jeff Berger (42)

Half Marathon Results Top Women

  1. 1:27:00  Nicole McNamara
  2. 1:29:26  Jody Berninato
  3. 1:30:19  Luisa Fairfax
  4. 1:31:43  Flavia Coppolino
  5. 1:32:28  Sherry Stick (40)
Nate Vlands is all business as he finishes the NCR Trail Marathon in 3:32:06. Mom Danielle records the moment. By the way Nate is 8, and trained on trails in preparation.
Tyler Muse of Bel Air, Maryland wins the half marathon.
Sherry Stick of Eldersburg, MD is first master and fifth overall at the half marathon.
Nicole McNamara, winning form as first female in the half marathon.
Michael Wardian is not only fast and prolific, he’s a great guy.
MIchael Wardian of Arlington, Virginia wins the 2018 NCR Trail Marathon.
Julie Pemtico is 1st overall female in the NCR Marathon. Touchdown Julie! !.
John Shafer is happy with his 3:11:47, good for 21st place in the NCR Trail Marathon.
Jill Regets runs through Monkton early in the NCR Trail Marathon. Jill would place as 5th female overall in the marathon.
Flavia Coppolino of Charlotte, NC finishes 4th in the half marathon. Another photographer captures the moment.

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