Corona Twins Dominate Marathon

By Clay Shaw

EL PASO, TX—Twin brothers Francisco and Pancho Corona finished first and second overall at the El Paso Marathon held February 17.  The 35-year-old twins from Mexico were delighted with their placement and support for each other during the event.  Francisco won in 2:54:36.  Pancho was second in 2:55:26.  Pawel Ruszniak of Poland was third overall in 2:57:43.  Brant Lutz of Albuquerque, NM was first Masters and fourth overall in 2:59:32.

Jennifer Liechti from San Antonio, TX was the top female overall, in 3:29:18.  Liechti was quite pleased with her win and Boston qualifier.  Liechti chose the El Paso Marathon to also reunite with her two brothers who are El Paso Firefighters.  Masters runners Eva Michalak (3:44:02), and Kelli Cubeta (3:45:49) took the other two spots.  Sheri Bullock our friend from Lemoyne, PA ran her 13th state, and placed ninth overall and 2nd 35-39, with a 3:56:22.  The Borderland event attracted many runners from sister city Juarez, Mexico.  One of the colorful aid stations was staffed by the Juarez Running Club.  246 athletes finished the marathon.

James McLain won the half-marathon in 1:13:42, just ahead of Anthony Molina 1:13:44.  Jose Silva was third in 1:14:11.  The three shared the lead throughout much of the race.   Cheryl Serena of Las Cruces, NM won the women’s overall title in 1:27:47.  Justine Weyers was second in 1:29:34.  Sylvia Monroy, 53, was top Masters and third overall in 1:33:30.  1329 finished the half-marathon, including your RG photojournalists Karen Mitchell and Clay Shaw.  All the races, which also included a 5K, finished in the El Paso Chihuahuas baseball stadium.



  1. 2:54:36 Francisco Corona MEX
  2. 2:55:26 Pancho Corona  MEX
  3. 2:57:43 Pawel Ruszniak  POL
  4. 2:59:32 Brant Lutz (43)  NM
  5. 3:09:37 Matt Kerr


  1. 3:29:18 Jennifer Liechti  TX
  2. 3:44:02 Eva Michalak (44)
  3. 3:45:49 Kelli Cubeta  (40)
  4. 3:46:32 Jaclyn Fike-Taveras
  5. 3:46:55 Katie Wiederholt

Half Marathon


  1. 1:13:42 James McLain
  2. 1:13:44 Anthony Molina
  3. 1:14:11 Jose Silva
  4. 1:16:56 Mateo Goddard
  5. 1:19:11 Babiker Babiker


  1. 1:27:47 Cheryl Serena
  2. 1:29:34 Justine Weyers
  3. 1:33:30 Sylvia Monroy  (53)
  4. 1:38:58 Christina Ramirez
  5. 1:39:00 Danielle Chavarria

Twin brothers Pancho Corona (2:55:26) on left, and Francisco Corona (2:54:36) on right were second and first in the El Paso Marathon. The brothers are from Mexico.


Women’s marathon champ Jennifer Liechti is happy to share the news of her win and BQ at the El Paso Marathon.


Jennifer Liechti of San Antonio, TX. was the female champion of the El Paso Marathon.


James McLain #2528 won the half marathon in a close finish with Anthony Molina #3179, and Jose Silva #2289.


Cheryl Serena of Las Cruces, NM. was the top female in the El Paso Half Marathon, in 1:27:47.


Justine Weyers was second overall in the El Paso Half Marathon in 1:29:34.


El Paso Marathon 2019 tech shirt.


Start of El Paso Marathon and Half Marathon.


Water Station/Cheer Zone in El Paso Marathon events.


El Paso students staff the water station.


Alice In Wonderland themed water station in the El Paso Marathon events.


Sheri Bullock of Lemoyne, PA. finished 9th overall, and second 35-39 while completing a marathon in her 13th state.

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