USATF XC Championships Senior Women Tallahassee, FL, February 2, 2019

By Clay Shaw

Houlihan Dominates Steller USA XC Field

Track star Shelby Houlihan, 2017 USA Champion at 5000m and 1500m, used that speed to break away from the top-notch field in the final 500m, to win in 32:46.8.  Houlihan led Nike Bowerman Track Club to the team title, with Marielle Hall, Amy Cragg, Courtney Frerichs, and Karissa Schweizer.  Molly Huddle, who ran aggressively, setting the pace from the start, was second.   The top six are eligible to represent the USA at World XC in Aarhus, Demark on March 30.  Huddle and Tuliamuk are expected to decline their spots, as they are doing Spring marathons, opening spots for Karissa Schweizer and Stephanie Bruce who was 2nd USA at World XC in Uganda in 2017.

Senior Women

  1. Shelby Houlihan 32:46.8
  2. Molly Huddle 32:55.3
  3. Marielle Hall 32:56.5
  4. Aliphine Tuliamuk 33:03.3
  5. Amy Cragg 33:17.5
  6. Courtney Frerichs 33:24.6
  7. Karissa Schweizer 33:28.2
  8. Stephanie Bruce               33:30.0
  9. Anne-Marie Blaney 33:34.4
  10. Sarah Pagano 33:44
  11. Elaina Tabb 33:46.6
  12. Rachel Schneider 33:03.3
  13. Kellyn Taylor 34:15.9
  14. Karina Spatford 34:18.7
  15. Hannah Everson 34:19.9
  16. Jessica Tonn 34:23.2
  17. Samantha Bluske 34:32.8
  18. Laura Thweatt 34:36.3
  19. Breanna Sieracki 34:37.3
  20. Allie Buchalski 34:40.2
  21. Grayson Murphy 34:47.2
  22. Shannon Rowbury 34:48.2
  23. Lauren Larocco 34:53.2
  24. Cathrina Rocha 34:58.5
  25. Olivia Pratt 35:06.5

Shelby Houlihan of Portland, OR and Nike Bowerman TC, wins with a blazing final 500 meters over a stellar field at the USATF XC Championships.


USATF XC Championships, lead senior women’s pack. Hall 252, Huddle, 278, Schweizer 429, Tuliamuk 482, Taylor, Cragg, Houlihan 275, Schneider 425, and Tabb 468.


USATF XC Championship strides. Huddle, Hall, Tuliamik, Houlihan, Cragg, Taylor, and Pagano on Lap 2.


Molly Huddle leads the early pack that included Hall, Tuliamuk, Schweizer, Shelby Houlihan 275, Cragg, Taylor, and Pagano.


Shelby Houlihan 275, Aliphine Tuliamuk 482, Molly Huddle, and Amy Cragg share lead in women’s USATF XC Championships


Jessica Tonn 478 of Phoenix, AZ, and Shannon Rowbury 417 of San Francisco, CA, in the USATF women’s senior race.


Aliphine Tuliamuk 482 of Flagstaff, AZ leads Molly Huddle 278 of Providence, RI, and Shelby Houlihan 275 of Portland, OR. on the Apalachee Regional Park XC in Tallahassee, FL.


Kellyn Taylor of Flagstaff, AZ finished 13th


Molly Huddle of Providence RI gives it her all on the final sprint to the finish second. Marielle Hall 252 of Portland, OR. takes third.


Laura Thweatt of Colrado, and Saucony finishes 18th.


Rachel Schneider of Sanford, Maine takes 12th in the USATF XC Championships.


Karissa Schweizer of Portland, OR and Nike Bowerman TC finishes 7th.


Shelby Houlihan of Nike Bowerman TC and Portland, OR was in top form in her first XC race since her college days at Arizona State. Houlihan unleashed a kick from 600 meters to win by nearly ten seconds.


Shelby Houlihan of Nike Bowerman TC wins the USATF XC Senior Women’s championship. She won in 32:46.8 on the Apalachee Regional Park course in Tallahassee.


After the line. Top finishers Marielle Hall 252 3rd, Molly Huddle 278 2nd, Anne-Marie Blaney 132 9th, Amy Cragg 178 5th.


8 of top 10 senior women, from left: Pagano 10, Blaney 9, Bruce 8, Schweizer 7, Frerichs 6, Cragg 5, Hall 3, and Houlihan 1. Nike Bowerman TC took the team title with 5 in top 7 overall.

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