USATF XC Championships Junior Women and Men Tallahassee, FL, February 2, 2019

By Clay Shaw

Boston College Gals Delighted

Nicole Clermont of Boston College crossed the finish line and broke the tape, crying with joy.  She was even happier to turn around and see teammate, and friend Kayla Smith finishing second.  Grace Ping, a 15-year-old HS runner from Winona, MN was fourth.  Another 15-year-old, Heidi Nelson of Katy, TX took sixth.

Aljabaly of U of Wisconsin Wins

Shuaib Aljabaly of the University of Wisconsin, made the last strong move of the race to guarantee the win by four seconds over fellow Big 10 runner Gabriel Mudel of Michigan.  Stanford runners Meika Beaudon-Rousse and Charlie Perry took third and fourth places.  Yet another Big 10 runner took fifth, Khalid Hussein of Minnesota.

Junior Women 6K

  1. Nicole Clermont 21:14
  2. Kayla Smith 21:18.2
  3. Riley Rigdon 21:26.8
  4. Grace Ping 21:26.9
  5. Savannah Shaw 21:28.4
  6. Heidi Nelson 21:30.1
  7. Rachel McCardell 21:44.6
  8. Samantha Corman 21:51.5
  9. Noelle Adriaens 21:52.4
  10. Katie Dammer 22:14.2

Junior Men 8K

  1. Shuaib Aljabally 24:38.7
  2. Gabriel Mudel 24:42.8
  3. Meika Beaudom-Rousse 24:43
  4. Charlie Perry 24:43
  5. Khalid Hussein 24:45.4
  6. Robert Cheeseman 24:46.2
  7. Graydon Morris 24:53.3
  8. Michael Phillips 24:56.7
  9. Reece Donihi 25:00.3
  10. Chao Johnson 25:02.5

Kayla Smith and Nicole Clermont are all smiles, after the teammates and roommates took the top two places in the Junior Women’s race.


Nicole Clarmont 167 shares lead with Kayla Smith, Heather Holt 273, Grace Ping 392, Savannah Shaw 435, and Riley Rigdon 411.


Junior Women’s 6000 meter start.


Nicole Clermont of Boston College wins the Junior Women’s XC championship race.


Nicole Clermont of Boston College wins the junior women’s xc championship race.


Nicole Clermont of Boston College wins the Junior Women’s XC championship


Grace Ping 392, age 15 of Winona, MN places fourth just behind Riley Rigdon 411 of Oklahoma State, and ahead of NC State’s Savannah Shaw 435.


Large lead pack in the Junior Men’s 8K


Lead pack of Junior Men, with Reece Donihi 193 of New Mexico holding a slight lead.


Junior Men’s lead pack.


Khalid Hussein 281 of Minnesota, finished fifth. He shares the lead with Meika Beaudoin-Rousse of Stanford, who took third overall in the junior men’s race.


Junior men leaders on final lap. Shuaib Aljabaly 103 of Wisconsin would emerge as the victor.


Shuaib Aljabaly of U of Wisconsin wins Junior Men’s 8000 meter XC race by four seconds.


Gabriel Mudel of Michigan takes second overall. Meika Beaudoin-Rousse 122 nips Stanford teammate Charlie Perry 387 for third in the junior men’s race.


Shuaib Aljabaly after winning the Junior Men’s XC race.

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