Men’s and Women’s Masters National XC Championships Tallahassee, FL

February 2, 2019

By Clay Shaw

55-Year-Old Wins Womens Masters XC

Marisa Sutera Strange of Pleasant Valley, NY, at age 55, running for the Athena TC, took the overall Masters title by nearly ten seconds. Jill Braley of Cartersville, GA was second.  Laura Bosley of Thiensville, WI was third.  Sarah Barber of Boise, ID was fourth.  Nancy Thomas of San Francisco, WI was fifth.  Good friend Carolyn Mather of Morganton, GA, who helps out at many major races was among 70-year-olds running.

Sallberg Wins by 20 Seconds

Jacques Sallberg of Pasadena, CA won by a 20 second margin.  David Angell of Roanoke, VA was second. John Gardiner, a Cal Coast TC teammate of Sallberg was third.  56-year-old Nat Larson of Amherst, MA was fourth.  The Masters races were first, and somewhat cool, temperature-wise.  During the women’s Masters race the sun came out for 10 minutes, and it warmed into the sixties for most of the day, but was mostly overcast.  The overnight rain did not make the course muddy or slippery. 

Masters Women 6K

  1. Marisa Sutera Strange, NY (55) 23:30.9
  2. Jill Braley, GA (40) 23:40.4
  3. Laura Bosley, WI (40) 23:54.1
  4. Sarah Barber, ID (42) 24:10.3
  5. Nancy Thomas, CA (49) 24:39.4
  6. Michelle Allen, FL (55) 25:11.5
  7. Amy Fakterowitz, NY (50) 25:23.5
  8. Susan Cooke, FL (60) 25:54.6
  9. Jennifer Bayliss, CA (48) 25:55.9
  10. Alexandra Newman, CO (46) 26:01.6 

Masters Men 8K

  1. Jacques Sallberg, CA (44)  26:32.9
  2. David Angell, VA (42)  26:52.6
  3. John Gardiner, CA (46) 27:20
  4. Nat Larson, MA (56) 27:49.3
  5. Christian Cushing Murray, CA (51) 27:56.3
  6. Paul Jones, NC (43) 28:07.4
  7. Brian Sydow, GA (45) 28:08.3
  8. Mike Blackmore, OR (57)  28:11.3
  9. Brent Fields, GA (47) 28:15.1
  10. Kent Lemme, MA (52) 28:39.1
Lead pack Nancy Thomas 475, Marisa Sutera Strange 463, Jill Braley 145, Laura Bosley 141
Marisa Sutera Strange, NY (55 years old) 1st Master!
Lorraine Jasper, PA (57) 11th master
Michelle Allen, FL (55) 6th master
Marisa Sutera Strange, NY (55 years old) 1st Master!
Carolyn Mather, GA (70) in USATF master event.
Atlanta Track Club prior to Master Women’s event
Jacques Sallberg, CA (44) 1st master