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TILBURG, NETHERLANDS, December 9, 2018—Filip Ingebrigtsen of Norway was somewhat of a surprise winner of the men’s senior race. Filip took the Gold with strong surges on the final two laps to separate himself from second place Issac Kimeli of Belgium, third place Aras Kaya of Turkey, and 2017 champion Kaan Kigen Ozbilen of Turkey, who finished fourth.  The five-loop course was quite muddy with off and on rain throughout the meet.  Turkey won the team championship followed by Great Britain and Italy.

Jacob Ingebrigtsen of Norway won the U20 race for the third straight year.  Ouassim Oumaiz of Spain took the silver, and Elzan Bibic of Serbia won the bronze.  Ingebrigtsen’s win led Norway to the team title, followed by Great Britain and Germany.

Jimmy Gressier of France won the U23 Men’s race, and was repeat champion.  Gressier gained U-Tube fame with his run into the finish with two French flags, and an attempted knee-slide in the mud turned into a face plant at the finish line.  Samuel Fitwi of Germany was eight seconds back, earning the silver. Hugo Hay, of France earned the bronze.  France won the team title, with Great Britain, and Spain taking the other podium spots.

Senior Men (10300 Meters) Top 25

  1. 28:49 Filip Ingebrigtsen  NOR
  2. 28:52 Isaac Kimeli  BEL
  3. 28:56 Aras Kaya  TUR
  4. 29:04 Kaan Kigen Ozbilen  TUR
  5. 29:12 Napoleon Solomon  SWE
  6. 29:14 Yemaneberhan Crippa ITA
  7. 29:14 Polat Kemboi Arikan  TUR
  8. 29:20 Adel Mechaal  ESP
  9. 29:21 Marc Scott  GBR
  10. 29:22 Sean Tobin  IRL
  11. 29:26 Daniele Meucci  ITA
  12. 29:28 Kristian Jones  GBR
  13. 29:31 Dewi Griffiths  GBR
  14. 29:35 Antonio Abadia  ESP
  15. 29:36 Robin Hendrix  BEL
  16. 29:40 Daniel Mateo  ESP
  17. 29:43 Charlie Hulson  GBR
  18. 29:45 Henrik Ingebrigtsen  NOR
  19. 29:46 Ole Hesselbjerg  DEN
  20. 29:47 Nekagenet Crippa  ITA
  21. 29:47 Dame Tasama  BEL
  22. 29:49 Michael Somers  BEL
  23. 29:49 Florian Orth  GER
  24. 29:51 Mitko Tsenov  BUL
  25. 29:51 Hassan Chahdi  FRA

Under 20 Men (6300 Meters)  Top 20

  1. 18:00 Jacob Ingebrigtsen  NOR
  2. 18:09 Ouassim Oumaiz  ESP
  3. 18:11 Elzan Bibic  SER
  4. 18:16 Jake Heyward  GBR
  5. 18:18 Simen Halle Haugen  NOR
  6. 18:27 Mohamed Mohumed  GER
  7. 18:28 Mohamed-Amine Kodad  FRA
  8. 18:45 Ayetullah Aslanhan  TUR
  9. 18:47 Nick Jager  GER
  10. 18:47 Valentin Bresc  FRA
  11. 18:47 Bram Anderiessen  NED
  12. 18:48 Isaac Akers  GBR
  13. 18:48 Ramazan Bastug  TUR
  14. 18:49 Matthew Willis  GBR
  15. 18:53 Tim Van De Velde NED
  16. 18:53 Darragh McElhinney  IRL
  17. 18:54 Marios Anagnostou  GRE
  18. 19:01 Sean O’Leary  IRL
  19. 19:02 Ryan Oosting  NED
  20. 19:02 Omar Ismail  SWE

U23 Men  (8300 Meters)

  1. 23:37 Jimmy Gressier  FRA
  2. 23:45 Samuel Fitwi  GER
  3. 23:48 Hugo Hay  FRA
  4. 23:49 Ryan Forsyth  IRL
  5. 24:05 Patrick Dever  GBR
  6. 24:05 Tariku Novales  ESP
  7. 24:06 Fabien Palcau  FRA
  8. 24:07 Emile Cairess  GBR
  9. 24:11 Louis Gilavert  FRA
  10. 24:12 Adrian Ben  ESP
  11. 24:13 Stan Niesten  NED
  12. 24:13 Simone Colombini  ITA
  13. 24:17 Markus Gorger  GER
  14. 24:19 Dorian Boulvin  BEL
  15. 24:20 Amanuel Gergis  SWE
  16. 24:23 Tadesse Getahon  ISR
  17. 24:24 Mahamed Mahamed  GBR
  18. 24:25 Yann Schrub  FRA
  19. 24:25 Oliver Fox  GBR
  20. 24:29 Mike Poppen NED

Senior Men (10300 Meters) Photos

filip ingebrigstsen nor euro xc champ-8746

Filip Ingebrigstsen Norway is Euro XC Sr Men’s 2018 Champ

leaders run through the mud as fans light flares-8497

Leaders run through the mud as fans light flares.

filip ingebrigsten nor wins isaac kimeli bel 2nd-8504

Filip Ingebrigsten Norway wins Isaac Kimeli Belgium 2nd

daniele meucci ita 11th henrik ingebrigtsen nor 18th-8465

Early men’s race during rare blue sky. Daniele Meucci Italy 11th Henrik Ingebrigtsen Norway 18th

Under 20 Men (6300 Meters) Photos

jakob ingebrigsten nor wins men u20-7671

Jacob Ingebrigtsen Norway 1st U20, for the 3rd straight year.

jacob ingebrigtsen nor 1st u20-7650

Jacob Ingebrigtsen Norway 1st U20

jakob ingebrigsten nor elzan bibic srb ouassim oumaiz esp-7613

Under 20 Podium: Jakob Ingebrigsten Norway 1st, Elzan Bibic Serbia 3rd, Ouassim Oumaiz Soain 2nd

jakob ingebrigsten nor elzan bibic srb ouassim oumaiz esp tom mortimer gbr-2587

Log Hurdle: Jakob Ingebrigsten Norway, Elzan Bibic Serbia, Ouassim Oumaiz Spain, Tom Mortimer Great Britain

U23 Men Photos


Men hurdle logs, Jimmy Gressier 1st France looking back

jimmy gressier fra 1st u23-3667

Jimmy Gressier 1st France and Samuel Fitwi Germany 2nd over logs

jimmy gressier fra 1st u23-3799

Jimmy Gressier France separates from Samuel Fitwi during huge downpour on last lap

jimmy gressier fra 1st u23-3862

Jimmy Gressier France 1st heads for dramatic finish and in defense of his title. Does face plant after attempted knee slide.

jimmy gressier fra 1st u23-3863

Jimmy Gressier France 1st heads for dramatic finish and in defense of his title. Does face plant after attempted knee slide.

jimmy gressier fra 1st u23-3866

Jimmy Gressier France 1st heads for dramatic finish and in defense of his title. Does face plant after attempted knee slide.

jimmy gressier fra 1st u23-3875

Jimmy Gressier 1st France celebrates following win with face plant.

jimmy gressier and team france u23-7943

Jimmy Gressier 1st France and Team France (Under 23 team champs). Hugo Hay was 3rd finisher.

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