Abebe and Beadlescomb Blitz the B.A.A. 5K

by Clay Shaw
Photos by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

Boston, MA, April 15, 2023—Morgan Beadlescomb of East Lansing, MI rounded the corner with twelve of his elite-field mates, and used his 3:52 miler speed to take the win in 13:25. The Michigan State grad had to outkick former Michigan star Ben Flanagan of Canada who was second, one second back. Edwin Lagat of Kenya was third in 13:27. The next three finishers all ran 13:27 as well. Alex Masai, Olin Hacker, and Ahmed Muhumed finished four through six. The 2023 Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler champ Tsegay Kidanu of Ethiopia was eighth in 13:28.

Mekides Abebe of Ethiopia also had a close race, winning by one second in 15:01. 2023 World Cross Country bronze medalist Agnes Ngetich of Kenya was second in 15:02. The big difference from the men’s race, was that the pair had gapped the rest of the field by ten seconds. 2022 BAA 1-mile champ Annie Rodenfels of Boston was third in 15:12, Weini Kelati of Flagstaff, AZ was fourth in15:13, and Jesca Chelangat of Kenya was fifth in 15:15. Fiona O’Keeffe of Chapel Hill, NC was sixth in 15:24. Fifteen women broke 16 minutes.

Susannah Scaroni of Urbana, IL won the wheelchair race in 11:10. Marcel Hug of Switzerland wheeled through the fast course in the very fast time of 9:52.

Top Women

  1. 15:01 Mekides Abebe, 22, Ethiopia
  2. 15:02 Agnes Ngetich, 22, Kenya
  3. 15:12 Annie Rodenfels, 26, Boston, MA
  4. 15:13 Weini Kelati, 26, Flagstaff, AZ
  5. 15:15 Jesca Chelangat, 25, Kenya
  6. 15:24 Fiona O’Keeffe, 24, Chapel Hill, NC
  7. 15:27 Emma Hurley, 25, Brookhaven, GA
  8. 15:29 Taylor Werner, 24, Raleigh, NC
  9. 15:30 Bethany Hasz, 25, Dorchester, MA
  10. 15:33 Abigail Nichols, 26, Flagstaff, AZ
  11. 15:35 Marisa Howard, 30, Boise, ID
  12. 15:39 Emily Durgin, 28, Flagstaff, AZ
  13. 15:51 Julie-Anne Staehli, 29, Canada
  14. 15:58 Marielle Hall, 31, Providence, RI
  15. 15:59 Megan Hasz, 25, Dorchester, MA

Top Men

  1. 13:25 Morgan Beadlescomb, 24, East Lansing, MI
  2. 13:26 Ben Flanagan, 28, Canada
  3. 13:27 Edwin Kurgat, 26, Kenya
  4. 13:27 Alex Masai, 25, Kenya
  5. 13:27 Olin Hacker, 25, Madison, WI
  6. 13:27 Ahmed Muhumed, 25, Tallahassee, FL
  7. 13:28 Tsegay Kidanu, 21, Ethiopia
  8. 13:29 Merhawi Mebrahtu, 19, Eritrea
  9. 13:30 Eduardo Herrera, 25, Boulder, CO
  10. 13:30 Wesley Kiptoo, 23, Kenya
  11. 13:30 Leonard Bett, 22, Kenya
  12. 13:32 Charles Philibert-Thibotot, 32, Canada
  13. 13:35 Eric Avila, 33, Bonita, CA
  14. 13:36 Willy Fink, 29, Blacksburg, VA
  15. 13:39 Mason Ferlic, 29, Boston, MA
Susannah Scaroni of Urbana, IL is all business as she heads up Commonwealth Avenue. Scaroni won in 11:10.
Agnes Ngetich of Kenya leads the B.A.A. 5K women’s elite field along with Weini Kelati, Mekides Abebe, Fiona O’Keefe, Jesca Chelangat, and Emma Grace Hurley.
Huge men’s lead pack on the B.A.A. Morgan Beadlescomb of East Lansing, MI won in a mass sprint to the finish in 13:25.
Susannah Scaroni and Marcel Hug were the B.A.A. 5K 2023 champions
B.A.A. 5K champions Morgan Beadlescomb and Mekides Abebe
Mekides Abebe of Ethiopia wins the B.A.A. 5K in 15:01. Agnes Ngetich of Kenya is right behind her in 15:02.
Morgan Beadlescomb of East Lansing, MI wins with a torrid sprint in 13:25. The thirteen top athletes finished within ten seconds.
Susannah Scaroni gets congratulations upon her win in 11:10.
Ben Flanagan of Canada takes second in 13:26. Edwin Kurgat and Alex Masai, both of Kenya, finished in 13:27 with Kurgat earning third.
Annie Rodenfels of Boston finishes third in 15:12. Weini Kelati of Flagstaff, AZ was fourth in 15:13.
Fiona O’Keeffe of Chapel Hill, NC finished sixth in 15:24.
Emma Grace Hurley of Roswell, GA was seventh in 15:27.
Taylor Werner of Chapel Hill, NC was eighth in 15:29.
Emily Durgin of Flagstaff, AZ was twelfth in 15:39.
Marielle Hall of Providence, RI was fourteenth in 15:58. Megan Hasz of Dorchester, MA was fifteenth in 15:59.
Mason Ferlic of Boston was fifteenth in 13:39. Eric Avila of Bonita, CA was thirteenth in 13:35.
Masters runner Andrea Pomeranski of Wolverine Lake, MI was first master in 16:39 and 23rd in the elite field. Anna Benedettini was 22nd in 16:37.
Having fun on Boylston in the B.A.A. 5K.

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