Chelangat and Kidanu Win Overall as Sara Hall and Hillary Bor Win USATF 10-Mile Champs

By Clay Shaw
Photography by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

Washington, DC, April 2, 2023, 50th Anniversary Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler—History was on display and history was made in DC in the 50th running of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler.  The race started in 1973 on April Fool’s Day with just over a hundred runners.  In 1983 Greg Meyer of Michigan won the race in 46:13 and went on to win the Boston Marathon; his time stood for 40 years until Hillary Bor of Colorado Springs finished this year’s race in 46:11.  The race served as the USATF 10-Mile Championships.

International runners earned the overall wins as Sarah Chelangat of Uganda broke away from a 12-woman pack just after mile five.  Chelangat ramped up the pace with two straight 5:06 miles, and the race for first was over.  Chelangat toured Hains Point alone, and won it in 52:04 with a 33-second margin over an exciting race for the USA championships.

Sara Hall of Flagstaff, AZ outkicked Nell Rojas of Boulder, CO by one second, 52:37 to 52:38, with Emma Hurley of Roswell, GA taking the USA final podium spot and fourth overall in 52:41.  Molly Grabill of Louisville, CO was fifth in 52:42.  Amber Zimmerman of Philadelphia was sixth in 53:05; she won the Philadelphia Marathon in 2022 with even colder temperatures.  2022 CUCB champion Susanna Sullivan of Reston, VA was seventh in 53:25 as she prepares for the upcoming London Marathon. 

Tsegay Kidanu of Ethiopia, just 21-years-old, won the CUCB in 46:08.  His race wasn’t as lonely as Chelangat’s, as Hillary Bor of the USA was fighting all the way for the win, the USATF championships, and the American record.  Kidanu got the overall win, and Bor is now the 2023 USATF 10-mile champion and new the USA record holder as well, pending USATF ratification.  He earned a $50,000 bonus in addition to $4000 for second place overall, and $5000 for first American.  Bor’s pay day was $59,000 in total. 

Biya Simbassa of Flagstaff, AZ was third overall in 47:09.  Simbassa broke the tape as USATF champ in 2021 at the CUCB. Charles Langat of Kenya was fourth in 47:25.  Jacob Thomson of Louisville, KY had fifth overall and third USA in 47:27.  Matthew McClintock of Flagstaff, AZ was sixth in 47:30.  John Dressel of Concord, MA was seventh in 47:32.

The CUCB drew a huge field, and a fast one up front, as 18 men broke 50 minutes and 40 women broke an hour.  The 40-degree morning could have been ideal, except for the strong winds that made the morning a bit uncomfortable at times.

On Saturday, a speaker’s program was hosted in the National Building Museum, where an expo and packet pick-up were held.  The program was moderated by Runner’s Gazette’s George Banker.  The speaker’s program included Running While Black author Alison Mariella Desir, plus black athletes Alisa Harvey, Marilyn Bevans, Delabian Thurston, and Bill Sollers.  Another program included past CUCB champions Kathrine Switzer, Colleen de Reuck, Lisa Rainsberger, Greg Meyer,and Bill Rodgers, as well as Roger Robinson and former Cherry Blossom 10 Miler race directors Jeff Darman and Ed Murray.

Top Women

  1. 52:04 Sarah Chelangat, 21, Uganda
  2. 52:37 Sara Hall, 39, Flagstaff, AZ
  3. 52:38 Nell Rojas, 35, Boulder, CO
  4. 52:41 Emma Hurley, 25, Roswell, GA
  5. 52:42 Molly Grabill, 30, Louisville, CO
  6. 53:05 Amber Zimmerman, 30, Philadelphia, PA
  7. 53:35 Susanna Sullivan, 32, Reston, VA
  8. 53:35 Carrie Verdon, 29, Boulder, CO
  9. 53:47 Weynshet Weldetsadik, 26, Ethiopia
  10. 53:47 Jessa Hanson, 24, Flagstaff, AZ
  11. 53:53 Caroline Rotich, 38, Kenya
  12. 54:31 Anna Dibaba, 23, Ethiopia
  13. 54:41 Jeralyn Poe, 25, Flagstaff, AZ
  14. 55:52 Breanna Sieracki, 27, Burnsville, MN
  15. 56:01 Bria Wetsch, 34, Centennial, CO
  16. 56:02 Samantha Nadel, 28, Arlington, VA
  17. 56:12 Sophia King, 26, Chesterfield, VA
  18. 56:15 Elena Hayday, 23, Bethesda, MD
  19. 56:39 Lauren White, 24, Washington, DC
  20. 57:18 Diane Nukuri, 38, Flagstaff, AZ
  21. 57:22 Kate Sanborn, 25, Raleigh, NC
  22. 57:29 Rachel McArthur, 23, Bristow, VA
  23. 57:36 Theresa Hailey, 34, Portland, OR
  24. 57:46 Katie Watson, 30, Longmont, CO
  25. 58:09 Maddie van Beek, 31, Fargo, ND

Top Men

  1. 46:08 Tsegay Kidanu, 21, Ethiopia
  2. 46:11 Hillary Bor, 33, Colorado Springs, CO
  3. 47:09 Abbabiya Simbassa, 29, Flagstaff, AZ
  4. 47:25 Charles Langat, 26, Kenya
  5. 47:27 Jacob Thomson, 28, Louisville, KY
  6. 47:30 Matthew McClintock, 29, Flagstaff, AZ
  7. 47:32 John Dressel, 25, Concord, MA
  8. 47:26 Shadrack Kimining, 27, Kenya
  9. 48:14 Emmanuel Bor, 34, New York, NY
  10. 48:18 Colin Bennie, 27, San Francisco, CA
  11. 48:23 Tsegay Weldlibanos, 27, Eritrea
  12. 48:53 Joel Reichow, 29, White Bear Lake, MN
  13. 48:56 Cody Baele, 27, Des Moines, IA
  14. 48:57 Zach Herriott, 29, Washington, DC
  15. 49:19 Tyler Jermann, 30, St Paul, MN
  16. 49:52 Garret Lee, 30, Denver, CO
  17. 49:53 Samuel Lantemier,. 25, Boulder, CO
  18. 49:56 Chase Weaverling, 27, Boulder, CO
  19. 50:30 Kevin McDonnell, 33, Cherry Hill, NJ
  20. 50:33 Blaise Ferro, 25, Flagstaff, AZ
  21. 50:44 Adam Lafemina, 28, Brambleton, VA
  22. 50:45 Patrick Hanley, 27, Arlington, VA
  23. 50:48 Max McNeill, 29, Arlington, VA
  24. 50:48 Terry Tossman, 26 Washington, DC
  25. 50:53 Craig Curley, 34, Tucson, AZ
50th Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler is ready to go, as are these enthusiastic runners, just prior to the start.
CUCB 2021 champ Nell Rojas #4 and 2022 champ Susanna Sullivan #2 in front of the women’s elite pack. The elite women’s start is 7:18 am, 12 minutes ahead of the men’s elite start.
Women elite pack includes Nell Rojas, Lauren Hagens, Susanna Sullivan, Weynshet Weldetsadik, Emma Hurley #30, Sara Hall #20, Caroline Rotich #6 and Sarah Chelangat #80.
The winning move by Sarah Chelangat of Uganda as she breaks away from the big pack at five miles.
Hillary Bor #13 from Colorado Springs sharing the lead with Biya Simbassa (the tall man), Charles Langat #3 of Kenya and others who return to DC after a quick trip to Virginia.
Hillary Bor of Colorado Springs and Tsegay Kidanu of Ethiopia go through the water station on Hains Point. (Not sure if Tsegay managed to get a drink before speeding past. That IS Tsegay’s arm, BTW.) The two had broken away from the rest of the elites.
Tsegay Kidanu of Ethiopia and Hillary Bor of Colorado Springs round the loop at the south end of Hains Point as their duel continues in the latter stages of the CUCB.
Audrey Belf #129 gives “that look” as the two male leaders run by. Mary Reiser of Baltimore focuses ahead.
Sarah Chelangat of Uganda wins the 50th Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler in 52:04.
Sara Hall of Flagstaff, AZ wins the USATF championship in 52:37, just ahead of Nell Rojas of Boulder, CO and Emma Hurley of Roswell, GA.
Sarah Chelangat with flag of Uganda after her win at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler.
Sara Hall of Flagstaff, AZ is the USATF 10 miler champ with a 52:37.
Hillary Bor was the USATF 10-mile championship winner and now the new USA 10-mile record holder at 46:11 (pending the usual USATF ratification).
USA podium at the USATF 10 miler held at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler. Nell Rojas, Sara Hall and Emma Hurley.
Jacob Thomson of Louisville, KY was fifth overall in 47:27 and was third USA.
Amber Zimmerman of Philadelphia was sixth in 53:05. Amber was the 2022 Philadelphia Marathon champion.
Joel Reichow of White Bear Lake, MN was twelfth in 48:53.
Tyler Jermann of Saint Paul, MN was 15th in 49:19.
Jonathan Ladson of Woodbridge, VA, with the World Vision kit and signatures on his bib, ran 54:20.
Luther Lemon of Washington, DC breaks the hour mark with a 59:17.
Laurel LeMoigne of Springfield, VA breaks the hour mark in 59:55, 38th place. Forty women broke an hour at the CUCB.
Perry Shoemaker of Vienna, VA was top master at age 51 in 1:00:37, ahead of all of the 40+ women.
Silvia Baage of Reston, VA was second 40-44 in 1:03:40. Silvia won the 2017 Baltimore Marathon.
Abby Dean of Wilmington, DE was second in the 50-54 age group in 1:04:02.
Brian Fuller of Mechanicsburg, PA was 36th in 52:05. Rochelle Basil of Erie, CO ran in the elite women’s start and finished in 1:04:07. Brian won the 35-39 age group.
Arun Anandakrishnan of Brooklyn, NY charges toward the CUCB 10 miler finish line.
Breanna Sieracki of Burnsville, MN was 14th in 55:52.
Bria Wetsch of Centennial, CO was 15th in 56:01.
Dira Hansen of Washington, DC finishes the 50th CUCB.
Ndegwa Kamau of Capitol Heights, MD finishes the 50th running of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler.
Roger Davis Jr made the trip from Willoughby, Ohio to compete in the 50th CUCB.
Cherry Blossom-attired Denise Freeman of Williamsport, MD and John Calabrese of Richardsville, VA ran together in 1:12:45.
Teresa Wojtasiewicz of Baltimore, MD likely had the coolest outfit among the 16,714 finishers. We’ve seen her run in a blue “evening gown” at the Celtic Solstice race in December.
Brittany Scott of Washington, DC finishes the 50th CUCB 10 miler with a smile.
Jason Putnam of College Park, MD ran 53:34.
Mindy Mammen of Woodbridge, VA and Michelle Vaccaro of Cambridge, MA finish in 59:04. Forty women broke an hour at the CUCB.

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