Poet’s Corner for March 2023

by George A. Hancock


Wednesday begins a March run
We’re nearing that spring sun
The first is meteorological spring
It’s for record keeping we sing.

The first quarter ends the last day
2023 is moving along so make way
For a year filled with many things 
And those occasional rocky dings.

More daylight is a welcome sight
As we enjoy our running flight 
Warmer temps are always nice
Sure beats Mother Nature’s ice.

Each season here lasts just so long
We moved on now with birdsong
My morning run is kind of noisy 
Birds and critters joined my spree.

And, March brings more folks out
Walking near my running route
March creates our spring trend
As winter reaches its slow end.
70 Candles

A new month with a birthday
Arriving on the March 18th Day
Is a big one for this road guy
Celebrating it without a sigh. 

Runners never fear growing old
Especially those running bold
Running on in daily weather
Holds our faculties together. 

I’ve reached my seventh decade
Running daily minus the fade
Slightly hobbled by the back
A compressed nerve attack. 

Yes, 1953 was a good year
Now at 70 and in road gear
Running the seasonal weather
And yet, mentally still together.

No longer running the races
At the faster or slower paces
A fitness runner on the roads
Enjoying my running episodes. 

So, with 70 candles on the cake
Have I made a sport mistake? 
Nah, it’s also 50 years on the run
Enjoying my daily running fun. 

March Songbirds 

March brings back the songbirds
Warbling morning tunes and words
My morning run has more sound
As this running guy trots around.

These birds begin right before dawn
While flying right above my lawn
Seeking food and other tasty things
Creating a cascade of merry sings. 

Now, running along a local road
One hears this singing episode
Quiet no more and I enjoy it
Birdsong for me is a great fit.

Bird song happens all day long
So many voices warbling strong
While flying all around me 
During my morning road spree.

Occasionally, I hear turkey gobble
Early on my dark run as I hobble
Perhaps, they react to my light
Or foot sound on my road flight.

On An Early Spring

Although our winter was mild
A few days did get kind of wild
Remember our Christmas was cold
Brutally cold, icing every single mold.

Recently, our winters feature spins
Or freeze-thaw biting our shins 
Cold, warm, cold warm, then snow
Featuring that slippery road show.

So, happiness is an early spring
Even though Phil’s word sting
I love dry winter-free roads
During my early run episodes. 

Warmer temps and growing light
Are a fabulous and welcome delight
March transitions to our spring
And across the road cheers ring. 

Now, morning runs are so great
As we witness winter’s final fate
Our March roads are again alive
As spring begins her new drive.

Editor’s Note: Congratulations, George, on your milestone 70th birthday! Here’s to many more miles.

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