Poet’s Corner for February 2023

by George A. Hancock


Wednesday begins the new show
As February begins amidst a glow
Winter’s days are slipping away
Soon we’ll have some spring play.

But first, February does get cold
With only the dedicated road bold
Getting outside for their daily run
Often without that warming sun.

February’s 28 days may be short 
But outside we enjoy the sport 
Associated with cold wintry play
That accompany a February day.

Mother Nature is known to hurl
Wintry weather to make hair curl
Late-season storms make one mad
But, more daylight makes one glad.

It’s February and we’re moving on
Towards that delightful March dawn
Each season lasts just oh so long 
Hey! Did I just hear a bird song? 

28 Days 

February’s month is short
Yet, idling cripples any sport
Some will take this month off 
Not a good idea, as I cough. 

February transitions to spring
Greening life with bird singing
Sometimes cold but yet warm
And outside a few folks swarm.

More daylight is really great
Sunshine always first rate
The sun higher in the sky
Beams down as we sigh.

28 days as the year moves on
We steadily near a spring dawn
Our roadside is more alive
Thanks to Mother Nature’s drive.   
Chilled runners on the move
Drift into a wet soggy groove.

Yes, a steady cold winter rain
Drenches our local road plain 
Quality gear helps the run time
While our shoes show the grime.

Early morning runners lack light
Often find an ankle-soak delight
Water pools are difficult to see
During a rainy cold-rain spree.

Thanks to cold weather road gear
We can run outside with less fear
Avoiding deep puddles and running on
Towards the orange winning pylon.

Once complete, we walk on in
It’s warm, dry, and a new spin
We watch the cold rain inside
Often smiling with renewed pride.

Phil’s Day

February second is Phil’s day
And out Punxsutawney way
This date is the real deal
A party with a huge squeal.

Pennsylvania has many things
Festivals, events that swing
Parades and so many things
Missing many really stings.

By February, our road show
Has lost its seasonal glow
Runners want to move on
So eager for spring’s dawn.

Phil predicts winter’s end
With spring around the bend
It’s goofy but so much fun
Especially with February sun.

Runners smile and seek Phil
An early spring ends a spill
Along our cold hard icy roads
Runners prefer dry episodes.

On Snow Packs

Snow packs are a rare thing
Anymore as we run to spring
At least, in my local region
Where thaws are very legion.

Sometimes snow lasts for weeks
And some runners are geeks
Not knowing how to run well
As winter casts its cold spell.

Snow packs lasting a season
Are rare here for good reason
Our weather swings to and fro
Milder weather seems to grow.

This runner doesn’t miss them
He states after his ahem
I’m not a winter-season fan
Just a tolerating road man. 

Often February’s waning days 
Are enriched by sunny rays
This sun will melt that snow 
Creating the next season’s show.

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