Poet’s Corner July 2022

by George A. Hancock

July’s Heat

It started in early May
At least, out our way
Summer’s heat was on 
Even before our dawn.

Early heat may be good
Unless it burns our wood
Hot temps are a deal
Making runners squeal.

July is our summer season
And we never need a reason
To freely sweat on the run
Thanks to that hot July sun. 

The macadam roads are hot
Running becomes a fox trot 
So, we run towards the shade
Cooling our hot road parade. 

Runners earn two sweaty feet 
Running any time in July’s heat
Stay hydrated and run on slow
Helps aid our running show. 

July 2022 

Friday begins July’s run
Now featuring hot sun
Drenching our July roads
Creating sweaty episodes. 

Macadam roads get hot
Slowing the running trot 
Steam rises from the street
Touching our shoe-clad feet.

For me, my early morn run
Misses that hot July stun
An early July run at dawn
Eases summer’s marathon.

Many others hit the trails
It’s cooler and never fails 
Trails and parks have shade
Which in July doesn’t fade.

July has 31 longer days
Featuring summer rays
Enjoy as we daily run on 
Soon, these days are gone.

July Darkness

Darkness is a subtle shift
Creeping up on the road swift
July’s final days grow dark
Changing our running lark.

Now, running on a cloudy morn 
Creates unease with some torn
Maybe, to run later after dawn
When our daylight is back on.

For me, I run at the same time
So, it’s never a darker crime
I use a bright handy light 
Illuminating my road flight.

Cloudy morns are very dark
A few need a go-run spark
Others run towards the sun
Realizing this change is fun.

Evening July runs aren’t bad
This daylight makes many glad
Runners adapt and run on
Enjoying this July phenomenon.

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