Kipruto and Teferi win 2022 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

By Clay Shaw

New York City, NY, March 20, 2022—Senbere Teferi of Ethiopia waited to the final steps to pull free of Irine Cheptai of Kenya, to win the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon in 1:07:35.  Teferi set a new event record of 1:07:35.  Cheptai was just two seconds back in 1:07:37.  European XC Champion Karoline Bjerkeli-Grovdal of Norway was third with a personal best of 1:08:07.  Sharon Lodeki of Kenya was fourth in 1:08:14 a PB.  Lindsay Flanagan of Boulder was fifth and top USA in 1:09:50.  Natasha Wodak of Canada was seventh and top master in 1:10:01.

Rhonex Kipruto of Kenya won in 1:00:30.  It was not an event record, but a course record for the Brooklyn to Central Park course.  Edward Chesarek of Kenya earned a personal best of 1:00:37 and placed second.  Teshome Mekonen of Ethiopia was third in 1:00:40.  Shadrack Kipchirchir of Colorado Springs, CO was fourth USA in 1:01:16 in his debut at the half-marathon distance.  Connor Mantz of Provo, UT was fifth in 1:01:40.  Five-time USA Olympian Abdi Abdirahman was top master in 1:06:41.

Daniel Romanchuk of Mount Airy, MD (49:22), and Manuela Schar of Switzerland (56:12) were the elite wheelchair champions. 

It was the 15th running of the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon.  Both 2020 and 2021 were missed due to COVID.  It was the first major full-capacity event in New York since 2019.  22,335 finished the event that often has very cold weather; this year it was a runners’ ideal 54°.

Top Women

  1. 1:07:35 Senbere Teferi, 26 Ethiopia
  2. 1:07:37 Irine Cheptai, 30, Kenya
  3. 1:08:07 Karoline Bjerkeli-Grovdal, 31, Norway
  4. 1:08:14 Sharon Lokedi, 28, Kenya
  5. 1:09:50 Lindsay Flanagan, 31, Boulder CO
  6. 1:09:57 Charlotte Purdue, 30. Great Britain
  7. 1:10:01 Natasha Wodak, 40, Canada
  8. 1:10:14 Annie Frisbie, 25, Minneapolis, MN
  9. 1:10:22 Edna Kiplagat, 42, Kenya
  10. 1:10:26 Stephanie Bruce, 38, Flagstaff, AZ
  11. 1:10:38 Dakota Lindwurm, 26, Burnsville, MN
  12. 1:10:54 Sara Hall, 38, Flagstaff, AZ
  13. 1:10:57 Sarah Pagano, 30, San Diego, CA
  14. 1:11:33 Andrea Seccafien, 31, Canada
  15. 1:11:36 Emma Bates, 29, Boulder, CO
  16. 1:11:58 Daniela Torres, 27, Mexico
  17. 1:12:02 Elaina Tabb, 30, Boston, MA
  18. 1:12:05 Makena Morley, 25, Bozeman, MT
  19. 1:12:39 Kim Conley, 36, Flagstaff, AZ
  20. 1:12:39 Laura Thweatt, 33, Louisville, CO
  21. 1:12:45 Maggie Montoya, 26, Longmont, CO
  22. 1:12:56 Sara Vaughn, 35, Boulder, CO
  23. 1:13:49 Desiree Linden, 38, Charlevoix, MI
  24. 1:14:40 Steph Twell, 32, Great Britain
  25. 1:15:16 Diane Nukuri, 37, Flagstaff, AZ
  26. 1:15:33 Grace Kahura, 28, Kenya
  27. 1:16:10 Kate Bazeley, 36, Canada
  28. 1:16:37 Caroline Williams, 29, Boston, MA
  29. 1:18:44 Fernanda Solis Bazaldua, 28, Mexico
  30. 1:18:45 Alyssa Salese, 29, Huntington, NY
Senbere Teferi of Ethiopia wins the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon in a new event and course record of 1:07:35.
Senbere Teferi of Ethiopia, and Irine Cheptai push each other past Mile 13. Teferi would win the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon by just two seconds.
Karoline Bjerkeli-Grovdal of Norway, the 2021 Euro XC Champion, earned third overall in a new PB of 1:08:07.
Podium at United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon: Karoline Bjerkeli-Grovdal of Norway (3rd, 1:08:07), Senbere Teferi of Ethiopia (1st, 1:07:35), and Irine Cheptai of Kenya (2nd, 1:07:37).
Senbere Teferi of Ethiopia is the proud new record holder of the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon (1:07:35).
Lindsay Flanagan of Boulder, CO was fifth overall and first USA with a 1:09:50.
Charlotte Purdue of Great Britain was sixth in 1:09:57.
Annie Frisbie of Minneapolis, MN was eighth in 1:10:14. It was a half-marathon PB for Frisbie.
Edna Kiplagat of Kenya was ninth overall and second master, in 1:10:22.

Top Men

  1. 1:00:30 Rhonex Kipruto, 22, Kenya
  2. 1:00:37 Edward Cheserek, 28, Kenya
  3. 1:00:40 Teshome Mekonen, 26, Ethiopia
  4. 1:01:16 Shadrack Kipchirchir, 33, Colorado Springs, CO
  5. 1:01:40 Conner Mantz, 25, Provo, UT
  6. 1:01:49 Sam Chelanga, 37, Colorado Springs, CO
  7. 1:02:06 Reed Fischer, 26, Boulder, CO
  8. 1:02:09 Abbabiya Simbassa, 28, Flagstaff, AZ
  9. 1:02:10 Ben True, 36, West Lebanon, NH
  10. 1:02:19 Rory Linkletter, 25, Canada
  11. 1:02:24 Benjamin de Haan, 29, Netherlands
  12. 1:02:55 Richard Ringer, 33, Germany
  13. 1:03:05 Johannes Motschmann, 27, Germany
  14. 1:03:06 Elkanah Kibet, 38, Colorado Springs, CO
  15. 1:03:19 Jared Ward, 33, Mapleton, UT
  16. 1:03:27 Frank Lara, 26, Westminster, CO
  17. 1:03:31 Akira Akasaki, 24, Japan
  18. 1:03:46 Kirubel Erassa, 28, Colorado Springs, CO
  19. 1:03:47 Tristan Woodfine, 28, Canada
  20. 1:03:49 Nick Hauger, 25, Boulder, CO
  21. 1:03:59 Ben Conner, 29, Great Britain
  22. 1:04:54 Patricio Castillo, 30, Mexico
  23. 1:05:00 Haruka Onodera, 23, Japan
  24. 1:05:35 Mohamed Hrezi, 30, Libya
  25. 1:05:45 Brendan Martin, 32, New York, NY
  26. 1:06:01 Andi Abdirahman, 45, Tucson, AZ
  27. 1:06:42 Edward Mulder, 29, Boston, MA
Rhonex Kipruto of Kenya wins the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon in 1:00:30. It was a course record on the Brooklyn to Central Park. Haile Gebrselassie still owns the event record of 59:24 from 2007.
Men’s podium Edward Cheserek, Rhonex Kipruto, and Teshome Mekonen.
2nd place Edward Cheserek and 1st place Rhonex Kipruto, both of Kenya, pose with the Kenyan flag after the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon.
Shadrack Kipchirchir of Colorado Springs was fourth overall in 1:01:16 in his debut at the half-marathon distance.
Conner Mantz of Provo, UT was fifth in 1:01:40. Mantz turned pro in December after two NCAA XC wins representing BYU.
Sam Chelanga of Colorado Springs, CO was sixth in 1:01:49.

Elite Wheelchair Race Women

  1. 56:12 Manuela Schar, 37, Switzerland
  2. 1:01:30 Yen Hoang, 25, Vancouver, WA
  3. 1:05:41 Tatyana McFadden, 32, Clarksville, MD
Manuela Schar of Switzerland won the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon elite wheelchair race in 56:12.
Manuela Schar (1st, 56:12) with Tatyana McFadden (3rd, 1:05:41), and Yen Hoang (2nd, 1:01:30).

Elite Wheelchair Race Men

  1. 49:22 Daniel Romanchuk, 23, Mt.Airy, MD
  2. 53:24 Herman Garic, 32, Utica, NY
  3. 54:16 Rafael Botello, 43, Spain
Daniel Romanchuk of Mt.Airy, MD sped through the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon in 47:22 to win the Elite Wheelchair race.
Daniel Romanchuk (center) with 3rd place Rafael Botello of Spain (3rd, 54:16) and Herman Garic of Utica, NY (2nd, 53:24).
Sara Hall of Flagstaff, AZ races Sarah Pagano of San Diego. Hall set the new American Half-Marathon record of 1:07:15 in Houston in January 2022.
Desiree Linden of Charlevoix, MI, a two-time USA Olympic Marathoner with a 2:22:38 personal best. Linden is also well-known for her 2018 Boston Marathon win in horrible weather.
Elkanah Kibet of Colorado Springs, CO who ran 2:11:15 in the 2021 NYC Marathon, placed 14th in the UANYC Half in 1:03:06.
USA Olympians Abdi Abdirahman, and Jared Ward enjoy a moment after the United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon.
Abdi Abdirahman of Tucson, AZ, 5-time USA Olympian, and has a new book “Abdi’s World.” (The Black Cactus on life, running, and fun)
Johannes Motschmann of Germany ran 1:03:05, to place 13th. He is also a medical student.
Grace Kahura of Kenya, a 2:30:32 marathoner at NYC in 2021, finished the UA NYC Half in 1:15:33.
Rory Linkletter, 25, Canada, finished 10th in 1:02:19.
Steph Twell of Great Britain, a 2:26:40 marathoner and three-time GBR Olympian, finished 24th in 1:14:40.
Sara Vaughn of Boulder, CO won her marathon debut with a 2:26:53 in Sacramento, at the California International Marathon 2021.
Maggie Montoya of Longmont, CO ran 2:29:08 in the Houston Marathon in 2022. Maggie ran 1:12:45 at the NYC Half.
Kim Conley of Sacramento, CA is a two-time USA Olympian. Kim was 19th in 1:12:39 at the NYC Half.
Laura Thweatt of Louisville, CO, a 2:25 marathoner racing in NYC.
Daniela Torres of Mexico, a 2:28 marathoner, ran the Olympic Marathon in Japan. Torres was 16th at the NYC Half, in 1:11:58.
Andrea Seccafien of Canada, a two time Olympian, was 14th in 1:11:33.

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