February 2022 Poet’s Corner

by George Hancock

February 2022

Tuesday begins February’s run
28 days filled with winter fun
Or, continuing our mild trend
Mild I like so please don’t end.

In 2021, February was the season
Of winter’s snowy cold reason
Several weeks devoted to cold
And outside went only the bold.

Winter enthusiasts love these weeks
Trekking to the slopes, hills, and peaks
They realize soon a weather change
Will envelop our landscape range.

February’s sun is high and warm
Permitting road runners to swarm
Outside along our February roads
Pursuing new late-winter episodes.

Just like that our February is over
Soon the local rich green clover
Will show many signs of life
As winter ends its seasonal strife.

Record Cold?

So, where is the subzero cold?
A question I ask somewhat bold
35 months since subzero days
Greeted my road-running ways.

January 31, 2019 was the last one
It was -9 degrees on that cold run
Since then, winter here was mild
Pleasing this road-running child.

February 2015 was a very cold run
Six mornings of sub-zero cold fun
The 24th day saw a -18 frozen run
A new cold record once done.

I have the gear for these cold runs
Even when that cold loves to stun
Anything moving or standing outside
While dreaming of a spring ride.

Many do see that nasty Arctic cold
And for those folks it never gets old
This guy tolerates winter and runs on
Knowing the finish is a spring dawn.

Pre-owned Shoes?

Preowned shoes are a trend
This runner wishes to end
Would you buy a used shoe?
Even if it looks kind of new.

Many like me buy shoes online
And this action works just fine
Locally, we lack retail stores
 Items are shipped to our doors.

These days the supply-chain crunch
Creates buying issues by the bunch
I get emails about running shoes
But now more are pre-owned shoes.

But not from any reputable stores
Not wishing to open those doors
The sellers are like you and me
Selling used shoes for a fee.

Let these shoe buyers be aware
Even if that price seems fair
The miles on these used shoes
Could give you the road blues.

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