Battocletti is champion again

by Clay Shaw

Nadia Battocletti of Italy moved up to the U23 and won  in 20:32.  Battocletti was champion of the Euro XC U20 race in Tilburg (2018), and Lisbon (2019).   Team Italy won the team championship, as well, with strong performances by Anna Arnaudo (6th, 20:55) and Giovanna Selva (11th, 21:19).

After the race, Battocletti commented: “I don’t know how I do this [another gold medal at European level]. Well, I guess the enthusiasm from the Tokyo Olympics played a part in it. It was a really tough race, with so many strong girls, like Klara [LUKAN], Mariana MACHADO], and Sarah [HEALY] – I am very happy. I know that Ireland is very strong in Cross Country, so thank you so much, thank you to the organisation. It was a beautiful display out here. My team told me I could probably win easily, but in my head I know that when I step on the course, I don’t know the shape of the other girls, don’t know anything about them, so I need to come out here and do my race. It is not true that when you are the favourite, the reality is different, and I always try to run fast to get a win – it is not easy though.”

Klara Lukan of Slovenia earned the silver in 20:36, just edging Portugal’s Mariana Machado, also timed at 20:36.

Lukan: “Yes, it was a really tense race with a lot of slippery points. I really had to fight to the end, fight to the finish line. It was very hard but I’m really happy with how it went. Silver medal for me is one of the highlights of the season, so I’m really grateful for my team, for the supporters and for everyone who cheers for me. It was a lovely day!”

Machado: “The truth is that I had competitors of the highest level here, more than six of them were at the Tokyo Olympics, and to be honest, it was a rather challenging race. I knew I had put in the time into training to be here at my best, even to win a medal – this is always my mindset when coming out to a competition. I was only focusing on a medal, and spent the whole race reminding myself of this goal – the last lap was a little tough. For a moment, I thought I was going to let them slip away the dream, but in the last 400 metres – when catching up with the Italian athlete [Nadia BATTOCLETTI] and the Slovenian athlete [Klara LUKAN], coming into the bronze medal position, everything became more real and easy to achieve. For a brief moment, I was under the impression I could win silver, but my legs just started going in the last 50 metres, and the other girl was stronger and managed to get ahead of me – she is an Olympic athlete after all. We are both competitors and friends, and I can only be so happy for having achieved my third medal at an international level. I have one silver, two bronze, and many 4th place finishes – I am missing gold, and I won’t give it trying for it.”

Manon Trapp of France was fourth in 20:42.  Sarah Healy of Ireland was fifth in 20:48. 

Italy took the gold, France placed second earning silver, Great Britain & Northern Ireland took third and the bronze.

Editors note: U23 means Under-23 or 22 years old or younger on 31 December in the year of the competition.

Top Individual Results

  1. 20:32 Nadia Battocletti, Italy
  2. 20:36 Klara Lukan, Slovenia
  3. 20:36 Mariana Machado, Portugal
  4. 20:42 Manon Trapp, France
  5. 20:48 Sarah Healy, Ireland
  6. 20:55 Anna Arnaudo, Italy
  7. 21:07 Cristina Ruiz, Spain
  8. 21:10 Margaux Sieracki, France
  9. 21:15 Izzy Fry, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  10. 21:18 Eva Dieterich, Germany
  11. 21:19 Giovanna Selva, Italy
  12. 21:27 Amelia Quirk, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  13. 21:29 Aude Clavier, France
  14. 21:31 Nathalie Blomqvist, Finland
  15. 21:31 Agueda Munoz, Spain
  16. 21:33 Cari Hughes, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  17. 21:34 Beata Topka, Poland
  18. 21:34 Flavie Renouard, France
  19. 21:37 Eloise Walker, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  20. 21:39 Melody Julien, France
  21. 21:40 Linnea Sennstrom, Sweden
  22. 21:43 Isabel Barreiro, Spain
  23. 21:45 Elia Saura, Spain
  24. 21:45 Lia Lemos, Portugal
  25. 21:47 Ruken Tek, Turkey
  26. 21:48 Eleanor Bolton, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  27. 21:51 Bohdana Semyonova, Ukraine
  28. 21:52 Jemima Elgood, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  29. 21:53 Aleksandra Plocinska, Poland
  30. 22:00 Andrea Romero, Spain
Nadia Battocletti of Italy, Klara Lukan of Slovenia, Amelia Quirk of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Derya Kunur of Turkey, and Izzy Fry on Great Britain & Northern Ireland push through the first lap of the U23 women’s race.
Lisa Oed of Germany runs the U23 race just ahead of Devora Avramova of Bulgaria and other athletes.
Team GBR running together in the U23 race, would earn bronze. Eloise Walker, Eleanor Bolton, and Cari Hughes, run with Cristina Ruiz of Spain, who moved up to place seventh overall.
The U23 six-woman lead pack. Manon Trapp of France, Klara Luka of Slovenia, Anna Arnaudo and Nadia Battocletti of Italy, Mariana Machado of Portugal, and Sarah Healy of Ireland.
Sarah Healy of Ireland finishes a solid fourth in the U23 race in 20:48.
Andrea Romero of Spain gets 30th in battle with Danielle Donegan of Ireland (31st) and Elena Duskova of Slovak Republic (34th).
Nadia Battocletti of Italy has the winning form in the U23 race to win in 20:32.
Nadia Battocletti of Italy wins U23 women’s race in 20:32.
Nadia Batoceletti of Italy with teammate Anna Arnaudo celebrate Nadia’s win and Anna’s sixth place, as they led Italy to the team gold.
Izzy Fry of Great Britain & Northern Ireland was ninth and led GBR to the bronze team. Giovanna Selva of Italy was 11th and her team’s important third finisher, as Italy won the U23 team title.
U23 Team Ireland. Sarah Healy took fifth in 20:48.
U23 Team France earned the silver.
U23 Team Spain enjoy a rare Irish sunny moment for a team photo.
U23 Team Germany: Sonja Vernikov, Eva Dieterich, and Kim Bodi.
U23 Team Greece: Ismini Panagiotopoulou, Nikoleta Kynatidou, and Dafni Lavasa.

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