Megan Keith from Inverness wins U20 Gold

Dublin, IRL, European Cross Country, U20 Women’s 4K, December 12, 2021—Megan Keith of Great Britain (Inverness, Scotland) and a student at Edinburgh University, brought home the gold with a three-second victory.  Keith’s winning time was 13:41 for the 4000-meter race.

After the race Keith said, “I feel incredible – I am in shock – I feel amazing . . . I don’t know what has just happened. I am really happy. I loved the track – I am from Scotland – so what I am used to with the hills. I knew this would play in my favour, so I tried to capitalise on that, and it might help me, so I am so happy. My crazy dream was to be on a path that I might be in the mix for a medal, but didn’t think I could win the whole thing. It is mental!”

Ingeborg Ostgard of Norway earned the silver in 13:44, in the closest race of the day. Ostgard: “I’m very happy with the result. The track was tough and slippery at times, but it was okay. I didn’t have a goal, but I realised early on I was capable of getting a medal, so I’m really happy with that today!”

Emma Heckel of Germany was third in 13:46, and led Germany to win the team title.  Heckel’s teammates also performed well: Anneke Vortmeier was fifth, Mia Jurenka was seventh, and Johanna Pulte was ninth.

Heckel’s comments: “It was a really hard race, but also good that it was competitive because that helps you fight until the end. To be honest, I didn’t think I would have been able to finish before the other two girls – maybe if I hadn’t taken the lead in the middle of the race, I could have saved some energy, and it would have been a different result. I gave it everything I could though. It was really hard to estimate how the other girls were going to perform, and I am pleased to have secured a medal. My main goal was to win a medal with the team.”

Ilona Mononen of Finland was fourth in 13:49.  Vortmeier was also clocked at 13:49 in her 5th place.

The team standings: Germany took gold, Spain earned silver, and Great Britain & Northern Ireland got the bronze.

Eligibility for U20 is determined by birthyear (2002 or later), not by birthday.

Top Individual Results

  1. 13:41 Megan Keith, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  2. 13:44 Ingeborg Ostgard, Norway
  3. 13:46 Emma Heckel, Germany
  4. 13:49 Ilona Mononen, Finland
  5. 13:49 Anneke Vortmeier, Germany
  6. 13:51 Mireya Arnedillo, Spain
  7. 13:52 Mia Jurenka, Germany
  8. 13:52 Angela Viciosa, Spain
  9. 13:52 Johanna Pulte, Germany
  10. 13:56 Livia Wespe, Switzerland
  11. 13:58 Emmy Van Den Berg, Netherlands
  12. 14:02 Laure Bertrand, France
  13. 14:02 Maria Forero, Spain
  14. 14:02 Ellen Weir, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  15. 14:02 Sofia Thogersen, Denmark
  16. 14:02 Ilaria Bruno, Italy
  17. 14:03 Phoebe Anderson, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  18. 14:03 Camille Place, France
  19. 14:03 Marta Serrano, Spain
  20. 14:04 Madalina Elena Sirbu, Romania
  21. 14:04 Amina Maatoug, Netherlands
  22. 14:06 Anne Knijnenburg, Netherlands
  23. 14:07 Aoife McGreevy, Ireland
  24. 14:07 Emma McEvoy, Ireland
  25. 14:08 Giulia Marangon, Italy
  26. 14:11 Margot Dajoux, France
  27. 14:13 Jade LeCorre, France
  28. 14:13 Greta Varga, Hungary
  29. 14:14 Anna Marie Sirevag, Norway
  30. 14:15 Jane Buckley, Ireland
Game faces in the U20 starting blocks with Netherlands, Sweden, and Hungary, ready to go.
U20 Women start at the Sport Ireland grounds in Fingal-Dublin.
U20 Women off and running at the start of their 4000 meter race.
Johanna Plute of Germany, Laura Mooney of Ireland, Greta Varga of Hungary, Emma Heckel of Germany, and Megan Keith of GBR head the large front group on lap one.
Greta Varga of Hungary, along with Jane Buckley of Ireland, and Ingeborg Ostgard of Norway, lead the 99 women of the U20 race on the first lap.
Megan Keith of Great Britain & Northern Ireland takes over on the second lap. Emma Heckel of Germany running strong as well.
Medal contenders Emma Heckel of Germany, Megan Keith of GBR, and Ingeborg Ostgard of Norway, begin to surge from the field on lap two.
Mari Rudd of Norway, with her nation’s flags on the course, runs with Yasmine Abbes of Netherlands.
Phoebe Anderson of GBR leads Aoife McGreevy and Jane Buckley of Ireland in the U20 race. Anderson placed 17th.
Large groups of athletes finish just seconds apart, making for a hectic finish line scene. Zuzana Porubcanova of Czech Republic finishes ahead of Annelies Nijssen of Belgium, and Rebecca Rossiter of Ireland.
Megan Keith of Great Britain & Northern Ireland wins in 13:41. Behind her earned medals are Ingeborg Ostgard of Norway and Emma Heckel of Germany.
Megan Keith of GBR is a happy overall champion. With Phoebe Anderson, and Ellen Weir, who placed 17th and 14th to lead the team to the bronze.
Team Slovenia U20.
Netherlands team U20 with their flag.
U20 Team Spain earned team silver.
U20 Team Ireland.
Team Norway U20. Ingeborg Ostgard earned the silver medal.
Team Italy U20 race.

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