October 2021

Poetry by George A. Hancock

October Rain

The temp is about 35 degrees
And this daily runner agrees 
October’s rain falls so cold
And after minutes feels old.

The dark doesn’t help my run
Without daylight or bright sun
I don’t see all the water pools
This cold water creates drools. 

October’s rains do stay away 
Never drenching us every day 
We do enjoy October’s scene
With colors among the green.

Thankfully, we have great gear
Permitting daily runs minus fear
Yes, we do run and get wet
But a safe run is a good bet. 

Sometimes that fall rain turns
Creating some stomach churns
The rain is now cold wet snow 
Soon, the next seasonal show.

October’s View 

October dawns with a chill
Yet, there’s a roadside thrill 
Because of October’s view 
Now adorned in bright hue.

The runner out on his route
Observes knowing minus doubt
That October is the run time
With scenes costing not a dime.

The roadside sports colors grand
As Mother Nature takes her stand
Creating weeks of natural delights
Brilliant, shimmering like any lights. 

October’s view features crisp air
We dress warm, running with care
As autumn’s winds sweep the road
Producing another seasonal episode.

Darkness is another October view
As our daylight bids a fall adieu
Streetlights cast their frail light
As we begin our early road flight.

Falling Leaves 

Quickly, October’s foliage falls
Piling up deeply near any walls
Or hedges or any stable thing
That supports October’s bling.

Falling leaves are a steady act
It happens, can’t put  ’em back 
They hit me out on the run
Or while walking in the sun.

Running on any windy day
Finds falling leaves at play
They swirl along the street
Caressing my shoe-clad feet.

Falling leaves become a chore
Steadily piling up near my door
It’s time to rake all these leaves
I doubt we have autumn thieves. 

Falling leaves makes some sad 
And those raking, raking get mad 
Yet, autumn’s season continues on
Nearing the next season’s dawn.

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