Fan and Jakes Win Charles Street 12

by Clay Shaw

Baltimore, MD, September 3, 2021—Ryan Fan of Baltimore, representing the Baltimore Teachers Union, sped to victory in 1:07:16.  Suzie Jakes of White Hall, MD ran a strong race, finishing in 1:09:49 with only the three podium men ahead of her.

The race starts in Towson, MD and finishes at the Under Armour headquarters on Hull Street, and it runs on Charles Street most of the time.  Baltimore has not had many races since early 2020. It was good to see an event in the city and 952 finishers.

Chasing Fan were Daniel Rowe of Baltimore who finished second in 1:08:12 and Arjun Mishra of Venetia, PA who was third in 1:09:42.  Venetia is south of Pittsburgh, in case you were wondering. Michael Mbagu of Baltimore was top master in 1:13:38.

Meaghan Murray of Baltimore, a 2:56 marathoner, was second in 1:13:29.  Natalie Atabek of Baltimore was third in 1:13:44. Atabek was the 2019 Baltimore Marathon women’s champion. Nicky Tamberrino of Monkton, MD was top master and seventh overall in 1:15:12.

Top Men

  1. 1:07:16 Ryan Fan, 24, Baltimore, MD
  2. 1:08:12 Daniel Rowe, 37, Baltimore. MD
  3. 1:09:42 Arjun Mishra, 30, Venetia, PA
  4. 1:10:35 Kevin Ford, 34, Baltimore, MD
  5. 1:11:08 Jonathan Cheng, 38, Baltimore, MD
  6. 1:11:23 Phillipp Alexander Neagele, 38, Rockville, MD
  7. 1:11:30 Eitan Halper-Stomberg, 37, Baltimore, MD
  8. 1:11:46 Gary Smolyak, 26, Baltimore, MD
  9. 1:12:50 Christopher Hauger, 31, Baltimore, MD
  10. 1:13:23 Varun Mishra, 21, Potomac, MD

Top Women

  1. 1:09:49 Suzie Jakes, 36, White Hall, MD
  2. 1:13:29 Meaghan Murray, 33, Baltimore, MD
  3. 1:13:44 Natalie Atabek, 30, Baltimore, MD
  4. 1:14:01 Caryn Just, 33, Baltimore, MD
  5. 1:14:11 Caroline Reiser, 26, Raleigh, NC
  6. 1:14:41 Mary Reiser, 26, Baltimore, MD
  7. 1:15:12 Nicky Tamberrino, 41, Monkton, MD
  8. 1:18:07 Caroline Bauer, 38, Elkridge, MD
  9. 1:21:55 Elizabeth Pickett, 17, Bel Air, MD
  10. 1:22:44 Jessica Ponds, 38, Columbia, MD
Suzie Jakes of White Hall, MD winning the women’s division overall in 1:09:49. Only the top three men finished ahead of Jakes.
Ryan Fan of Baltimore on way to winning the 2021 Charles Street 12 Miler in 1:07:16.
Arjan Mishra of Venetia, PA placed third in 1:09:42.
Michael Mbagu of Baltimore was top master and 15th overall in 1:13:38.
Meaghan Murray #729 of Baltimore running with Caryn Just #526 of Baltimore. Natalie Ayabek keeps close in a strong women’s field. Murray was second in 1:13:29, Atabek was third in 1:13:44. Just was fourth in 1:14:01.
Nicky Tamberrino of Monkton, MD was top master and seventh in the women’s race, in 1:15:12.
Renate Zomerduk of Baltimore passes the Washington Monument on Charles Street on her way to 1:31:16.
Kelly Blavatt of Reisterstown, MD enjoying the Charles Street 12 Miler in Baltimore.

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