Sloane, Anderson Win Frederick Half-Marathon

By Clay Shaw

FREDERICK, MD, July 12, 2021—Normally held in May, the rescheduled Frederick Half-Marathon took off on Patrick Street in front of the Frederick Fairgrounds at 6:30a.m.  Yes, that early, and it is, after all mid-July, and of course it was very humid with off and on drizzle.  The event was to have had timed covid-safe staggered starts, but got the go ahead for a normal start days prior to the race.   Races are, after all, races in which one tries to distance themselves from others as they go.  Kudos for Corrigan Sports Enterprises to be able to hold an event that had 1412 finishers. 

Downtown Frederick is really a cool little city with lots of shops, restaurants, and diversity.   Jonathan Ladson of Woodbridge, VA led the race through Downtown Frederick for the first five miles.  He was caught by Chris Sloane of Rockville, MD, and Ryan Taylor of Westminster, MD who were chasing Ladson together.  Sloane went on to win in 1:11:04.  Taylor was second in 1:12:43.  Ladson was third in 1:14:30.  Kevin Ford of Baltimore was fourth in 1:17:15.  Mohamed Taha Elkiaei of Winchester, VA was fifth in 1:18:36.  Sean Prescott of Frederick was the top male Master finishing in 1:27:03.

Cindy Anderson of Chesapeake Beach, MD won in 1:19:21, after quite a battle with Annie Noffsinger of Portland, OR who was second in 1:20:53.  The two were battling through the streets of Frederick.  Dira Hansen of Nashville, TN earned the third spot on the podium with a 1:26:52.  Eda Herzog-Vitto of Washington, DC was fourth in 1:28:26.  Neta Ezer of Columbia, MD was fifth in 1:29:05.   Elena Makarevich of Gaithersburg, MD was sixth and top Master in 1:29:25.

Top Women

  1. 1:19:21 Cindy Anderson, 37, Chesapeake Beach, MD
  2. 1:20:53 Annie Noffsinger, 24, Portland, OR
  3. 1:26:52 Dira Hansen, 30, Nashville, TN
  4. 1:28:26 Eda Herzog-Vitto, 28, Washington, DC
  5. 1:29:05 Neta Ezer, 39, Columbia, MD
  6. 1:29:25 Elena Makarevich, 43, Gaithersburg, MD
  7. 1:32:42 Kristen Lincoln, 35, Leesburg, VA
  8. 1:33:39 Elizabeth Burch, 42, Mission Hills, KS
  9. 1:35:53 Erin Dance, 43, Lutherville, MD
  10. 1:36:01 Shelby Shrader, 25, Hampstead, MD

Top Men

  1. 1:11:04 Chris Sloane, 38, Rockville, MD
  2. 1:12:43 Ryan Taylor, 28, Westminster, MD
  3. 1:14:30 Jonathan Ladson, 30, Woodbridge, VA
  4. 1:17:15 Kevin Ford, 31, Baltimore, MD
  5. 1:18:36 Mohamed Taha Elkiaei, 34, Winchester, VA
  6. 1:18:59 Adam Sachs, 25, Ellicott City, MD
  7. 1:20:15 Matt Rouse, 35, Quantico, VA
  8. 1:20:38 Joshua Milliken, 19, New Market, MD
  9. 1:21:19 Jesse Henderson, 31, Germantown, MD
  10. 1:21:32 Steven Barnes, 31, Springdale, MD
Cindy Anderson of Chesapeake Beach, MD wins the Frederick Half Marathon in 1:19:21.
Chris Sloan of Rockville, MD wins the Frederick Half Marathon in 1:11:04.
Annie Noffsinger of Portland, OR #1820 and Cindy Anderson of Chesapeake Beach, MD lead the women in downtown Frederick.
Ryan Taylor (2nd) of Westminster, MD, and Chris Sloane (1st) of Rockville, MD after the humid Frederick Half Marathon.
Jonathan Ladson of Woodbridge, VA placed third in 1:14:30.
Annie Hoffsinger of Portland, OR strides to the finish with a solid 1:20:53, good for second overall in the women’s division. Happy supporters are cheering her on.
Dira Hansen of Nashville, TN earned the third place podium spot with a 1:26:52.
Elena Makarevich of Gaithersburg, MD was sixth overall and top master, in 1:29:25.
Shelby Shrader (left) of Hampstead, MD places tenth in 1:36:01, just ahead of Jill Tennyson of Lexington Park, MD who was 11th in 1:36:03.
Annie LaVigne of Baltimore was 13th overall in the women’s division in 1:37:51.
Frederick Half-Marathon runs through a quiet Downtown Frederick with a 6:30AM start (after all, it was moved to July). 1412 runners completed the postponed and rescheduled event.

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