Alter and Mascoli Win 695-Runner Blue-Gray Half Marathon

by Clay Shaw

Gettysburg, PA, Blue-Gray Half Marathon, April 25, 2021—Nathaniel Alter of Lancaster won the Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half-Marathon in 1:12:23. I thought it might be an “easy” victory, but one can never can assume. I was photographing around mile 11 in the battlefield, and later that day I did not see Alter listed in the results. I’m thinking, “Uh oh, possibly off course?” Checking the next day, the results looked normal. Loc O of Williamsburg, PA was second overall in 1:13:39, and was the top master as well. Matthew Marino of Hanover was third in 1:14:55.  Luis Miranda of Lebanon was fifth in 1:15:03.

Rosie Mascoli of Philadelphia won overall by twelve minutes, touring the Gettysburg course in 1:21:16. Rosie is a regular diamond winner at the Run for the Diamonds in Berwick each Thanksgiving. Meg Griffith of Manheim, and the F&M Track Club, took second in 1:32:36. Natalie Trait of Landenberg, PA was third and top master in 1:33:21. Sherry Stick of Sykesville, MD was fourth overall and second master in 1:33:42. Jen Esposito of Kutztown was the third master runner, as she took fifth overall in 1:35:17. Of note was Jeanne Pare of Chester, NJ, who at 60 was eighth overall in 1:37:23! 

As noted in the title, 695 runners finished the half marathon. 289 finished the marathon, and they ran same course with a double loop. There was also a low-key 5K as well, making this the largest event in Central Pennsylvania since March 2020.

Top Women

  1. 1:21:16 Rosie Mascoli, 29, Philadelphia, PA
  2. 1:32:36 Meg Griffith, 33, Manheim, PA
  3. 1:33:21 Natalie Trait, 40, Landenberg, PA
  4. 1:33:42 Sherry Stick, 42, Sykesville, MD
  5. 1:35:17 Jen Esposito, 47, Kutztown, PA
  6. 1:35:41 Victoria Regitz, 17, Rockville, MD
  7. 1:37:20 Meredith Ricciardi, 40, Morristown, NJ
  8. 1:37:23 Jeanne Pare, 60, Chester, NJ
  9. 1:37:27 Maria Vido, 26, Glenside, PA
  10. 1:37:51 Maggie Kanak, 55, Newtown, PA

Top Men

  1. 1:12:23 Nathaniel Alter, 29, Lancaster, PA
  2. 1:13:39 Loc O, 44, Williamsburg, PA
  3. 1:14:55 Matthew Martino, 28, Hanover, PA
  4. 1:15:03 Luis Miranda, 30, Lebanon, PA
  5. 1:15:55 Samuel Altland, 26, Middletown, NJ
  6. 1:18:06 Easton Eberwein, 19, Dalton, MA
  7. 1:21:17 Connor Stengel, 29, Carlisle, PA
  8. 1:21:22 Peter Zhang, 22, Gettysburg, PA
  9. 1:22:11 Matthew Silver, 23, Frederick, MD
  10. 1:23:49 Sean Prescott, 39, Frederick, MD

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