McCabe Wins After Starting Last; Aho Takes Women’s Title

by Clay Shaw

NEW HOLLAND, PA, March 27, 2021—Chris McCabe of Mechanicsburg won the Garden Spot Half Marathon in 1:09:39. McCabe and training partner Josh Sadlock were at their cars changing out of their warm-up gear, when some of the half marathoners started sooner than the scheduled 8:15 a.m. time posted. No matter. McCabe and Sadlock, who finished second in 1:10:45, managed to wind through many slower runners and gradually moved into the top ten by four miles. McCabe and Sadlock made up the five minutes, and physically caught the entire field (most of whom started five minutes earlier) before it was over.  Alec Wetcher of York, PA who was leading at 10 miles, was third in 1:16:19.  Lyle Stauffer of Ephrata was fourth overall, and top master in 1:17:13. Andrew Evans of West Chester, PA was fifth in 1:21:48.  Mike Smith of Lebanon, PA, at age 62, ran 1:32:46.  Steve Boss, 65, of Hayward, WI traveled from Northern Wisconsin to win the 65-69 in 1:42:37. 

Annette Aho of Pittsburgh led the women in 1:30:02.  Madelina Rizzo of Ardmore was second in 1:32:04. Meg Griffith of Manheim was third in 1:34:01.  Anabelle Broadbent of Perkasie, PA was seventh overall, and top master in 1:40:38.  Anabelle was first female grandmaster for the third consecutive year (2018, 2019, and 2021).  Of course there was no race in 2020, and this year Anabelle topped all the 40-year-olds as well. 

The 2021 Garden Spot Half Marathon had 431 finishers, with another 130 doing the 10K. 

Top Women

  1. 1:30:02 Annette Aho, 28, Pittsburgh
  2. 1:32:04 Madelena Rizzo, 29, Ardmore, PA
  3. 1:34:01 Meg Griffith, 33, Manheim, PA
  4. 1:39:36 Stephanie Evangelista, 28, Doylestown, PA
  5. 1:39:45 Cathy Ginder, 34, Lancaster, PA
  6. 1:40:28 Katelyn Mellinger, 30, Paradise, PA
  7. 1:40:38 Anabelle Broadbent, 53, Perkasie, PA
  8. 1:41:54 Olivia Lumia, 30, Dallas, PA
  9. 1:44:19 Sarah Orapallo, 31, Norristown, PA
  10. 1:44:28 Amy Stoltzfus, 40, Morgantown, PA

Top Men

  1. 1:09:39 Chris McCabe, 31, Mechanicsburg, PA
  2. 1:10:45 Josh Sadlock, 31, Harrisburg, PA
  3. 1:16:19 Alec Wetcher, 29, York, PA
  4. 1:17:13 Lyle Stauffer, 40, Ephrata, PA
  5. 1:21:48 Andrew Evans, 39, West Chester, PA
  6. 1:22:24 Russell Burns, 42, Morgantown, PA
  7. 1:22:45 James Weaver, 29, Denver, PA
  8. 1:23:00 Donald Bird, 32, Clarks Summit, PA
  9. 1:23:22 Tom Ferzetti, 45, Ocean City, NJ
  10. 1:24:05 Robert Stianchi, 38, Jamison, PA
Annette Aho of Pittsburgh leads all women on Zeltenreich Rd in Eastern Lancaster County’s Amish County. Aho won in 1:30:02.
Anabelle Broadbent of Perkasie, PA won the grandmasters division for the third straight time. Broadbent also topped all the 40-year-olds as well. Broadbent was top master and 7th overall in 1:40:38.
Jason Smoker of New Holland has his own support crew. The F&M runner ran 1:36:53.
Matthew Fisher of Gordonville mugs for the camera. Aaron King #389 of Bird-In-Hand was more serious on his way to a 1:40:50.
Zeltenreich Road scene about four miles in. They will make a big five-mile loop returning from the south on Centerville Rd.
Alec Wetcher of York, PA led much of the way, before placing third in 1:16:19.
Chris McCabe of Mechanicsburg, who along with John Sadlock got a five-minute late start, begins to catch the entire field by 9.5 miles. McCabe won in 1:09:39.
John Sadlock of Harrisburg placed second in 1:10:45. Both Sadlock and McCabe got a five-minute late start.
Andrew Evans of West Chester, PA took fifth overall in 1:21:48.
Bradley Yehl of Maytown, PA placed 15th in 1:27:39.
Jonas Stoltzfus of Holtwood, PA placed 18th in 1:28:16.
Milton Davison of Willingboro, NJ placed 32nd in 1:32:54. With the telephoto shot and the runner by the green cone, it looks like Davison had to hurdle the horse. Not so, the course turned from the same road that the horse and buggy were turning into. The runner by the green cone must have called it a day.
Mike Smith of Lebanon, 62, runs great with a 1:32:46 to easily win his age group. Smith took the 60’s diamond at the 2018 Berwick Run For the Diamonds.
Samuel Lapp of New Holland placed 26th in 1:31:56.
Meg Griffith of Manheim, PA was third overall in 1:34:01.
Cathy Ginder of Lancaster placed 5th woman overall in 1:39:45. David Weaver of Perkasie, PA was 34th in 1:34:13.
Amy Stoltzfus of Morgantown, PA placed 10th overall among women in 1:44:28, and second master.
Albert Stauffer of Ephrata ran 1:54:10, as he survived rush hour on Zeltenreich Road.

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  1. Thank you, Clay Shaw for great coverage of Garden Spot 1/2 Marathon


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