March 2021

by George A. Hancock

March’s View

Monday begins our March run
These days with a tad more sun
Or Perhaps daylight as our days
Grow longer with bigger pay.

The weather slowly grows warm
And outside people do swarm
Shedding the heavy winter coat
Observing spring is now afloat.

Noise joins our morning run
Since songbirds are never done
They warble their merry tunes
While Mother Nature fine-tunes.

Dry roads, we all like dry roads
With perfect running episodes
March helps the snow to go
Creating seldom an angry row.

The calendar again is on our side
As we enjoy spring’s early ride
Soon the great color green
Will color our roadside scene.

D.S.T. Notes

March 14 is the big day
When daylight earns pay
D.S.T. begins that Sunday
Creating some evening play.

It’s Daylight Saving Time
The subject of this rhyme
But saving time is not true
It’s a myth from the blue.

Really, we shift this daylight
From early morning to night
Spring daylight is on the move
Creating a new evening groove.

I tolerate this D.S.T. time change
While running my rolling range
It happens every year without fail
So, let’s skip the outraged rail.

Yet, perhaps it’s time to stop
This confusing seasonal flop
Why not stay on D.S.T. all year
Thus ending the day-after sneer.

Early Spring Days

March brings early spring days
Complete with delightful sun rays
And of course some snowy days
That have many in a confused daze.

March weather has numerous swings
But accompanied by songbird sings
At dawn, the birds begin their tunes
Delighting the early roadside loons.

Warm temps and sun create green
Along our March roadside scene
The greening of our roads is great
And dispel our former wintry fate.

Of course, more daylight is a plus
Pleasing most folks without a fuss
Daylight illuminates our spring path
We’re moving on, just do the math.

For every step back into cold we see
More spring days on our long spree
Run outside while it remains nice
Enjoy March’s weather is my advice.

YRRC club member Dwight Dickensheets, running on a gorgeous, spring-weather day, is surprised by a local resident, also out for a nice run.

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