January 2021

by George A. Hancock

January’s Promise

January’s promise is new
A fresh start or a view
Of exciting calendar pages
Free, requiring no wages.

A runner out on the move
Enjoys the New Year groove
2021 begins the next race
Thrilling the old road ace.

Or, as some others will say
Celebrating the New Year’s OK
As our journey continues on
In this next 365 day marathon.

Running on or starting over
Doesn’t require a four-leaf clover
Just determined hard work
Which earns a special perk.

Friday begins the New Year
And many will loudly cheer
A do-over or a fresh start
As we continue our road art.

January’s View

January’s view is often cold
With only the veteran bold
Venturing out for a daily run
Badly in need of warm sun. 

January’s view features snow
With that early morning glow
Snow light helps our road pace
While creating a happy face.

January’s view is a windy day
With gusts, what did you say?
Strong gusts that crack trees
Littering our running sprees.

January’s view inside is nice
Outside there can be cold ice
Traction is tricky on the roads
Producing many slower episodes.

Yet, January’s view is brand new
Even if we can’t see our left shoe
January presents a wintry scene
That on the run is always keen.

  More Light

January grows more daylight
Assisting our daily road flight
With more light above our path
Even highlighting winter’s wrath.

Daylight increases every day
It’s far better than running pay
We get used to a darker run
But really enjoy seasonal sun.

Running along seeing the road
Improves our wintry episode
Seeing the ice before reaching it
Prevents a sliding, crashing fit.

More light improves our mood
It’s like eating favorite food
More light soothes our soul
As we tread upon our cold sole.

At January’s end the light gain
Heralds an upcoming campaign
Soon, very soon, spring days
Will arrive with loud hoorays!

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