October 2020

by George A. Hancock

October’s Story

Thursday begins October’s run
Early before that dawning sun
There’s a slight chill in the air
With a breeze that doesn’t care.

October’s wind touches the street
Often tugging at my running feet
Before giving up and flowing on
Always before autumn’s dawn.

Monday, October 12 is Columbus Day
A holiday for some minus the Hooray!
Schools and so many will work this day
Catching up, avoiding Covid’s gray.

Halloween falls on October’s last day
A Saturday this year which should pay
Off in serious, delicious yummy treats
Delighting the running road athletes.

October’s story is changing weather
Plus browning in our green heather
We now run in warmer running gear
Yet, veteran runners move minus fear.

Falling Leaves

So beautiful until they fall
In piles that do grow tall
Falling leaves are a chore
Waiting outside your door.

The runner out on the move
Seeks that autumn groove
Yet, a pile of crunching leaves
Is a sound that some grieve.

This runner makes some noise
Running early with strong poise
Now some early roadside critters
Are startled into shaky dithers.

Falling leaves are tough to catch
I reach out but just can’t latch
Onto that twisting, falling leaf
A product of October’s motif.

Soon, I’ll run by bare trees
Sleeping until spring’s sprees
We enjoyed October’s run
Now that foliage is done.

    Chilly Days

Autumn chills our road days
By hiding those sunny rays
And hurling a burly breeze
Because Nature loves to tease.

Some October days see frost
Too many and there’s a cost
Like freezing plants outside
And chilling an early road ride.

Chilly days means warmer gear
Thus we run without any fear
Because the daily run goes on
Despite the chilly early dawn.

Running beneath a brooding sky
With angry gray clouds high
Makes the runner ponder, Uh Oh!
Will those clouds produce snow?

Autumn gives way to barren days
Our foliage gone ’til spring forays
Sometimes Indian Summer days
Will warm these chilly byways.

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