September 2020

by George A. Hancock

Autumn Days

Meteorological Autumn is here
And many folks utter a cheer
We bid adieu to humid ways
As we begin our autumn days.

Autumn brings cooler road days
So we stop the mournful brays
That seem to resound for weeks
In those pitiful sweaty shrieks.

Although we live in a new norm
Autumn days never do conform
Each fall day is a unique one
Yet, delightful fun by the ton.

The autumn harvest is now in
We see apples in a big bin
So many varieties to munch
Juicing up our daily lunch.

The roadside colors are great
Autumn’s hues are first rate
On the run they are a thrill
Even in this morning chill.

September’s Story

September’s story is a season
That pleases for a good reason
September brings autumn days
With cooler, darker road forays.

Daylight our great running friend
Shrinks steadily but does not end
My morning run is in the dark
Yet, still an enjoyable road lark.

There’s more activity in schools
As so many seek virus tools
Thus insuring there’s hope
Allowing all folks to cope.

September is a color change
That daily paints our range
Our trees sport autumn hues
Providing spectacular views.

After Labor Day we move on
Adjusting to autumn’s dawn
This season touches our soul
With road sights never droll.

    Apple Days

September means apple days
With frequent orchard forays
So many apples are now in
That crunching creates a din.

Honeycrisp apples are sweet
A perfect post-run treat
Expensive in too many stores
So drive to the orchard doors.

Red delicious are my number one
I eat them year-round by the ton
That first crunch is just so nice
Chilled is best no need for ice.

You made me an apple pie!
I say with a delighted sigh
An autumn apple pie is great
And in this season first rate.

Some apples suffered a fate
After that snowy May date
Some varieties may not last
So runners buy them fast!

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