June 2020

by George A. Hancock


Summer 2020 is here
Go ahead, please cheer
We earned these days
Filled with sunny rays.

Running in light gear
Minus any icy fear
Is really first rate
And so hard to hate.

Warm temps surround
As do chirpy bird sounds
Now running at dawn
Erases a sleepy yawn.

The roads are alive
As we run our five
On our road course
All without remorse.

Even a summer rain
Creates little pain
Soon we’ll dry out
On a warm route.

The New Norm

Has a virus created a new norm
Which dictates how we conform?
If so, for many it’s a sad thought
Because solutions can’t be bought

Cancelled races became the norm
Even though the weather grew warm
Large crowds were a bad notion
This virus was a troubling potion.

Swiftly, this Covid-19 ran the globe
While scientists began to probe
Studying, seeking a good cure
Thus ending this virus we endure.

Yet, I run every day minus fear
Running often in lighter gear
And in an earlier bright dawn
With light needing no coupon.

But, out in public I wear a mask
It’s easy, not a difficult task
Running, being safe is the norm
So to run more years I conform.

    June’s Story

Monday begins June’s run
30 days with delightful sun
Or, a warm summer rain
That drenches without pain.

Running in June is so great
We no longer see a cold fate
More daylight with warm days
Enhances our running forays.

Once, June began vacation time
But a virus committed a crime
Stealing and changing our life
And for many they see strife.

Meteorological summer is the first
Arriving in a pleasant sunny burst
For months so many on free time
That vacations became a climb.

So, our getaway is out on the road
Running in this new summer mode
June’s nice weather is on our side
Despite all, we enjoy the road ride.

Photo courtesy of Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg who hosted this virtual event.
CDC image

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