May 2020

by George A. Hancock

More Light

May brings more daylight
Illuminating our road flight
More light morning and night
Eases some of that road fright.

May creates 31 delightful days
Filled with brilliant sunny rays
And fields with gorgeous green
That every day are a super scene.

I put away my handy road light
Enjoying this dawning delight
May’s light even on cloudy days
Is really loved on busy roadways.

Distracted drivers are still about
Motoring along every road route
Now I can see that swerving car
Before it hits that green sign bar.

Yes, running on a crumbling street
With more light helps our two feet
Avoiding potholes is an easy chore
When daylight touches the door.

Stay Safe

We live in difficult times
Events feel like crimes
We all need to stay safe
During this virus strafe.

Thankfully, running is good
Better than being clubbed by wood
Running out on the open road
Eases some of this virus episode.

Many parks and trails see gates
Closed, locked preventing fates
Associated with this disease
That for many do not please.

Many veteran runners run alone
Every new day without a moan
Now, group runs are the rage
But the virus strikes every age.

So, the healthy key is running safe
Skipping this Corona Virus chafe
History shows it can be done
And we know running is fun.

    May 2020

Friday brings us May One
Maybe a day of spring fun
When the sun shines bright
With its delicious May light.

May’s temps are so nice
For most free of snowy ice
Running along in less gear
In spring weather few fear.

Increased daylight’s the norm
As folks learn to conform
To May’s delightful weather
Covering our green heather.

Running either morn or night
Sees little weather fright
Running across May is great
This month’s the perfect date.

Nature adds a color splash
Erasing our drab dull rash
That begins every new year
May’s here so let’s cheer!

What a runner does in the spring . . . takes his dog and runs along the Susquehanna River, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (Photo courtesy of Chris Hoover)

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