European XC Championships 2019 Lisbon Senior Races: Can Wins 4th Straight Women’s Title; Fsiha Wins In Debut

by Clay Shaw

LISBON, PORTUGAL, DECEMBER 8, 2019—Robel Fsiha of Sweden, who was the first European finisher at the World XC Championships in Aarhus, won his Euro XC debut in 29:59.  Fsiha was born in Eritrea, and fled to Sweden in 2013.  Aras Kaya of Turkey earned the silver in 30:10, and now has all three medals.  Kaya won in 2016, and was third in 2018.  Kaya has been living in Turkey since 2015, allegiance transferred from Kenya, and became a Turkish citizen in 2016.  Yemaneberhan Crippa of Italy was third in 30:21  Crippa known as Yeman, won the U20 race twice (2014 and 2015), and placed third in the U23 twice (2016 and 2017), Crippa was born in Ethiopia. Julian Wanders of Switzerland, the European half-marathon record holder (59:13), ran in the lead through the early part of the race.  Wanders does much of his training in Iten, Kenya.  Andrew Butchart of Great Britain was fifth, and led the British team to the team title along with Ben Connor (9th), and Kristian Jones (22nd).  Belgium took the silver, and Spain earned the bronze.

Yasemin Can of Turkey won her fourth straight Euro XC title.  Can is formerly Vivian Jemutai of Kenya, with an allegiance transfer, and acquired Turkish citizenship in 2015.  Karoline Grovdal of Norway had four straight bronze medals, and moved up to silver in Lisbon.  Samrawit Mengsteab of Sweden was third, as she is another new citizen, having gained Swedish citizenship in 2017, from Eritrea.  Fionnuala McCormick of Ireland was a close fourth, the two-time Euro XC champ (2011 and 2012) is extremely competitive at all distances, and recently ran 2:26:17 in the Chicago Marathon.  McCormick earned the women’s record of 16 Euro XC championships.  Liv Westphal of France was fifth.  Great Britain won the team gold, led by Jessica Judd (6th), Charlotte Arter (7th), and Abbie Donnelly (13th).  Ireland was second, led by McCormick (4th), Aoibhe Richardson (17th), and Ciara Mageean (20th).  Portugal, the host country, took the bronze led by Ana Dulce Felix (8th), Carla Rocha (10th), and Susana Francisco (25th).

Top Women

  1. 26:52 Yasemin Can TUR
  2. 27:07 Karoline Grovdal NOR
  3. 27:43 Samrawit Mengsteab SWE
  4. 27:45 Fionnuala McCormick IRL
  5. 28:02 Liv Westphal FRA
  6. 28:05 Jessica Judd GBR
  7. 28:07 Charlotte Arter GBR
  8. 28:09 Dulce Felix POR
  9. 28:10 Elena Burkard GER
  10. 28:13 Carla Salome Roche POR
  11. 28:34 Victoria Roffino ITA
  12. 28:36 Federica Sugamiele ITA
  13. 28:40 Abbie Donnelly GBR
  14. 28:43 Esma Aydemir TUR
  15. 28:50 Amy Griffiths GBR
  16. 28:50 Irene Sanchez ESP
  17. 28:52 Aoibhe Richardson IRL
  18. 28:54 Maria Sagnes Wagan NOR
  19. 28:54 Roxana Barca ROU
  20. 28:58 Clara Mageean IRL

Top Men

  1. 29:59 Robel Fsiha SWE
  2. 30:10 Aras Kaya TUR
  3. 30:21 Yemaneberhan Crippa ITA
  4. 30:25 Julian Wanders SUI
  5. 30:38 Andrew Butchart GBR
  6. 30:39 Samuel Fitwi Sibhatu GER
  7. 30:41 Soufiane Bouchikhi BEL
  8. 30:46 Isaac Kimeli BEL
  9. 30:47 Ben Connor GBR
  10. 30:53 Jonas Raess SUI
  11. 30:57 Antonio Abadia ESP
  12. 30:57 Filip Ingebrigtsen NOR
  13. 30:57 Ildar Nadyrov ANA
  14. 31:05 Carlos Mayo ESP
  15. 31:07 Simon Boch GER
  16. 31:08 Sezgin Atac TUR
  17. 31:08 Rinas Akhmadiyev ANA
  18. 31:11 Sean Tobin IRL
  19. 31:12 Yann Schrub FRA
  20. 31:17 Fernando Carro ESP


Julien Wanders of Switzerland takes the early lead with Turkish runners Ali Kaya (left), and Aras Kaya (right).
Aras Kaya of Turkey fronts the lead pack with includes Yeman Crippa of Italy, Julien Wanders of Switzerland, Soufiane Bouchikhi of Belgium, and Robel Fsiha of Sweden.
Andrew Butchart of Great Britain runs hard to place fifth and lead his team to gold.
Robel Fsiha of Sweden wins the Euro XC senior men’s race in 29:59.
Simon Boch of Germany finishes 15th. Sezgin Atac of Turkey is 16th, Rinas Akhmadiyev an Authorized Neutral Athlete places 17th.
Yemaneberhan Crippa of Italy is pleased with third and the bronze medal.
Carlos Mayo of Spain is pleased with 14th overall, and team bronze.
Filip Ingebrigtsen of Norway won Euro XC 2018 in Tilburg. Filip finished 12th in Lisbon 2019. Rinas Akhmadiyev an Authorized Neutral Athlete, placed 17th.
Andre Pereira of Portland races Adam Hickey of Great Britain. Pereira placed 21st overall.


Yasemin Can of Turkey and Karoline Grovdal of Norway lead the senior women’s race uphill. Can and Grovdal would place 1 and 2.
Fionnuala McCormick of Ireland is a pro, a two-time Euro XC champion running her 16th Euro XC race. She placed 4th overall.
Elena Burkard of Germany leads the first chase pack, along with Charlotte Arter of GBR, Fionnuala McCormick of Ireland, and Samrawit Mengsteab of Sweden.
Karoline Grovdal of Norway had four straight third place finishes. In Lisbon, she moved up to second overall to earn the silver.
Aoibhe Richardson of Ireland who placed 17th, leads Chiara Scherrer of Switzerland who dropped out, and Valeria Roffino of Italy, who placed 11th.
Amy Griffiths of Great Britain placed 15th. Roxana Barca of Romania placed 19th.
Susan Francisco of Portugal placed 25th, as she battled with Brits Abbie Donnelly who placed 13th and Kate Avery who finished 30th.
Marathoner Ana Dulce Felix of Portugal placed 8th in Euro XC 2019. Felix was last Portugal athlete to medal in Euro XC with a bronze in 2013.
Fionnuala McCormick of Ireland duels with Samrawit Mengsteab of Sweden. McCormick took 4th in her 16th Euro XC. Mengsteab took the bronze.
Yasemin Can of Turkey celebrates her 4th straight Euro XC win.
Yasemin Can of Turkey wins 4th straight Euro XC title.
Karoline Grovdal of Norway, celebrates silver after four straight bronze medal finishes.
Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal of Norway is happy to take silver, after four straight third place finishes.
Darya Mykhaylova of Ukraine placed 28th.
Sophie Duarte and Liv Westphal of France enjoy a moment after the Euro XC race. Westphal placed 5th, Duarte was 21st. Duarte won Euro XC in 2013.


Great Britain and Northern Ireland won the team gold in the senior race. Kate Avery, Amy Griffiths, Charlotte Arter, Jenny Nesbitt, Abbie Donnelly, and Jessica Judd. Judd was 6th, Arter 7th, and Donnelly 13th.
Team Espana (Spain) was 8th.
Team Ireland earned the silver. Fionnuala Ross, Una Britton, Aoibhe Richardson (17th), Mary Mulhare, Fionnuala McCormick (4th),and Ciara Mageean (20th).
Great Britain and Northern Ireland won team gold in the senior men’s race. Andrew Butchart (5th), Tom Evans, Adam Hickey, Ben Connor (9th), Patrick Dever, and Kristian Jones (22nd) are the happy Brits.
Team Italy placed tenth among teams, while Yeman Crippa (second from left), earned the third place overall bronze.


The East Kilbride Boys Alan Mitchell, Kenny Clements, Gordon Colvin, and David Condra with the GBR gold winning U20 team.

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