Gressier, Moller Repeat as Champs with Strong Final Laps in Euro XC U23 Races

by Clay Shaw

LISBON, PORTUGAL, European Athletics SPAR Cross Country Championships, DECEMBER 8, 2019—Jimmy Gressier of France put the hammer down on the final lap, which gave him the opportunity to celebrate on the home stretch.  Gressier won in 24:17, and it could have been faster if not for the celebrations, capped off by a glamour pose for the press photographers.  Elzan Bibic of Serbia finished second in 24:25, after doing much leading throughout the race,  Abdessmad Oukhelfen of Spain earned the bronze in 24:34.  France, led by Gressier, won the team title.  Fabien Palcau finished sixth and Mohamed-Amine El Bouajaji finished tenth to score for France.  Italy took second, Germany was third.

Anna Emilie Moller of Denmark, defended her U23 title with a 39 second win in 20:30.  Jasmijn Lau of Netherlands won the silver in 21:09.  Stephanie Cotter of Ireland (who attends Adams State in Colorado), was third in 21:15.  Cotter and the Flanagan twins (Eilish and Roisin) also attend Adams State.  Netherlands, led by Lau, fourth place finisher Jasmijn Bakker, and 11th place Diane Van Es earned the team title, Ireland took second with their Colorado high-altitude trained athletes.  Great Britain and Northern Ireland took third.  

Top Men

  1. 24:17 Jimmy Gressier FRA
  2. 24:25 Elzan Bibic SRB
  3. 24:34 Abdessamad Oukhelfen ESP
  4. 24:50 Tadesse Getahon ISR
  5. 24:51 Yohanes Chiappinelli ITA
  6. 24:52 Fabien Palcau FRA
  7. 24:55 Jacopo DeMarchi ITA
  8. 24:56 Mahamed Mahamed GBR
  9. 24:57 Oussama Lonnux BEL
  10. 24:57 Mohamed-Amine El Bouajaji FRA
  11. 24:58 Suldan Hassan SWE
  12. 24:59 Alexander Yee GBR
  13. 25:01 Ignacio Fontes ESP
  14. 25:02 Davor Bienenfeld GER
  15. 25:03 Markus Gorger GER
  16. 25:04 Mohamed Mohumed GER
  17. 25:11 Sebastiano Parolini ITA
  18. 25:15 Hugo Hay FRA
  19. 25:15 Narve Gilje Nordas NOR
  20. 25:19 Pierrik Jocteur-Monrozier FRA

Top Women

  1. 20:30 Anne Emilie Moller DEN
  2. 21:09 Jasmijn Lau NED
  3. 21:15 Stephanie Cotter IRL
  4. 21:21 Jasmijn Bakker NED
  5. 21:24 Federica Zanne ITA
  6. 21:25 Aneta Chlebikova CZE
  7. 21:35 Bronwen Owen GBR
  8. 21:41 Lisa Tertsch GER
  9. 21:47 Eilish Flanagan IRL
  10. 21:51 Cristina Ruiz ESP
  11. 21:53 Diane Van Es NED
  12. 21:53 Lea Meyer GER
  13. 21:54 Anna Tropina ANA
  14. 21:56 Bohdana Semyonova UKR
  15. 21:57 Amelia Quirk GBR
  16. 22:04 Sara Christiansson SWE
  17. 22:06 Roisin Flanagan IRL
  18. 22:07 Poppy Tank GBR
  19. 22:12 Bahar Atalay TUR
  20. 22:14 Egle Morenaite LTU
Anna Emilie Moller of Denmark is a happy winner with her second straight U23 Euro XC title. Moller’s 39-second win was the largest of the meet.
Jimmy Gressier of France strikes a pose after winning his second straight Euro XC title.
Mahamed Mahamed of Great Britain placed eighth. Mohamed Mohumed of Germany placed 16th. Behind them Abdessamed Oukhelfen of Spain earned the bronze with a third place finish.
Czech Republic placed as eighth team. Led by Marek Chrascina who placed 23rd and Damian Vich who placed 35th.
Jack O’Leary of Ireland placed 25th, as Team Ireland placed 7th. Ignacio Fontes of Spain, would place 13th.
Irish guys place 7th. Cormac Dalton, Jack O’Leary, Peter Lynch, and Brian Fay.
Poppy Tank of Great Britain placed 18th. Tank runs for the University of Utah.
Aukse Linkute and Kamile Vaidziulyte of Lithuania run together in the U23 race.
Stephanie Cotter of Ireland puts the Colorado high altitude training towards a great result, third place and the bronze. Cotter goes to Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado.
Hannah Nuttall of Great Britain placed 31st. Nuttall runs for the University of New Mexico.
Anna Emilie Moller of Denmark cruises through Bela Vista Park on way to her second straight U23 championship.
Jasmjn Lau of Netherlands is elated at winning the silver in the U23 race.
Stephanie Cotter of Ireland finishes third, gets a hug from champion Anna Emilie Moller of Denmark.
Diane Van Es of Netherlands takes 11th, just holding off Lea Meyer of Germany (12th), Anna Tropina (ANA) takes 13th. Van Es was the team’s third scorer as Netherlands won team gold.
Ireland U23 take silver. Eilish Flanagan, Roisin Flanagan, Stephanie Cotter, Sorcha McAllister, Claire Fagan, and Fian Sweeney are a happy bunch.
Anna Emilie Moller of Denmark proudly displays Danish flag after second straight U23 Euro XC title.
Jimmy Gressier of France holds back a bit early in the race as others lead. Emile Cairess of Great Britain (60th), Elzan Bibic of Serbia (2nd), and Mahamed Mahemed of Great Britain (8th) charge the uphill.
Cathal Doyle of Ireland (71st), and Sergio Alegre of Spain (64th) on the uphill.
Yohanes Chiappinelli of Italy finshed 5th, and held off Team France. Team France did win the team gold. Mohamed-Amine El Bouajaji (10th), Fabien Palcau (6th), and Hugo Hay (18th) give chase.
Jasmijn Lau of Netherlands leads the would be 2-time champ Anna Emilie Moller of Denmark, and Stephanie Cotter of Ireland. The three would earn podium positions in the U23 race.
Twins Eilish Flanagan and Roisin Flanagan of Ireland, who both attend Adams State College in Colorado, chase Mathilde Senechal of France. Jasmijn Bakker of Netherlands would pass them all on way to 4th place.
Anna Emilie Moller of Denmark charges a downhill. Stephanie Cotter of Ireland gives chase. Moller placed 1st, Cotter 3rd in the U23.
Amelia Quirk of Great Britain placed 15th, and was third scorer on the Great Britain bronze winning team in the U23.
Federica Zanne of Italy is engaged in race with Jasmijn Bakker of Netherlands, and Bronwen Owen of Great Britain. Zanne placed 5th, Bakker 4th, and Owen 7th in the U23.
Happy jumping Irish gals take team silver in U23 race. Eilish Flanagan, Roisin Flanagan, Stephanie Cotter, Claie Fagan, Sorcha McAllister, and Fian Sweeney celebrate.

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