October 2019

by George A. Hancock

October 2019

Tuesday begins October’s run
And we notice much less sun
Daylight continues to ebb away
Until one future spring day.
The 14th is a mid-month holiday
With many on a long getaway
Columbus Day is under review
Many wish to bid this day adieu.
October’s final day is great fun
Halloween means treats by the ton
They say I’m too old for door-to-door
So, I’ll buy my treats at the store.
October’s brilliant colors shine
Contrasting with that green pine
Our maple trees are a terrific hue
Providing a superb seasonal view.
Of course, more apples are in
Creating a steady crunching din
The 2019 apple crop is my treat
And delights this road athlete.

Autumn Light

Perhaps the title’s a pun
Because on any autumn run
Autumn light has slipped away
Returning on a 2020 spring day.

Of course, running at mid-day
Finds daylight in a sunny ray
Running at morning or night
Is a dark autumn road flight.

Streetlights are a huge help
Illuminating, avoiding a yelp
From running into a pothole
During a long-distance stroll.

I use a rechargeable light
Its beam a running delight
I signal an approaching car
I’m here, I need no scar.

Sometimes I find two eyes
Maybe seeking human potpies
However, runners have a bad taste
Munching on them is a real waste.

October Sights

Color creeps across the trees
Creating spectacular sprees
For those outside on the run
Enjoying October’s road fun.

Every year the October sights
Produce seasonal delights
Mother Nature is on the move
Utilizing her autumn groove.

The morning air has a crisp chill
And for many is a happy thrill
Gone are those muggy hot days
That fostered a sleepy phase.

Soon we’ll see a frosty morn
And so many are now torn
October’s sights last not long
Replaced by a barren song.

But before, those falling leaves
Pile up becoming pet peeves
Leafy debris is a cleanup chore
For this runner near his door.

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