August 2019

by George Hancock

  Back Again 
 Hello darkness my old friend
 Now months before you end
 Morning darkness is back again
 Daylight has taken a backspin.
 The morning run is still warm
 With insects flying in swarm
 Seeking any delicious treat
 Like my ears or even my feet.
 So, I’ll wear a good road hat
 Often using it like a bat
 Even my hand-held road light
 Attracts 'em on my road flight. 
 My light illuminates the road
 Preventing any crashing mode
 Visibility on these darker runs
 Creates safety for me by the tons.
 And we’ll check the street lights
 Reporting the burned out sites
 Light helps us find our way
 Before dawn begins our day.  
    August 2019 
 August enters the front door
 Ready for a 31-day tour
 Featuring transitional weather
 And some browning heather.
 Our August days stay hot
 Slowing our daily trot
 Our daylight grows short
 Is my daily road report.
 More activity at the schools
 Means less time at the pools
 The first day of school is near
 A thought some students fear.
 Summer season’s on the wane
 Stopping, avoiding it is in vain
 Time’s progress is a trend
 That few will never ever fend.
 August is summer’s last hurray
 Soon a season with a cool flaw
 Will knock on our front door
 Asking, are you ready for more? 
 Hmm, August 2019 is here 
 Wait, did I hear a jeer?
 And some parental cheer?
 Must mean school days are near. 
 School openings are a mixed bag
 It’s time to get up parents nag
 During those waning August days
 As school openings create daze.
 Many students see no thrill
 While parents yell then shrill
 First day of school, get up
 The bus is coming, hurry up!
 Now motorists need a mindset
 So August parents no longer fret
 When students board the bus
 Still sleepy after the morning fuss.
 Running along these August roads
 I see too many speeding episodes
 Schools are open so please slow 
 Your speed so students can grow.

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