Fullers Dominate East Berlin Summerfest

by Clay Shaw

EAST BERLIN, PA, July 20, 2019—Brian Fuller, the 2018 champion returned to the EBACC Summerfest 5K to defend his title.  Fuller did just that, winning in 15:13.  This year was even better to celebrate as his wife, Emily (Dubs) Fuller, was the women’s champion, finishing in 18:43.  Only the top five men overall finished in front of Emily.  The race was held during one of the hottest stretches of recent summers.  Temperatures were already in the 80s by the 8 a.m. start.  The 5K course was reasonable, and many runners back off from racing at their usual paces.  193 finished the event, which was race #2 of the Run 717 Series.

Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg was second in 15:39, Sadlock won Race #1, the Shoe House 5 Mile on July 4.  Marathoner Fred Joslyn of Mt Holly Springs took third in 16:37.  Harrisburg area men took all three podium spots.  York College coach Stephen LoBianco was fourth in 17:27.  Mark Clowney of New Oxford was fifth and top Master, in 18:22.

Laura Latchford of Palmyra, now a hard to believe 50, was top Master and second overall in 21:11.  Karen Lam-Duckett of York, another Master, was third overall in 21:37.  Lisa Schiel of York Springs was fourth in 22:39.  Megan Dodson of York, yet another Master, was fifth overall in 22:51, just edging Kelly Dworak of Carlisle (age 57), who was also clocked at 22:51.

While many Masters runners dominated the top tens, some older than “me” runners had great performances despite the hot and humid weather.  Les Bell of York, age 72, ran 24:41, and Buteena Pfeffer of Venice, FL, also 71, ran 27:02.  I wonder if it was a cool day for her?. 

Congrats to race director to Sara Moyer and her staff.  Sara is expecting next month!

Top 10 Women

  1. 18:43 Emily Fuller
  2. 21:11 Laura Latchford (50)
  3. 21:37 Karen Lam-Duckett (41)
  4. 22:39 Lisa Schiel
  5. 22:51 Megan Dodson (42)
  6. 22:51 Kelly Dworak (57)
  7. 22:57 Kelly McKinley (41)
  8. 22:57 Amanda Cario
  9. 23:10 Nicole Register
  10. 22:49 Mandy Fish

Top 10 Men

  1. 15:13 Brian Fuller
  2. 15:39 Joshua Sadlock
  3. 16:37 Fred Joslyn
  4. 17:27 Stephen LoBianco
  5. 18:22 Mark Clowney (42)
  6. 18:59 Dylan Ackerman
  7. 20:37 Doug Crist (55)
  8. 20:44 Joe Miller (55)
  9. 21:18 Brian Owen (57)
  10. 21:54 Eric Yurick (52)
Emily Fuller of Mechanicsburg was top female in 18:43. Mark Clowney of New Oxford was top master and fifth overall in 18:22.
Brian Fuller of Mechanicsburg took the lead early on his way to his second straight EBACC 5K win. Fuller won in 15:13.
Patrick Lister of Middletown runs a 25:12, despite the triple child stroller. Marathoner Michael Ball is in the background.
Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg took second in 15:39. Sadlock won the Shoe House 5 Miler on July 4.
Lynne Grove of York charges down the streets of East Berlin during the EBACC Summerfest 5K.
Kelly McKinley of York placed 7th overall among the women, and fifth in a deep masters field. Kelly scored second in her age group.
Cynthia Forry of Hanover PA races in the EBACC 5K in East Berlin.
Masters duel in the overall race. Laura Latchford 50, of Palmyra, PA races Karen Lam-Duckett 41, of York. Both ladies placed on the overall podium in second and third places.

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