Geay Repeats as Champ; Rotich Wins by Inches at Boilermaker

by Clay Shaw

UTICA, NY, JULY 14—Gabriel Geay of Tanzania repeated as champion of the Boilermaker 15K, winning in 43:36.

Geay put distance on runner-up Mohammed Reda El Aaraby of Morocco on the final straightaway toward the finish.  El Aaraby was three seconds back in 43:39.  Peter Ndegwa of Kenya (44:06) took third, and Tucson based Kenyan Stephen Sambu took fourth in 44:13.  Haron Lagat of Colorado Springs, CO was fifth overall and first USA in 44:21.  Abdi Abdirahman of Tucson, AZ finished 19th in 46:31 and was the top Master.  Christopher Kipyego, a Kenyan based in Mexico, was second Master in 48:30.

Caroline Rotich of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Kenya won an all-out sprint to the finish in 49:08.  Rotich, the 2015 Boston Marathon champion, edged Iveen Chepkemoi of Kenya by one second (49:09).  Monicah Ngige of Kenya was third in 49:25.  Los Angeles Marathon winner Askale Merachi of Ethiopia was fourth in 49:51.  Hiyot Ayalew Yemer of Ethiopia was fifth in 50:03.  Belainesh Gebre of Flagstaff, AZ was top USA and 6th in 51:03.  Grayson Murphy of Salt Lake City was 7th and 2nd USA in 51:12.  Kate Landau of Jacksonville, FL. was top Master and 11th overall, in 52:39.  Margaret Njuguna of Kenya (54:17), and Dawn Grunnagle of Dallas TX (55:10), the second and third Masters also placed in the top fifteen. 

The Utica Boilermaker, in its 42nd year, had 11,195 finishers in the 15K, with another 4000 or so in a less competitive 5K. 

Top 20 Men

  1. 43:36 Gabriel Geay TAN
  2. 43:39 Mohamed Reda El Aaraby MAR
  3. 44:06 Peter Ndegwa KEN
  4. 44:13 Stephen Sambu KEN
  5. 44:21 Haron Lagat CO
  6. 44:24 Jerrell Mock CO
  7. 44:44 Reed Fischer CO
  8. 44:57 Edwin Mokua KEN
  9. 45:00 Terefa Debela Delesa ETH
  10. 45:04 Tsegay Tuemay ERI
  11. 45:07 Daniel Mesfun ERI
  12. 45:08 Edwin Kibichiy KEN
  13. 45:14 John Raneri AZ
  14. 45:18 Mourad Marofit MAR
  15. 45:53 Grant Fischer CO
  16. 46:14 Kanta Ikeda JPN
  17. 46:17 Daniel Lennon NY
  18. 46:28 Takuro Miura JPN
  19. 46:31 Abdi Abdirahman (42) AZ
  20. 46:54 Hillary Chesire KEN

Top 20 Women

  1. 49:08 Caroline Rotich KEN
  2. 49:09 Iveen Chepkemoi KEN
  3. 49:45 Monicah Ngige KEN
  4. 49:51 Askale Merachi ETH
  5. 50:03 Hiwot Ayalew Yemer ETH
  6. 51:03 Belainesh Gebre AZ
  7. 51:12 Grayson Murphy UT
  8. 52:00 Lindsay Flanagan CO
  9. 52:02 Karis Jochen CO
  10. 52:13 Samantha Bluske-Palmer AL
  11. 52:39 Kate Landau (42) FL
  12. 53:24 Belaynesh Fikadu ETH
  13. 54:00 Esther Wanjiru KEN
  14. 54:17 Margaret Njugena (49) KEN
  15. 55:10 Dawn Grunnagle (41) TX
  16. 55:29 Bailey Kowalczyk CO
  17. 57:07 Karen Bertasso NY
  18. 57:08 Kerri Ruffo CT
  19. 57:19 Katherine Newberry (40) MA
  20. 57:28 Jennifer Selig NY
Boilermaker 15K start in its 42nd year. 2019 had 11,195 finishers.
Daniel Lennon #20, John Raneri #23, Stephen Sambu #24, Mourad Marofit, Peter Ndegwa #12, Andrew Epperson #17, and Mick Hill #51 are all in the lead pack on the uphill first mile of the Boilermaker 15K.
Boilermaker 15K start on Culver Street. Caroline Rotich #32 leads the women. Masters stars Kate Landau #53 and Margaret Njuguna #55 also near the front with Iveen Chepkemoi #30 who placed second.
Gabriel Geay of Tanzania gets some water while dueling Stephen Sambu #24 of Kenya, in the lead pack.
Game on! Down to the final four. Gabriel Geay #1, Stephen Sambu #24, Peter Ndegwa #12, and Mohamed Reda El Aaraby #16 round a corner late in the race.
The winning move, Gabriel Geay #1 surges on the final street in battle with Mohammed Reda El Aaraby #16. It’s Tanzania vs Morocco this time in a great finish.
Gabriel Geay of Tanzania wins Boilermaker Road Race for the second straight year. Geay ran faster in 2019 with a 43:36.
Haron Lagat of Colorado Springs, CO pushes hard to finish fifth in 44:21, and top USA man.
Caroline Rotich of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and a citizen of Kenya, wins the 2019 Boilermaker 15K in 49:08.
Belainesh Gebre of Flagstaff, AZ places 6th overall and first USA.
Lindsay Flanagan of Boulder, CO places eighth, just in front of fellow Boulder athlete Karis Jochen. They were third and fourth USA women.
Samantha Bluske-Palmer of Northport, AL places tenth among women in 52:13, and fifth USA.
Fast master gals. Kate Landau of FL won in 52:39. Margaret Njuguna of Kenya (right) was 2nd. Dawn Grunnagle of TX (left) was third in a strong masters field.
Margaret Njugena 49 of Kenya is second master in 54:17.
Dawn Grunnagle of Dallas, Texas was third master with a 55:10.
John Blake #117 of Stoughton, MA, and Andrew MacGibbon of Lebanon, NH race down the home stretch. MacGibbon ran at York College of PA.
Grayson Murphy of Utah 7th and Kerri Ruffo of Connecticut enjoy a moment after the Boilermaker 15K.
Heather McKirdy of AZ with Laura Galeazzo of NY, enjoy having run well at the Boilermaker 15K.
Podium USA guys. Haron Lagat (center) 1st, Jerrell Mock (right) 2nd, and Reed Fischer (left), and all live in Colorado.
Caroline Rotich has a tired but happy smile after epic close battle to win the Boilermaker 15K by one second over Iveen Chepkemoi.

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