Poet’s Corner June 2019

by George Hancock

June 2019

Saturday brings us June 1
And a month of summer fun
We run, we live in the sun
Every day is weather fun.

June presents its daily best
Gone is the seasonal pest
That chills our daily run
Yes, we welcome the sun.

Vacations are in the mix
Many relish this away fix
Students have left school
Many resting at the pool.

Running on the June breeze
With the sun as a tease
Beneath leafy green trees
Is soothing and does please.

Increased daylight is also great
But June's end begins a fate
That increases 'til the year's end
Since morning dark will not bend.

More Daylight

I have a new daily run start
It's really doing a great part
Having me run in more light
While viewing every sight.

Every day at 6 a.m. I run
Out the door 'til I'm done
There's daylight at the start
To enjoy Mother Nature's art.

More daylight is really great
To me this trend is first rate
Running along visible to all
Means my run will not stall.

Later on the daylight will shrink
But right now no need to blink
Daylight streams along my road
Creating a more pleasant episode.

I see critters moving about
All along my running route
They watch me trot on by
So I wave and say Hi!

What to Do?

A problem, an issue for some
Has a few chomping their gum
June begins vacation season
And folks leave for good reason.

Working and running is hard
So many love to flee their yard
Relaxing and running in a place
Far away earns a happy face.

But, retirees are always off
OK, let's stifle that cough
What to do is a real thing
With an answer without sting.

A solution is change the name
To something with less fame
From vacation to a getaway
Will brighten a retiree's day.

Running near or along a beach
Is fun and not beyond our reach
Yes, running in a national park
Is always a relaxing June lark.

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