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  • Mccabe, Matherne Win Competitive EBACC Summerfest 5K

    by Clay Shaw EAST BERLIN, PA, JULY 18, 2020—Central Pennsylvania runners have been waiting for months for some competition.  A long-time well-directed event, the EBACC SummerFest 5K offers cash awards to the top three.  The event also has a reasonable… Read More ›

  • Shoe House 5 Miler: First Live Race in Four Months

    by Clay Shaw YORK, PA—The 8th Annual Shoe House 5 Miler, held July 4, 2020, became the first regional race to be held live since the start of the pandemic in mid-March. Race director Melissa Darrin had mixed emotions about… Read More ›

  • Rambling Roads: Running vs. Racing

    by George A. I no longer run road races. The reason is simple. Three herniated back disc issues plus corrective surgery prompted my decision. My last serious road race was on Thanksgiving morning November 24, 2016. I did run… Read More ›

  • July 2020

    by George A. Hancock Humid Sweat drips down my faceSlowing my morning paceThe morning air is warmAs bugs began to swarm. This July morning is hotHumidity covers my trotYet, running right at dawnIs cooler than later on. Running anywhere at… Read More ›

  • Running Through Life with George Banker

    As told to Karen Mitchell Editors Note:  I have known George for almost three decades, and Clay and Freddi have known him longer.  He’s a fellow photographer, journalist, and good friend.  During the last year, we’ve profiled various athletes and… Read More ›

  • Girls on the Run: Running Strong in Pennsylvania’s Capital Area for 10 Years!

    By Gillian Byerly Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization which provides girls with a space to build important relationships with peers and a trusted adult, to share their thoughts and feelings, and to improve their physical health. Founded… Read More ›

  • Rambling Roads: Virus Changes

    By George A. The current coronavirus issue is similar to long-distance training. A runner trains diligently running the miles, staying fit while eating healthy. The goal is some distant race or running event. The runner is putting time, effort,… Read More ›

  • Ten Million Steps…and counting

    By Sal Citarella No, not me. Paul Reese. Ten Million Steps is the title of the book he wrote back in 1993, shortly after he had run across the country. He was 73 at the time. What can one say… Read More ›

  • June 2020

    by George A. Hancock Summer Summer 2020 is hereGo ahead, please cheerWe earned these daysFilled with sunny rays. Running in light gearMinus any icy fearIs really first rateAnd so hard to hate. Warm temps surroundAs do chirpy bird soundsNow running… Read More ›

  • Phil Stewart, an Icon in the Running Community

    by George Banker Editor’s note: There’s no one who has done more for the running community than Phil Stewart. Yes, he’s a terrific runner both in his hey day and with recent, amazing times. As you’ll see in this interview,… Read More ›

  • Honoring Unsung Heroes and Pioneers: Larry Noel

    by Freddi Carlip With racing on hold due to COVID-19, we have the opportunity to look back and remember those who have blazed the trail for our sport——our pioneers and unsung heroes. Larry Noel was one of running’s trailblazers in… Read More ›

  • Rambling Roads: Virus Fears

    By George A. A potent invisible virus has transformed our landscape. The United States went from impeachment news, a dwindling presidential primary, and a growing green spring season to a national shut-down crisis. This invisible virus moved freely and… Read More ›

  • May 2020

    by George A. Hancock More Light May brings more daylightIlluminating our road flightMore light morning and nightEases some of that road fright. May creates 31 delightful daysFilled with brilliant sunny raysAnd fields with gorgeous greenThat every day are a super… Read More ›

  • Kiss

    Affordable! Affordable!Keep your life transportable. Avoid obsessions with possessions,Want you psychiatric sessions? Chasing debt can make you phobic,It’s like living anaerobic. If, bleary-eyed, you stare in stores,Then run, to get thee out of doors. Henry David Thoreau-LeeAKA Sal Citarella

  • ShamWalk/Run Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

    by Ben Zappa RIDGWAY, PA—Race Director Julie Lang reports:  “We had 39 registered with 32 completing the Sham Walk/Run 5K on March 14, after the COVID-19 announcement. It was a sunny, chilly morning.  I can’t remember the exact temps, but… Read More ›