Emmanuel Bor Leads the Way

By Clay Shaw
Photography by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

Mechanicsville, VA, January 21, 2023, USATF Cross Country Championships 2023 Richmond—Emmanuel Bor is a second lieutenant and chief of environmental health at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. On the last lap of this 10K, he put in a winning surge that put him in the lead, as he survived a mad scramble behind him and finished in 28:43.3. Behind Bor, six men finished just two seconds apart. Bor was quoted after the race that he is “happy to represent the United States at the global level.” All seven men were vying for the six positions to represent the USA at the World Cross Country Championships in Bathurst, Australia on Feb 18. The seven athletes had broken away from a huge 30-man lead pack on the first 2K lap.

Andrew Colley, running for On Zap Endurance, led the crazy final sprint for second, in 28:47.1. Colley grew up in nearby Williamsburg, VA and he was on the 2015 USA XC team that went to Guiyang, China.

Anthony Rotich was third in 28:48.2. Leonard Korir was fourth in 28:48.5 and passed on the Bathurst invite, as he is scheduled to run a spring marathon. Sam Chelanga was fifth in 28:48.6. Dillon Maggard of Utah was sixth in 28:48.7. With Korir withdrawing, seventh place Reid Buchanan of San Diego, who finished in 28:49, fills out the six man team. 

97 men finished the USATF 10K in Pole Green Park. With a clockwise, somewhat circular 2K loop, the race was easy to follow. Next year’s USA Cross Country event will take place on January 20, 2024 in the same location. Competitors will vie for coveted spots on the USA teams for World XC in Croatia in 2024.

Top Finishers

  1. 28:43.3 Emmanuel Bor, 34, Fort Huachuca, AZ
  2. 28:47.1 Andrew Colley, 31, Blowing Rock, NC
  3. 28:48.2 Anthony Rotich, 32, Colorado Springs, CO
  4. 28:48.5 Leonard Korir, 36, Colorado Springs, CO
  5. 28:48.6 Sam Chelanga, 37, Colorado Springs, CO
  6. 28:48.7 Dillon Maggard, 27, Logan, UT
  7. 28:49.0 Reid Buchanan, 29, San Diego, CA
  8. 28:56.5 Hillary Bor, 33, Colorado Springs, CO
  9. 29:01.3 Abbabiya Simbassa, 29, Flagstaff, AZ
  10. 29:05.3 Zachary Panning, 27, Lake Orion, MI
  11. 29:07.4 Benjamin Eidenschink, 26, Boulder, CO
  12. 29:10.4 Ryan Ford, 25, Blowing Rock, NC
  13. 29:14.7 Joseph Berriatua, 27, Boulder, CO
  14. 29:25.8 Jared Ward, 34, Kaysville, UT
  15. 29:27.7 Aaron Templeton, 27, Boulder, CO
Emmanuel Bor wins the USATF Cross Country Championships in 28:43.3. A mad scramble for the remaining five spots forms in the home straight.
Fast men at the USATF XC Championships in Mechanicsville, VA out of the starting blocks. Eight men were under 29:00 and 23 were under 30:00 on the firm, rather flat 10K course at Pole Green Park.
Andrew Colley #131, Anthony Rotich #158, and Hillary Bor #126 run in front of the large lead men’s pack at the USATF Cross Country Championships in Mechanicsville, VA.
Reid Buchanan #181, Isai Rodriguez #130, Benard Keter #155, Dillon Maggard #197, and Jared Ward #142 lead a 30-man lead pack on the first 2K loop.
Emmanuel Bor takes charge and the athletes string out behind him.
Jared Ward, the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics Marathon 6th place finisher, runs the USATF Cross Country Championships.
Ryan Mahalsky #136 of the Philadelphia Runner TC races with an athlete from the US Navy.
Jackson Mestler #146 of the Tracksmith/Oregon Track Club runs the USATF XC championships with Chase Weaverling #144 of Team Boulder.
Jonathan Ladson of Virginia runs in the men’s open 10K at the USATF XC Championships.
Santiago Hardy of Wings of America runs 31:03 on the Pole Green Park 10K course at the USATF Cross Country championships.
A wild scramble to place in the top six, after Andrew Colley #131 finishes second. Anthony Rotich #158 salutes as he finishes third. Leonard Korir 157 was fourth, and Dillon Maggard (left) was sixth.
Andrew Colley poses with the American flag and two friends after finishing second and making his second USA XC team. Andrew ran the World XC in Guiyang, China in 2015.
Dillon Maggard of Utah was elated to finish sixth and be part of the USA XC team going to Bathurst, Australia.

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