Poet’s Corner for December 2022

by George A. Hancock

December Cold

Thursday begins December’s run
A month filled with holiday fun
Running by those twinkling lights
Earns so many smiling delights.

Yes, our morning air is cold
But road runners, even those old
Keep running outside every day
Enjoying this seasonal play.

December’s cold is not too bad
With the right gear we’re glad
We’re happy and running warm
While inside so many swarm.

Yes, icy conditions are not good
A misstep and we fall like wood
So, weather forecasts are our friend
They help prevent that slippery end.

Recent Decembers were mild
Pleasing this veteran road child
Daylight grows at the month’s end
Welcome back my old friend! 

December Snow

Sorry, I’m not a fan anymore
I utter leaving the side door
December snow can stay away
While I begin this winter foray.

I’m finishing my 49th road season
I really need no good reason 
To get out and run every day
Road running is my daily play.

I like running on dry roads
Pursuing a winter episode
Snow and ice can stay away
Running upright is really OK.

A green Christmas is always nice
Embrace this season is my advice
Endure the weather and run on
Down the road is a spring dawn.

I have the gear and winter shoes
So, I’m not singing snowy blues
If December snow falls, I’m ready
My winter spikes keep me steady.

December Treats 

December brings yummy treats 
That please our road athletes
Christmas cookies are the one
Loved and sought by everyone.

December treats are so great
This holiday is always first-rate
Folks bake delicious treats
Displaying their Christmas feats. 

Christmas cookies fuel my miles
And create many warm smiles
Eating some after every run
Is like running in the warm sun.

Running out in the December cold
Remaining upright and so bold 
Earns a Christmas cookie or two
As the local summer lovers stew. 

Our winters are growing mild 
Gone is that weather so wild
But Christmas cookies live on
Until chomped right after dawn.

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