Ingebrigtsen Repeats as Men’s Cross Country XC Champion

By Clay Shaw
Photos by Clay Shaw and Karen Mitchell

Turin, Italy, December 11, 2022, SPAR Euro Athletics XC Championships (Senior Men, 9.672 KM)—Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway repeated as European Athletics Cross Country champion with a convincing and measured race strategy, dropping his competitors on the final lap to win in 29:33.

On home soil, Yemaneberhan Crippa of Italy led in the middle part of the race drawing cheers from the large crowd at La Mandria Park, but he had a pack right behind him. Crippa was in the hunt for a medal, but sadly finished fourth in 29:47. Italy did, however, score a silver in the team competition.

Emile Cairess of Great Britain had strong finish to take second in 29:42. Isaac Kimeli of Belgium was third in 29:45. Taking fifth overall was Filimon Abraham of Germany in 29:49.

Bastien Augusto of France was sixth, teammate Yann Schrub was seventh, and Morhad Amdouni was eleventh, as they led France to the team title by just one point over Italy. Spain was third.

Top Results

  1. 29:33 Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Norway
  2. 29:42 Emile Cairess, Great Britain
  3. 29:45 Isaac Kimeli, Belgium
  4. 29:47 Yemaneberhan Crippa, Italy
  5. 29:49 Filimon Abraham, Germany
  6. 29:52 Bastien Augusto, France
  7. 29:52 Yann Schrub, France
  8. 30:03 Yohanes Chiappinelli, Italy
  9. 30:06 Mohamed Katir, Spain
  10. 30:08 Abdessamad Oukhelfen, Spain
  11. 30:12 Morhad Amdouni, France
  12. 30:18 Mahamed Mahamed, Great Britain
  13. 30:21 Osama Zoghlami, Italy
  14. 30:21 John Heymans, Belgium
  15. 30:23 Peter Lynch, Ireland
  16. 30:25 Davor Bienenfeld, Germany
  17. 30:27 Carlos Mayo, Spain
  18. 30:30 Roberto Alaiz, Spain
  19. 30:32 Michael Somers, Belgium
  20. 30:36 Valentin Gondouin, France
Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway repeats as Senior Men’s Champ at the SPAR European Athletics Cross Country Championships 2022.
Jakob Ingebrigsten of Norway after winning his second straight Senior Men’s title, and he’s only 22.
The senior men run in mass at the start of the final race of the day. La Mandria Park, just north of Turin, served as a beautiful location for the event.
Team France won the team title by one point over Italy.
Team Italy scored the team silver in the senior men’s race.
Brian Fay of Ireland, University of Washington Husky, was 30th in 30:50.
Yohanes Chiapinelli of Italy has Team France charging into team competition. Bastien Augusto, Morhad Amdouni, and Yann Schrub of France, would win the team gold by one point over Italy.
Yemaneberhan Crippa of Italy checks on the footsteps. With Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway and Emile Cairess of Great Britain also running strong.
Emile Cairless of Great Britain pushes the pace with Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway, Isaac Kimeli of Belgium, and Yemaneberhan Crippa of Italy. These four men were the top four overall.
Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway marking his rivals as they turn to charge into the hills around the corner.
Yemaneberhan Crippa of Italy runs in front with Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway and Emile Cairless of Great Britain right behind midway through the final race of the day.
Yemaneberhan Crippa of Italy leads early and would place fourth in 29:47.
Hlynur Andrésson of Iceland was 55th in 31:53 and was the lone athlete from Iceland in the race.
Excited and happy Team France won the team title. Bastien Augusto was sixth, Yann Schrub was seventh, and Morhad Amdouni was eleventh to score for France in the Senior Men’s race.
Henrik and Jakob Ingebrigtsen celebrate after Jakob’s repeat win as Senior Men’s European XC champion, even though Jakob is still only 22. Brother Henrik was 23rd.
Team Espana (Spain) was third in the senior men’s race. Mohamed Katir was ninth, Abdessamad Oukhelfem was tenth, and Carlos Mayo was 17th to score.
The last photo of the European XC 2022, Team France and fans celebrate with the win and medals.

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  1. Brian Fay is still a current Husky. He has indoor and outdoor eligibility remaining for Washington.


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  2. Thank you for the correction, Paul! We’ve corrected this. See you at the races!


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