Hanson and Rowe Win NCR Marathon

Story and photos by Clay Shaw

November 26, 2022, Sparks, MD, NCR MARATHON—On a beautiful day in late November, ideal for running, Daniel Rowe of Baltimore won the 33rd NCR Marathon by nearly 15 minutes, in 2:27:47. 

Emily Hanson of Cockeysville, MD took over the lead late in the race and went on to win in 3:14:28. Hanson, 40, is the first master to finish.

260 total runners finished the marathon including #1 seed Ronnie Wong, 76, of Catonsville and RG contributor with bib #2, George Banker, 72, of Fort Washington. MD. Wong finished in 5:23:33 and Banker in 6:24:44. Kudos to both of these athletes.

Patrick Blair of Catonsville, MD was second in 2:42:32. Graham Peck of Baltimore was third in 2:42:18. Lance Dockery of Baltimore was fourth in 2:44:41. Stephen Monaco from high-altitude Alamosa, CO was fifth in 2:54:18. The five were the only runners under the 3-hour mark. Blair was the first master.

Christine Parker of Baltimore was second in 3:22:58. Katie Zgorski of Reisterstown, MD was third in 3:23:58. Emily Sandall of Washington, DC was fourth in 3:28:17. Rachel Wood of Frederick, MD was fifth and second master in 3:28:43.

The half marathon drew 436 finishers, led by Vince Ciattei in 1:09:11 and Meaghan Murray in 1:22:01. I didn’t have the time to cover both events this year. Did my photography in the Parkton area of the marathon only.

Top Women – Marathon

  1. 3:14:28 Emily Hanson, 40, Cockeysville, MD
  2. 3:22:58 Christine Parker, 38, Baltimore, MD
  3. 3:23:58 Katie Zgorski, 22, Reisterstown, MD
  4. 3:28:17 Emily Randall, 30, Washington, DC
  5. 3:28:43 Rachel Wood, 42, Frederick, MD
  6. 3:28:54 Erika Houston, 30, Phoenix, AZ
  7. 3:33:52 Maria Stidham, 41, Silver Spring, MD
  8. 3:36:02 Miranda Edo, 27, Ellicott City, MD
  9. 3:37:05 Claire Moore, 41, Bethesda, MD
  10. 3:37:50 Grace Chang, 26, Media, PA
  11. 3:38:35 Deb Hicks, 49, Halethorpe, MD
  12. 3:40:23 Huifen Chen, 46, Ellicott City, MD
  13. 3:40:48 Shannon Gay, 47, Mechanicsburg, PA
  14. 3:43:41 Chloe Duvall, 29, Baltimore, MD
  15. 3:45:10 Meghan Orifici, 44, Derwood, MD

Top Men – Marathon

  1. 2:27:47 Daniel Rowe, 38, Baltimore, MD
  2. 2:42:32 Patrick Blair, 41, Catonsville, MD
  3. 2:42:58 Graham Peck, 33, Baltimore, MD
  4. 2:44:41 Lance Dockery, 31, Baltimore, MD
  5. 2:54:48 Stephen Monaco, 51, Alamosa, CO
  6. 3:03:24 Michael Merkle, 28, Burke, VA
  7. 3:04:07 Jon Ober, 37, Catonsville, MD
  8. 3:05:15 Jerry Parks, 54, Bethesda, MD
  9. 3:05:34 Ken Zimmerman, 55, Chester, MD
  10. 3:09:12 Ryan Dietrich, 44, Catonsville, MD
  11. 3:09:29 Benjamin Beiler, 28, Gordonville, PA
  12. 3:10:41 Victor Ruiz, 28, Brooklyn, NY
  13. 3:11:33 Craig Whiteford, 54, York, PA
  14. 3:12:27 Alexander Pyles, 35, Baltimore, MD
  15. 3:13:07 Yecheng He, 43, Hacienda Heights, CA
Emily Hanson of Cockeysville, at 19 miles and running second, would take over the lead and win by eight minutes in 3:14:28.
Daniel Rowe of Baltimore wins the NCR Marathon in 2:27:47.
Richard and Natalie Burrowes of Pikesville, MD enjoy the great weather at the NCR Marathon. Natalie ran 3:46:47, good for 18th place.
Renee Gould of Stuart, FL jumps at Parkton. Not sure if I’d recommend this at mile 18. Gould ran 4:33:33.
Amy Sipe of Dallastown, PA really does having Flying Feet, while on her way to a 3:58:47.
Shannon Gay of Mechanicsburg was thirteenth in 3:40:48.
Katie Zgorski #269 of Reisterstown and Christine Parker #297 of Baltimore run together here; they finished exactly one minute apart. Parker was second in 3:22:58. Zgorski was third in 3:23:58.
Benjamin Beiler of Gordonsville, PA was eleventh in 3:09:29.
Lance Dockery #826 and Graham Peck #285, both of Baltimore, on their way to third and fourth overall. Peck ran 2:42:58 to get third. Dockery was fourth in 2:44:41.
Runner’s Gazette’s own George Banker of Fort Washington, MD completes his 25th NCR marathon in 6:24:44.
Legendary Ronnie Wong, 76, of Catonsville, MD passes the gnomes heading north on the NCR. Wong ran 5:23:33.
Deb Hicks of Halethorpe, MD was eleventh in 3:38:35.
Jerry Parks of Bethesda, MD was eighth overall in 3:05:15.

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