Smith and Doner Win Last Race Across the Dam

by Clay Shaw

Jacobus, PA, February 5, 2022—The York Winter Series is in it’s 42nd year, and the Jacobus 5 miler has been a mainstay since the start of the series in 1979.  This year was the last running across the Water Street Dam/Bridge, which will be replaced with a different construction.  Water Street has been closed to vehicles for several years, and recently has been closed to foot traffic as well.  The YRRC received special permission from the York Water Company to run the Jacobus 5 miler across the bridge and back for the last time.  In my racing years, I always enjoyed the challenge of the hilly course.  Future years will have an altered or shortened course, as construction of a new dam will start soon.  Most of runners were rather bundled with 23 degrees and a brisk north wind.

Ray Smith of York hung tough with a pack of four on the dam, and returned with only James Volk in contention.  Smith won in 29:17, with Volk a close second in 29:19.  Masters runner Matt Marcini of York was third in 29:31.  Only three of the 211 finishers broke 30 minutes. 

Becky Doner of York was not only the most colorful runner, but the winner as well in 34:30.  Emily Hogan of Dover was second in 34:49.  Amanda Cario of York was third in 34:57 in between her pre-race and post-race sponsorship duties with Drayer Physical Therapy.  Tanya Navarro of Seven Valleys was top master in 37:36 and seventh overall.

Top Women

  1. 34:30 Becky Doner, 32, York, PA
  2. 34:49 Emily Hogan, 20, Dover, PA
  3. 34:57 Amanda Cario, 35, York, PA
  4. 35:59 Lyla Eltz, 11, Hanover, PA
  5. 36:22 Kelly Rose, 33, Dover, PA
  6. 36:33 Hannah McCoy, 32, York, PA
  7. 37:36 Tanya Navarro, 52, Seven Valleys, PA
  8. 37:37 Rae Sandt, 13, Conestoga, PA
  9. 37:46 BJ Heistand, 43, Wrightsville, PA
  10. 37:58 Katherine Shank, 59, Camp Hill, PA

Top Men

  1. 29:17 Ray Smith, 24, York, PA
  2. 29:19 James Volk, 19, York, PA
  3. 29:31 Matt Marcini, 45, York, PA
  4. 30:19 Anthony Roselli, 18, York, PA
  5. 30:59 Zachary Sowers, 17, York, PA
  6. 31:17 Dellas Edmisten III, 19, York, PA
  7. 31:56 Kaleb Kabakjian, 16, Conestoga, PA
  8. 32:13 Joshua Hogan, 23, Dover, PA
  9. 32:17 Austin Tyler, 16, Hanover, PA
  10. 32:22 Eric Ferree, 43, Seven Valleys, PA
Becky Doner of York on her way to the win in 34:30. You can’t miss her in purple, pink, and blue. Amanda Cario, rocking the YRRC winter series hat was third in 34:57.
Ray Smith #928 won the Jacobus 5 Miler in 29:17. James Volk #930 was second in 29:14. Matt Marcini of York was third and top master in 29:31. Anthony Roselli was fourth in 30:19.

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