Ingebrigtsen Dominates in Dublin

by Clay Shaw

Dublin, Ireland, European Cross Country, Senior Men’s 10K, December 12, 2021—Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway took charge late in the race to win the Senior Men’s event in 30:15, as he dropped his true competitors lap by lap to win by 14 seconds. The event was held on the Sport Ireland Grounds in Fingal, which is one of four local authority areas in Dublin.

After the race he said, “It felt really good, but I have to admit 10K is not the best distance for me. At the same time we do a lot similar training to these sort of races in our normal weeks, but you are always thinking worst-case scenario. There is a lot of mud here; it is a tough race, a long race with a lot of good competitors this year. I felt like I ran with a pretty good feeling throughout the whole race. At the beginning it is just trying to get warm, and then trying to increase the pace lap by lap, but I felt good and felt quite sure of the win the whole race. But you never know, you are always in a balance of getting too tired and not feeling tired at all. The crowd was crazy and they really help us, so I´m really happy there were lots of spectators here today!”

Aras Kaya of Turkey, who won the Senior Men’s race in Lisbon in 2019, was second in 30:29, after doing much of the front-running of the race. “I am happy because I told myself that if I could medal here today, I would be very pleased with the result. It was not an easy race – the course was not too bad, the only problem is the mud. Going up and down the hill is fine for me – it was perfect for cross country – cross country is also like this. I knew I had to lead from the front – that was my plan – both Jakob [INGEBRIGTSEN] and [Yemaneberhan] CRIPPA and [Jimmy] are very strong, so I need to come out strong and neutralise the field. Someone had to get the pace going. Although I came out here as the reigning champion, overall I am very happy with my result.”

Jimmy Gressier of France, who was a two-time U23 champion, moved up in the age category and took the third podium spot in 30:34.  Gressier, along with fourth place finisher Hugo Hay (30:38), Yann Schrub (6th 30:39), and Felix Bour (8th 30:44), led France to the team championship. “After this race, I can only be happy because Jakob [INGEBRIGTSEN] is much stronger than me. I had to concentrate on my own race because he is truly stronger than me. It was a tough race – at some point my legs started hurting – so I had to manage my effort carefully. When [Yemaneberhan] CRIPPA dropped out, I felt I had to secure third place. Knowing the French team was leading at that stage, and could get the gold medal, I felt extremely pleased. It is difficult to beat Jakob these days, he is truly the best in the World – even in cross country he is undefeatable – so I can only focus on improving, so I stand a chance of beating him at some point. In the meantime, it’s a real pleasure to race next to a true champion like him.”

Brian Fay of Ireland moved up throughout the race to place tenth in 30:45.  Fay attends the University of Washington in Seattle in the USA.  Fay was the first male finisher from the host country of Ireland. “I was happy. I thought the race would go off harder than it did and then it just kind of relaxed in that first K, and that let me get into a good position and I went chasing that second group. I always felt like I had momentum throughout the race, but then that last lap I was just gassed, I was spent, but then you come around and everyone is cheering you on. Every time you get to that back straight it’s like they are cheering for no one else but the Irish, you get a second wind! I think Mayo from Spain was coming around me on the last lap and I was spent, and then I just see him on my shoulder and everyone was like ‘You gotta go.’ I’m like I can’t let the team down here, let the country down, so I gave it everything and it was a good performance and I’m really happy.”

France, as noted, won the team title and were animated and happy with their victory. Spain was second, and Norway was third.

Top 30 Individual Results

  1. 30:15 Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Norway
  2. 30:29 Aras Kaya, Turkey
  3. 30:34 Jimmy Gressier, France
  4. 30:38 Hugo Hay, France
  5. 30:38 Michael Somers, Belgium
  6. 30:39 Yann Schrub, France
  7. 30:42 Nassim Hassaous, Spain
  8. 30:44 Felix Bour, France
  9. 30:45 Isaac Kimeli, Belgium
  10. 30:45 Brian Fay, Ireland
  11. 30:51 Carlos Mayo, Spain
  12. 31:03 Abdessamad Oukhelfen, Spain
  13. 31:05 Hiko Tonosa Haso, Ireland
  14. 31:07 Filimon Abraham, Germany
  15. 31:12 Raul Celada, Spain
  16. 31:12 Adel Mechaal, Spain
  17. 31:16 Jonas Raess, Switzerland
  18. 31:18 Jack Rowe, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  19. 31:19 Samuel Fitwi Sibhatu, Germany
  20. 31:20 Mike Foppen, Netherlands
  21. 31:21 Bjornar Sandnes Lillefosse, Norway
  22. 31:24 Rinas Akhmadeyev, Authorized Neutral Athlete
  23. 31:26 Andrew Butchart, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  24. 31:28 Jamie Crowe, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  25. 31:30 Narve Gilje Nordas, Norway
  26. 31:32 Zerei Kbrom Mezngi, Norway
  27. 31:32 Stuart McCallum, Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  28. 31:33 Cormac Dalton, Ireland
  29. 31:35 Andreas Vojta, Austria
  30. 31:35 Duncan Perrillat, France
Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway is ready to go.
Senior men started at a slower pace, thus the big pack at 2400 meters, led by Jimmy Gressier of France, Aras Kaya of Turkey, and Filimon Abraham of Germany.
Brian Fay of Ireland with home crowd motivation, pushes ahead of Carlos Mayo of Spain. Fay placed tenth, Mayo eleventh.
Brian Fay of Ireland, a University of Washington grad student, chases Raul Celada of Spain. Fay finished tenth.
Hugo Hay of France leads a strong group, with Issac Kemeli of Belgium, Nassim Hassaous of Spain, and Yamm Schrub of France. All finished in the top ten.
Irish pack: Ryan Forsyth, Paul O’Donnell, and Emmet Jennings in action in the Senior Men’s race.
Team France goes all out on final lap to secure the team title. Nassim Hassaous of Spain, Isaac Kimeli of Belgium run with Yann Schrub, Felix Bour, and Hugo Hay of France. Gressier was ahead in third, Hay took fourth, Schrub was sixth, and Bour was eighth.
Hugo Hay of France takes fourth, just ahead of Michael Somers of Belgium.
Jacob Ingebrigtsen of Norway checking out the strides of his rivals. Yemaneberhan Crippa of Italy (who dropped out) and Jimmy Gressier of France.
Game time: Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway begins to gap Aras Kaya of Turkey. Jimmy Gressier of France is back a few steps. The podium is decided.
Jacob Ingebrigtsen of Norway runs with Aras Kaya of Turkey as they enter the final lap of the 10,000 meter Senior Men’s race.
Jimmy Gressier of France digs in to solidify his third place position and lead Team France to the team title in the Senior Men’s race.
Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway declares the win, just before the finish banner.
Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway heads down the final homestretch to win the SPAR European Cross Country Championships 2021.
Jakob Ingebrigtsen of Norway is number one with a 30:15, opening a gap in the final lap to win comfortably.
Team France won the Senior Men’s team title. Yann Schrub (6th), Felix Bour (8th), Jimmy Gressier (3rd), Hugo Hay (4th), Mehdi Frere (35th), and Duncan Perrillat (30th).
Yann Schrub of France is elated with team title and his sixth place overall. France had four athletes in the top eight.
Team Ireland took fourth in the Senior Men’s race. Cormac Dalton, Emmet Jennings, Hiko Tonosa Haso, Ryan Forsyth, Paul O’Donnell, and Bran Fay. Fay placed tenth, Haso was 13th, Dalton was 28th. Fay runs for the University of Washington.
Team France supporters are ecstatic after men win team title in the Senior Men’s race.
Yann Schrub of France with his large group of happy supporters. Schrub was 6th overall, as he and his teammates led France to the Senior Men’s race team title.

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