PDR (Philadelphia Distance Run) is Back!

By Clay Shaw

PHILADELPHIA, PA, SEPTEMBER 19, 2021—Atsede Tesema of Ethiopia, based in Colorado Springs won the Philadelphia Distance Run Half Marathon in 1:10:43. Makena Morely of Bozeman, MT was second in 1:11:36.  Iveen Chepkemoi of Kenya (also based in Colorado Springs) was third in 1:12:08. Maegan Krifchin of Marietta, GA was fourth in 1:12:21.  Sarah Pagano of San Diego, CA was fifth in 1:12:35.  Allison Emmons of Hockessin, DE was the masters champ in 1:21:36. She just nipped former Baltimore Marathon winner Silvia Baage of Rockville, MD (1:21:44) to the finish line.

Tsegay Tuemay Weldibanos of Eritrea (based in Flagstaff, AZ) won by four seconds in 1:02:44.  Dominic Korir of Kenya (based in Colorado Springs) was a close second in 1:02:48.  The duo had broken away from a five-man lead pack near City Hall after a brief loop in Downtown Philadelphia.  Moh Hrezi of Libya, was third in 1:03:26.  Hrezi lives in Philadelphia.  Josh Izewski of Blowing Rock, NC was fourth in 1:03:38,  Wilkerson Given of Atlanta was fifth in 1:04:13.  Loc O of Williamsburg, PA was the top master in 1:12:34.  In the non-binary division, Jacklyn Vasko won in 1:21:57. This is the first race we’ve covered with a non-binary division, and other races may follow suit.

Zoe Matherne of Camp Hill, PA won the 5K in 17:09.  Tansey Lystad of Superior, CO was second in 17:47. Nilani Duarte of Philadelphia was third in 19:05.

Evan Kaiser of Philadelphia won the 5K in 15:23.  Tom Long of Cinnaminson, NJ was second in 15:29, and Declan Walkush of Philadelphia was third in 15:35.

It was good to see the PDR back again.

Top Women

  1. 1:10:43 Atesede Tesema, 34, Ethiopia
  2. 1:11:36 Makena Morley, 25, Bozeman, MT
  3. 1:12:08 Iveen Chepkemoi, 24, Kenya
  4. 1:12:21 Maegan Krifchin, 33, Marietta, GA
  5. 1:12:35 Sarah Pagano, 30, San Diego, CA
  6. 1:12:49 Emily Kearney, 25, Johnson City, TN
  7. 1:13:14 Marci Klimek, 33, Talent, OR
  8. 1:13:47 Elaina Tabb, 29, Watertown, MA
  9. 1:15:14 Maria Isabel Velez Hernandez, 33, Mexico
  10. 1:15:55 Clarissa Whiting, 27, Philadelphia, PA
  11. 1:16:23 Kelsey Beckmann, 30, Jacksonville, FL
  12. 1:16:29 Olivia Pratt, 27, Rochester Hills, MI
  13. 1:16:29 Anne-Marie Blaney, 28, Rochester Hills, MI
  14. 1:17:20 Christine Ramsey, 38, Austin, TX
  15. 1:17:36 Erika Fluehr, 28, New York, NY
  16. 1:18:27 Allie Schaich, 28, Denver, CO
  17. 1:19:21 Lauren Kelly, 31, Philadelphia, PA
  18. 1:19:28 Kate Gustafson, 37, Kings County, NY
  19. 1:19:31 Rosie Mascoli, 30, Bala Cynwyd, PA
  20. 1:19:34 Megan O’Neil, 25, Rochester Hills, MI

Top Men

  1. 1:02:44 Tsegay Tuemay Weldlibanos, 25, Eritrea
  2. 1:02:48 Dominic Korir, 28, Kenya
  3. 1:03:26 Moh Hrezi, 29, Philadelphia, PA (Libya)
  4. 1:03:28 Josh Izewski, 31, Blowing Rock, NC
  5. 1:04:13 Wilkerson Given, 30, Atlanta, GA
  6. 1:04:51 Luke Caldwell, 30, Boulder. CO
  7. 1:05:39 Lawi Lalang, 31, Colorado Springs, CO
  8. 1:06:01 Zach Panning, 26, Lake Orion, MI
  9. 1:06:04 Daniel Ortiz Perez, 37, Mexico
  10. 1:06:37 Ryan Mahalsky, 28, Hillsborough, NJ
  11. 1:07:18 Ben Kendell, 25, Rochester Hills, MI
  12. 1:07:22 Ian LaMere, 27, Rochester Hills, MI
  13. 1:07:33 Alexander Diltz, 29, Boulder, CO
  14. 1:07:47 Samuel Gerstenbacher, 23, Lancaster, PA
  15. 1:07:47 Trevor Conde, 32, Bethlehem, PA

Top Non-Binary

  1. 1:21:57 Jacklyn Vasko, 39, Wallingford, PA
  2. 1:24:24 Zackary Harris, 26, New York, NY
  3. 1:28:55 Josh Fernandez, 33, Philadelphia, PA

5K Women

  1. 17:09 Zoe Matherne, 25, Camp Hill, PA
  2. 17:47 Tansey Lystad, 28, Superior, CO
  3. 19:05 Nilani Duarte, 34, Philadelphia, PA

5K Men

  1. 15:23 Evan Kaiser, 21, Philadelphia, PA
  2. 15:29 Tom Long, 23, Cinnaminson, NJ
  3. 15:35 Declan Walkush, 22, Philadelphia, PA
The Philadelphia Distance Run is back. The Half-Marathon was led by Wilkerson Given #1882, Dominic Korir #2161, eventual winner Tsegay Tuemay Weldlibanos #8, Moh Hrezi #1, and Lawi Lalang #10.
Weldlibanos and Korir lead going through scenic Philadelphia on Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
Atsede Tesema of Ethiopia knows how to win with enthusiasm with a 1:10:43.
Moh Hrezi of Libya, and a resident of Philadelphia, is third overall in 1:03:26.
Makena Morley of Bozeman, Montana is second woman overall, in 1:11:36.
Ben Kendell #5, Ian LaMere #3, and Zach Panning of the Hanson’s/Brooks team get in a team photo after the PDR.
Christine Ramsey of Austin, Texas placed 14th in 1:17:20. Ramsey just moved to Austin from Philadelphia.
Kelsey Beckmann of Jacksonville, FL was 11th in 1:16:23.
Silvia Baage of Rockville, MD was just 8 seconds in back of top master Emmons. Baage, a former Baltimore Marathon champ, ran 1:21:44.
Allison Emmons of Hockessin, Delaware earned top masters honors with a 1:21:36, and 24th overall.
Jacklyn Vasko of Wallingford, PA wins the non-binary division with a 1:21:57.
Josh Izewski of Blowing Rock, NC was fourth in 1:03:38.
Jay McMillan of Columbia, PA gets a 1:20:05 PR at PDR.
Megan O’Neil of Rochester Hills, MI was 20th in 1:19:34.
Allie Schaich of Denver, CO was 16th in 1:18:27.
Denise McMillan of Columbia, PA had a PR of 1:43:28. Her husband Jay, also had a PR day.
Anastasia Wohar of King of Prussia ran 1:37:32.
Siobhan McHugh of Line Lexington, PA ran 1:36:33.
Abby Dean of Wilmington, DE was top 50 year old in 1:25:51.
Maria Isabel Velez Hernández of Mexico placed ninth among the women with a 1:15:14.
Marci Klimek of Talent, OR finished seventh in 1:13:14.
Loc O of Williamsburg, PA was the masters champion, running 1:12:34.
Zoe Matherne of Camp Hill, PA wins the PDR 5K in 17:09, a PR.
Tansey Lystad of Superior, CO takes second in the 5K in 17:47, then did the half-marathon as well.
The PDR is back with a 5K.
Run Happy made a good backdrop for the awards.

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