Sadlock, Watson Win 10k Along The Susquehanna

by Clay Shaw

HARRISBURG, PA, MARCH 21, 2021—Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg, who placed second in the 5K on the previous day, won the Lucky Charm 10K handily in 31:51.Much like Saturday’s 5K, a strong contingent of the regional elite men dominated the first wave.  Nick Lachman of Lancaster was second in 32:35.  Nathaniel Arter of Lancaster was third in 32:46.  Luis Miranda of Lebanon was fourth in 33:19.  Matt Wagoner of New Cumberland was fifth and top master, in 33:24.

Georganne Watson of Lititz won in 37:18.  Watson ran a strong marathon debut of 2:52 in Biloxi, Mississippi in December.  Teal Liu of Hershey ran a solid second in 38:24.  Colleen Vicente of Devon, PA was third in 43:14.  Amy McCoy of Muncy was fourth in 43:29.  Kerry Johnson of Mechanicsburg was fifth and top master in 43:40.

Once again, the waves were 25 runners, every 10 minutes.  223 finished the 10K in the event that was normally held on Saturday prior to the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

Top Men

  1. 31:51 Josh Sadlock, 31, Harrisburg
  2. 32:35 Nick Lachman, 28, Lancaster
  3. 32:46 Nathaniel Alter, 29, Lancaster
  4. 33:19 Luis Miranda, 30, Lebanon
  5. 33:24 Matt Wagoner, 43, New Cumberland
  6. 33:38 Brian Petraco, 32, Lancaster
  7. 34:00 Cem Aslan, 44, Camp Hill
  8. 34:46 Travis Laderer, 24, Long Beach, NY
  9. 36:21 Travis Soprano, 32, Mt Holly Springs
  10. 38:38 Matthew Sabath, 43, Harrisburg

Top Women

  1. 37:18 Georganne Watson, 36, Lititz
  2. 38:24 Teal Liu, 35, Hershey
  3. 43:14 Colleen Vicente, 33, Devon
  4. 43:29 Amy McCoy, 38, Muncy
  5. 43:40 Kerry Johnson, 42, Mechanicsburg
  6. 43:46 Robin Alexander, 31, Camp Hill
  7. 44:07 Krista Rownd, 29, Annville
  8. 46:24 Shelly Latsha, 53, Mechanicsburg
  9. 46:30 Whitney Mayer, 38, Hummelstown
  10. 46:32 Jenn Fisher, 41, Middletown
Lucky Charm 10K lead pack of regional elites race each other in the first mile, led by Josh Sadlock #257 of Harrisburg, who soon socially distanced the others and won the race in 31:51.
Teal Liu of Hershey is all smiles as she is done with the Harvey Taylor Bridge. Teal placed 2nd among women in 38:24.
Josh Sadlock of Harrisburg on his way to winning the Lucky Charm 10k in 31:51.
Nick Lachman of Lancaster leads teammate Nathaniel Alter of Lancaster, along the banks of the Susquehanna River. Lachman placed 2nd in 32:35. Alter was third in 32:46
Georganne Watson of Lititz leads and wins the Lucky Charm 10K in 37:18.
Colleen Vicente of Devon, PA #226 placed third in 43:14. Lindsay Pridgen (left), second in the previous day 5K, runs with Vicente.
Sarah Weaver of Hummelstown races along the Susquehanna River in the Lucky Charm 10K.
Don and Flynn Fuller enjoy running together in matching Lucky Charm kits as they did a 48:09.
Elise Peterson of Montoursville, PA gives it a thumbs up in the Lucky Charm 10K.
Amy Greene of Harrisburg is dressed in green for the Lucky Charm 10K.
Karen Hendricks #97 of Mechanicsburg passes the geese along the Susquehanna. Lindsay Papachristou of Hershey #163 also enjoys the race.
Ann-Marie Wahlberg of Mountville enjoying the Lucky Charm 10k.
Chris Hawk of Mechanicsburg placed 18th in 42:13.
Real competitive racing is back. First wave regional elite men head north along the top path along the Susquehanna River.
Matt Wagoner of New Cumberland placed 5th and top master in 33:24.
Amy McCoy of Muncy, PA placed 4th among women overall in 43:29.
Jessica Garcia of Mechanicsburg ran 50:54 in the Lucky Charm 10K.
Kathy Pride of Danville, PA won the 60-69 age group in 52:15.
Sayra Keelan of York ran 47:37, 16th woman overall.
Becky Wile of Columbia toured the Lucky Charm 10K course in 56:07.

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