New York City Runners Dominate Harrisburg

by Clay Shaw

HARRISBURG, PA, NOVEMBER 7, NOVEMBER 8, 2020—Jeremy Arthur of New York City was the winner of the 48th edition of the Harrisburg Marathon in 2:22:05.  The modified double-loop course that was used for the Harrisburg Half Marathon in September, was used again during the weekend.  The traditional Sunday date was sold out first, then over time, the Saturday slots were filled as well.  Patrick Jeffers of Yardley, PA was second in 2:24:07, as he dominated the Saturday running.  Zachary Hoagland of Hatfield, PA, who won the 2019 Hershey Half Marathon final event, was third in 2:25:37.  Matthew Martino of Hanover was fourth in 2:33:22.  Martino recently won the Gettysburg North-South Half Marathon.  Hung Tran of Silver Spring, MD was fifth in 2:37:23.  Tran placed second in the York Marathon. 

Hung Hoi Henry Chong of New York City was top master and eighth overall in 2:45:35. Of note in long time accomplishment was 57-year-old Tim Schuler of Lititz, PA who ran 2:50:31 and achieved the distinction of running a sub-3 marathon in six different decades. 

Dara Filut of New York City was the top woman in 3:03:22.  Cathy Grams of Annapolis, MD was second overall and top master in 3:09:04.  Amanda Denning of Washington DC was third overall in 3:10:39.  Jessica Rosetti of Atco, NJ was fourth in 3:11:25.  Glenne Fucci of New York City was fifth in 3:12:11.

An interesting dynamic was the number of marathoners from the New York City area, as well as other big metro areas nearby.  It was reminiscent of 2012 when the Harrisburg Marathon numbers more than tripled due to the cancellation of the New York City Marathon due to Hurricane Sandy.

Legends Hap Miller (age 77) and Park Barner (age 76) completed the course in 6:12:40 and 8:15:30, respectively. The Harrisburg Marathon has a liberal time limit that allows many older runners the chance to complete the marathon and keep their streaks alive. 

Top Women

  1. 3:03:22 Dara Filut, 39, New York, NY
  2. 3:09:04 Cathy Grams, 47, Annapolis, MD
  3. 3:10:39 Amanda Denning, 36, Washington, DC
  4. 3:11:25 Jessica Rosetti, 39, Atco, NJ
  5. 3:12:11 Glenne Fucci, 29, New York, NY
  6. 3:14:12 Joelle Hobeika, 36, New York, NY
  7. 3:17:23 Kayla Bruzdzinski,30, Alexandria, VA
  8. 3:18:55 Katherine Farrar, 38, Sykesville, MD
  9. 3:19:59 Lindsay Pridgen, 28, Harrisburg, PA
  10. 3:20:19 Aya Leitz, 43, Jersey City, NJ
  11. 3:22:51 Jessi Clark, 22, Elizabethtown, PA
  12. 3:23:20 Elizabeth Clor, 41, Chantilly, VA
  13. 3:23:32 Kelly Leighton, 35, Camp Hill, PA
  14. 3:24:00 Annie Fritz, 31, Philadelphia, PA
  15. 3:24:15 Courtney Gelb, 22, Schwenksville, PA
  16. 3:24:20 Arynne Moody, 34, Gardners, PA
  17. 3:25:20 Alyssa Parker, 26, Woodbine, MD
  18. 3:25:58 Sandy Tritt, 37, Hazle Township, PA
  19. 3:26:12 Julie Pampuch, 43, New York, NY
  20. 3:26:39 Stephanie Vandenberg, 32, Northfield, NJ

Top Men

  1. 2:22:05 Jeremy Arthur, 32, New York, NY
  2. 2:24:07 Patrick Jeffers, 32, Yardley, PA
  3. 2:25:37 Zachary Hoagland, 31, Hatfield, PA
  4. 2:33:22 Matthew Martino, 27, Hanover, PA
  5. 2:37:23 Hung Tran, 37, Silver Spring, MD
  6. 2:39:03 Luis Miranda, 30, Lebanon, PA
  7. 2:40:59 Peter Weida, 27, Lancaster, PA
  8. 2:45:35 Hung Hoi Henry Chong, 43, New York, NY
  9. 2:46:41 Cory Golden, 33, Easton, PA
  10. 2:47:18 Cooper Leslie, 22, Camp Hill, PA
  11. 2:47:52 C Fred Joslyn, 36, Boiling Springs, PA
  12. 2:48:58 Glen Tortorella, 51, Front Royal, VA
  13. 2:49:50 Philip Nesbitt, 34, Caledonia, NY
  14. 2:50:31 Tim Schuler, 57, Lititz, PA
  15. 2:50:44 Gregory Nugent, 31, New York, NY
  16. 2:52:19 Daniel Seung Seo, 38, Duluth, GA
  17. 2:52:42 Tim O’Donnell, 45, Collegeville, PA
  18. 2:52:47 Tyler Lundquist, 29, Palmyra, PA
  19. 2:53:10 Vincent Modafferi, 32, Congers, NY
  20. 2:54:14 Jason Phillips, 38, Jamaica, NY
C Fred Joslyn of Boiling Springs placed 11th in 2:47:52. Vincent Modafferi of Congers, NY placed 19th in 2:53:10. Joslyn won the marathon twice (2015 and 2019).
Courtney Gelb of Schnecksville, PA placed 15th in 3:24:15. She gets company from Christopher Myers, the 2020 York White Rose Run champion.
Dara Filut of New York City speeds south on the Harrisburg Greenbelt, on her way to victory in 3:03:22
The Henwoods pacer leads Michael Balz #4 who placed 33rd in 2:58:06 and Gregory Nugent #35 who placed 15th in 2:50:44. Balz and Nugent are residents of New York City.
Socially Distant Signs of Support along the lower level of the Harrisburg Greenbelt along the Susquehanna River.
Iveta Blazej of East Brunswick, NJ runs a 3:56:50 and stays safe with her own water hydration pack.
Elise Molinaro of East Stroudsburg places 28th overall and first 19 and under. Jacob Molinaro of Marlton, NJ keeps her company. He finished in 3:36:35.
Jacqui Derr of Ickesburg, PA running with Kerry Johnson #632 on a beautiful weekend for the Harrisburg Marathon.
Jeremy Arthur of New York City speeds along the Greenbelt on his way to a 2:22:05 and the win.
Joe Church of Dover, PA, a remarkable ultra runner and world traveler, runs a 4:26:19 that places him 2nd 65-69.
Luis Miranda of Lebanon, PA placed sixth in 2:39:03.
Max Gorelik of Morton, PA enjoys the Harrisburg Marathon. Max ran Gettysburg, York, Harrisburg, and Ghost Trail Marathons in Fall 2020.
Mike Ravegum of York runs 3:28:41. Mike rarely misses the Harrisburg Marathon.
Paul Moretz of New Cumberland runs the final miles with his son. Moretz finished in 3:46:55.
Peter Weida of Lancaster, and Matthew Martino #29 of Hanover race along the banks on the Susquehanna River. Weida was 7th in 2:40:59, and Martino was 4th in 2:33:22. Weida won the Gettysburg North-South Marathon, and Marino won the Gettysburg Blue-Grey Half Marathon.
Roberto Rivera-Vasquez of York placed 82nd in 3:15:38.
Sandy Tritt of Hazle Township, PA was 18th in 3:25:58.
Scott Matty of Mt Airy, MD placed 61st in 3:08:09. This is how the water stations are set up in 2020. Little water bottles, self serve, and Gatorade in cups, also self serve
Yuhui Zheng of Wilton, CT placed 62nd in 3:08:42.
Alyssa Parker of Woodbine, MD finished 17th in 3:25:20.
Amanda Bell of Dillsburg, PA placed 21st in 3:27:57.
Amanda Denning of Washington, DC ran equal 1:35 halves to finish 3rd in 3:10:39.
Beth Greenwood of Voorhees, NJ smiles as she runs by the Sunken Gardens. Greenwood placed 24th in 3:32:18.
Cathy Grams of Annapolis, MD ran 3:09:04 to place 2nd female overall and was first master. Grams ran an even pace throughout the marathon.
The Henwood Group from NYC
Imma Achilike of Brooklyn,NY
Jessica Rosetti of Atco, NJ placed 4th in 3:11:25.
Kai Ng of Brooklyn placed 54th in 3:06:42 and Stanley Bazile of Valley Stream, NY was 53rd in 3:06:41.
Kelly Leighton of Camp Hill was 13th in 3:23:32.
Kelly McKinley of York runs a negative split marathon, finishing in 3:45:39.
Lindsay Pridgen of Harrisburg runs 3:19:59 to place 9th, and was the first local female.
Tim Schuler of Lititz joins a very select group of five decades of Sub 3 marathons. Tim placed 14th overall and was second master in 2:50:31, and he’s 57 !
Victor Penafiel of Brooklyn, NY placed 38th in 2:59:38. He was the last of the 38 sub 3 runners.
Arynne Moody of Gardners, PA was 16th in 3:24:20.
Bethany Treas of Northumberland, PA ran 3:38:51. Steve Nathenson of Pittsburgh ran 3:29:43, as they cruise under the Walnut Street Bridge.
Donna Grocki of Hammonton, NJ placed 26th, won the 60-69 age group and set a personal best of 3:33:22.
Christina Ulsh #587 and Heidi Cebula #378 both of York, PA run 4:19:13.
Cooper Leslie of Camp Hill gets special fluids on his way to 10th overall in 2:47:18.
Emily Nelson of Mechanicsburg runs 3:46:59.
Hung Tran of Silver Spring, MD speeding by artwork on his way to a 5th place finish in 2:37:23.
Jessi Clark of Elizabethtown, PA runs 3:22:51 to place 11th. Clark negative split by 6 minutes!
Vicki Bentley-Condit of Berkeley Springs, WV runs 4:13:35 to place 3rd 60-69. She also sports the 50SUB4 hat. For trivia, your photographer was the first 50SUB4 50 stater :).
Zachary Hoagland of Hatfield, PA running hard to place third in 2:25:37. Two of the top four raced on Saturday, and two raced on Sunday. It was a true time trial.

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