Hayden Hawks Wins with 5:18:40 Course Record; Camille Herron adds JFK Win to Her Resume

by Clay Shaw

BOONSBORO, MD, NOVEMBER 21, 2020—Hayden Hawks of Cedar City, Utah set a new course record of 5:18:40, winning the 58th JFK 50 Miler. Earlier in the summer Hawks won the Squaw Peak 50 Miler in the Wasatch Mountains just outside of the Provo/Orem area. Hawks broke the 2016 record of 5:21:29 set by Jim Walmsley.

Camille Herron of Alamosa, Colorado has won just about everything in the ultra-marathoning world, but had not run JFK.  She won the 2020 JFK in 6:31:14, 25 minutes ahead of the 2nd place woman, despite having to stop and wait for a train to pass.

The 50.2 mile course starts in downtown Boonsboro, MD and finishes at Springfield Middle School in Williamsport, MD.  The course has three distinct sections: the first is 15.5 miles of the rugged Appalachian Trial after leaving the road in Boonsboro.  The second is 26.3 miles on the flat C & O Canal towpath, and the final 8.4 miles are rolling on paved roads.  704 runners finished the 2020 event which was held with pandemic safety precautions.

Stephen Kersh of Flagstaff, AZ was second in 5:27:07.  Jonathan Aziz of Colorado Springs, CO was third in 5:37:14.  Anthony Kunkel of Durango, CO was fourth in 5:45:31.  Geoffrey Burns of Ann Arbor, MI was fifth in 5:52:51.  Benjamin Cook of Flagstaff was top master and ninth overall in 6:19:17.

Sarah Cummings of Park City, UT was second in 6:57:11.  Haley Moody-Gilpin of Chattanooga, TN was third in 7:00:62.  Alicia Hudelson of Roswell, GA was fourth in 7:14:02. Sarah Biehl of Hilliard, OH was fifth in 7:22:32.  Sara Zambotti of Shelocta, PA was seventh and top master in 7:32:42.  Jana Fridrichova of Hagerstown was second master, eight overall, and first local finisher, in 7:57:02.

Top Men

  1. 5:18:40 Hayden Hawks, 29, Cedar City, UT
  2. 5:27:07 Stephen Kersh, 29, Flagstaff, AZ
  3. 5:37:14 Jonathan Aziz, 29, Colorado Springs, CO
  4. 5:45:31 Anthony Kunkel, 28, Durango, CO
  5. 5:52:51 Geoffrey Burns, 30, Ann Arbor, MI
  6. 6:00:24 Rajpaul Pannu, 29, Hercules, CA
  7. 6:08:49 Mark Gaudet, 34, Alexandria, VA
  8. 6:18:15 Graham Peck, 31, Baltimore, MD
  9. 6:19:17 Benjamin Cook, 40, Flagstaff, AZ
  10. 6:27:23 Andrew Lent, 21, Boyds, MD
  11. 6:36:06 Paul Young, 29, Seattle, WA
  12. 6:36:13 Jared Hazen, 25, Flagstaff, AZ
  13. 6:41:17 David Magida, 34, Washington, DC
  14. 6:43:52 Fernando Cabada, 38, Thornton, CO
  15. 6:43:54 Charlie Ware, 35, Tucson, AZ

Top Women

  1. 6:31:14 Camille Herron, 38, Alamosa, CO
  2. 6:57:11 Sarah Cummings, 31, Park City, UT
  3. 7:00:52 Haley Moody-Gilpin, 31, Chattanooga, TN
  4. 7:14:02 Alicia Hudelson, 36, Roswell, GA
  5. 7:22:32 Sarah Biehl, 26, Hilliard, OH
  6. 7:25:17 Tara Richardson, 29, Basalt, CO
  7. 7:32:42 Sara Zambotti, 40, Shelocta, PA
  8. 7:57:02 Jana Fridrichova, 42, Hagerstown, MD
  9. 8:04:28 Brenda Fortin, 37, Williamsburg, MA
  10. 8:07:06 Melissa Ruse, 43, Phoenix, AZ
  11. 8:15:19 Amy Hamilton, 44, Abingdon, VA
  12. 8:19:00 Rachela Lack, 44, St Clair Shores, MI
  13. 8:20:39 Beth Peterson, 41, North Easton, MA
  14. 8:49:21 Racquel Morgan, 35, Washington, DC
  15. 8:59:34 Meera Joshi, 51, Brooklyn, NY
Hayden Hawks of Cedar City, UT charges by Taylors Landing on the C & O Canal on his way to setting a new course record of 5:18:40.
Camille Herron of Alamosa, CO cruises down the C & O Canal trail on her way to first place finish in 6:31:14.
Camille Herron of Alamosa, CO on way to winning the women’s title, despite a train crossing earlier in the race.
Dustin Knudsen of Manassas, VA ran 7:57:26, and that was his family cheering him on at Taylors Landing.
Family support at Taylors Landing, 38.7 miles.
Jana Fridrichova of Hagerstown, MD nails both pre-race goals of a top ten finish, and first Hagerstown woman. Jana placed eighth in 7:57:02 and was also second master.
Sarah Biehl of Hilliard, OH placed fifth among women in 7:22:32.
Sarah Cummings of Park City, UT runs a strong finish to move up and place second, in 6:57:11. Cummings was working in NY City until the pandemic, and now works remotely from altitude location in Park City.
Alicia Hudelston of Roswell, GA on her way to fourth place finish in 7:14:02.
Graham Peck of Baltimore, MD was eighth in 6:18:15.
Rajpaul Pannu of Hercules, CA was sixth overall in 6:00:24. Pannu ran in the Atlanta Olympic Trials Marathon in February.
Anthony Kunkel of Durango, CO on his way to fourth overall in 5:45:31.
Jonathan Aziz of Colorado Springs, CO on his way to a podium finish in third overall in 5:37:14.
Laurie Dymond of Chambersburg, PA ran 9:10:10 to place second in her age group, and 22nd woman overall.

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