Schofield, Navarro Win Dover 10 Miler

by Clay Shaw

DOVER, PA, NOVEMBER 10, 2019—David Schofield of Dover ran away with the Dover 10 Miler in 57:53.  Schofield won by nearly five minutes, as some of the regular Winter Series front runners opted for the Harrisburg Marathon. Thomas Urrunaga, 16, of York was second overall in 1:02:47.  James Theisen of the Flying Feet Racing Team was third overall in 1:03:35.  Ryan Myers was top Master, and fourth overall in 1:04:19.  Special mention to “Speedo Mike” Womelsdorf, who ran the Harrisburg Marathon, and the Dover 10 Miler without too much time in between to make the drive.

Tanya Navarro of Seven Valleys, who just turned 50, was the overall women’s champ in 1:12:55.  Navarro was the 2015 York Marathon champ.  Charity Kadwill of Lititz was second in 1:15:17.  Erin Miller of Wrightsville was third in 1:16:07.  235 runners finished the 10 miler, and another 70 did the one miler.

Jeremiah “JT” Hetrick of Millersville, 16, won the mile in 5:24, just ahead of Kaleb Kabakjian of Conestoga, who finished in 5:26.  The Navarro Girls took the top spots among the women.  Isabella (13) had a 6:28, and Leah had a 6:29.  Isabella also placed 8th in the 10 miler in 1:20:21.  The race was the first of eight York Winter Series, which are directed and staged by the York Road Runners Club (since 1979).

Top Men

  1. 57:53 David Schofield
  2. 1:02:47 Thomas Urrunaga
  3. 1:03:55 James Theisen
  4. 1:04:19 Ryan Myers (43)
  5. 1:04:45 Ray Smith
  6. 1:04:45 Benjamin Linne
  7. 1:06:46 Dylan Ackerman
  8. 1:06:47 Caleb Scarborough
  9. 1:06:54 Anthony Roselli
  10. 1:07:11 George Nicholas

Top Women

  1. 1:12:55 Tanya Navarro (50)
  2. 1:15:17 Charity Kadwill
  3. 1:16:07 Erin Miller
  4. 1:16:14 Michaele Rayburn (48)
  5. 1:16:43 Jenny Motway (44)
  6. 1:16:54 Kelly Rose
  7. 1:17:49 Billie Joe Heistand (41)
  8. 1:20:21 Isabella Navarro
  9. 1:21:03 Courtney Kline
  10. 1:21:03 Leah Pritchett (42)
Lyla Eltz, 9, seems to be the only runner ready to run the 1 mile event at Dover. Lyla did place 4th among the women in 6:43.
Nancy Rossi and her son Brock Fogle give the photographer a friendly wave during the Dover 1 mile run.
Tanya Navarro of Seven Valleys, PA takes command of the Dover 10 Miler as the women’s leader and champ. Tanya won in 1:12:55, by over two minutes.
Rocco Arcieri, Speedo Mike Womelsdorf, and Doug Barnett lead a group of runners down Schoolhouse Lane, early in the Dover 10 Miler. Speedo Mike did the Harrisburg Marathon/Dover 10 Miler double. (“Don’t try this at home.”) 36 miles of racing, wow.
David Schofield of Dover, easily won the Dover 10 Miler in 57:33, by nearly five minutes.
Livia Lighty, 12, of East Berlin is all smiles nearly 9 miles into the Dover 10 Miler.
Melissa Lagana #422, Della Krodel #171, and Theresa Strickler looking strong at Mile 9 of the Dover 10 Miler.

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