November Poetry

by George A. Hancock

Dry Leaves

The radiant colors are gone
As is that bright sunny dawn
November is now on scene
Bringing color far from green.
The runner is on the move
Perfecting his seasonal groove
He’s up early and on the run
While darkness hides any sun.
The runner’s feet strike the road
Creating another crunchy episode
The leaves are now a dry brown
Leaving many with a huge frown.
The wind moves those dry leaves
Scattering them while most grieve
The cleanup chore seems endless
But it’s better than this dry mess.
A steady run does move one on
And hard work means they’re gone
So, each day we pick up that pile
After enjoying our November mile.

 November 2019

Friday begins the November run
And yes, our year is nearly done
November gives us thirty days
Many minus those sunny rays.

Election Day is the first Tuesday
Please vote or we lose our way
November 11 is Veteran’s Day
When a thankful hug is in play.

On the 28th we offer many thanks
Thanksgiving delights our ranks
We share a delicious family meal
Amidst laughter and a squeal.

November although dark and bleak
Offers for many what they seek
Time, our thirty days continue on
Soon, very soon our year is gone.

Perhaps we’ll run in fresh snow
So white, bright with festive glow
Or maybe we run on dry roads
Recalling our past run episodes.

Holiday Thanks

On November’s final Thursday
We pause, pray, and then say
Thank You for our yearly gifts
Like dry roads minus snowdrifts.

Of course, a later Thanksgiving Day
May mean snow on the roadway
So holiday thanks may have a twist
As we scan skyward raising a fist.

Many begin with a turkey trot
A fun run that hits the spot
Before family and friends gather
As leaves in the cold wind scatter.

Now daily running has a new view
As Christmas shoppers seek their due
Many still drive to the local stores
While packages arrive at our doors.

As we run the dark November roads
We know brighter December episodes
Are assured as folks turn on those lights
Illuminating our coming Christmas sights.

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