Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2019 Photo Gallery

Photo gallery from the Chicago Marathon, October 13, 2019 at miles 1.5, 3, and 22. It was an epic day for many elite and sub-elite marathoners. All photos are by Clay Shaw.

USA women hoping for an OQ, pass the Chicago Theater on State Street.
Matthew Herzig of Philadelphia runs an OQ of 2:17:01 to place 36th.
Top USA women’s pack with Emma Bates, Lindsay Flanagan, Stephanie Bruce. Steph’s husband Ben Bruce is the official pacer.
Gina Rouse of Knoxville, Tennessee strides up LaSalle. Rouse would finish 23rd in 2:38:44.
Kerri Ruffo of Hampton runs an OQ of 2:43:35 placing 49th.
Joanna Thompson 666 of Blowing Rock, NC (44th, 2:43:01) and Caroline Bauer of Elkridge, Maryland (56th, 2:4407) run OQ times.
Jacob Riley, Matt McDonald, Parker Stinson, and Jerrell Mock all USA sprint through Chinatown Chicago near Mile 22.
Jacob Riley of Boulder lead USA men with a 2:10:36. Jerrell Mock of Fort Collins was 2nd USA in 2:10:37. Scott Smith of Flagstaff, AZ was 6th USA in 2:11:14 and Parker Stinson of Boulder was 3rd USA in 2:10:53.
Noah Droddy of Boulder and Diego Estrada of Flagstaff, AZ both on their way to new personal bests. Droddy 17th in 2:11:42 and Estrada in 19th with a 2:11:54.
Brian Schrader of Brighton, Massachusetts runs 2:13:27 to place 22nd in the deep Chicago Marathon field.
World Record Form: Brigid Kosgei sets new women’s marathon record of 2:14:04 in Chicago.
Emma Bates of Boise, Idaho (now Emma Ulmer) is first USA woman and 4th overall with a new PR of 2:25:27.
Taylor Ward of Ogden, Utah on way to PR of 2:30:14, to finish 10th. Madai Perez of Mexico ran 2:31:44 for 11th.
Sarah Sellers of Tucson, AZ on way to personal best of 2:31:49, to place 12th overall and 6th USA.
Mia Behm of Brooklyn, NY finished 15th in 2:33:52 and 7th USA. She sure deserves a “name on bib” next race.
Lindsey Anderson of Twins Falls, Idaho placed 17th in 2:35:28 and was 9th USA.
Julia Roman-Duval of Columbia, Maryland finished in 19th with a new PR of 2:35:41.
Marko Cheseto of Orlando, FL sets a new blade record of 2:37:23.
Jane Bareikis of Crestwood, IL on way to a 2:37:32, good for 22nd place.
Karen Dunn of Trappe, PA finished 55th and 3rd AG with an OQ of 2:43:59. Moira O’Connor Lenth of Seattle was just four seconds ahead in 54th.
Julia Buford of San Francisco runs an OQ of 2:44:24.
Carter Norbo of Charlottesville, VA runs 2:45:38 placing 60th in the women’s field.
David Ho of Sweden and Cecil Reid of South Africa lead group through Chinatown. Ho ran 2:47:49 and Reid 2:46:05.
Anna Li of San Francisco runs 2:48:25 in Chicago Marathon with SF Giants shirt.
Jen Rock of Macomb, Mississippi finished in 2:48:30.
Kate Gunson of Chicago (and BAA top) runs 2:52:18.
Chinatown Chicago

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