Heath Scores Another Victory with Positive Splits

by Freddi Carlip, Editor

Browning Ross led me to Jack Heath, his close friend and former coachee. Jack began writing for RG and many of his articles were about our sport’s unsung heroes, who like Browning, preferred to mostly stay out of the spotlight. Articles about the stars of the “Running Boom” were everywhere. Articles about runners like Browning Ross, Oscar Moore, Larry James, Tom Osler, Ted Corbitt, could be found on the pages of RG. And Jack did more than write a list of their running stats. Jack delved into who each one was, their childhood, their lives beyond running, and how they found our sport.

Jack Heath has compiled these articles and many others in Positive Splits. Readers can enjoy the history—and anecdotes—that make up the lives of these great runners and coaches. What is Mental Toughness?  What are the benefits of Positive Coaching? Find out in Positive Splits. At the end, Jack included quotes which are perfect for runners. They aren’t necessarily about running, yet they are very meaningful. Plus there’s a chapter on how to score a cross-country meet. And why being first isn’t the only way to victory.

Jack’s first book, Browning Ross: Father of Long Distance Running, gave readers the opportunity to learn about Browning Ross The book earned a lot of well-deserved accolades.

Positive Splits is another of Jack’s books to cherish. It adds depth to the people Jack wrote about and makes for interesting reading on every page.

Positive Splits is available though Amazon. Paperback—$18.95; Kindle—no cost with Kindle Unlimited membership, otherwise $9.95

You won’t be disappointed. Kudos to Jack for another outstanding, and important, book.

Positive Splits Cover

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