July 2019 Poetry

by George A. Hancock

July 2019

 July 1 opens on a Monday
As many are off seeking pay
While others enjoy time off
This runner utters a cough.
This guy is on a retired vacation
Finishing up 23 years in education
So every day is pure summer fun
In the pouring rain or July sun.
July 4 is a Thursday holiday
So folks may schedule Friday
As an extra day off from work
Seeking to enjoy any July perk.
Vacations, day trips, and time away
Keeps people fresh for the workday
Our hectic 24/7 world gets cruel
So vacations are the perfect jewel.
July’s summer weather is so nice
Very few need getaway advice
A wise runner enjoys July’s run
Too soon we find summer’s done.


 July’s day is hot
Scorching my trot
Despite the early hour
I’m a wilted flower.
Yet, it’s not the norm
July’s morn does conform
Early on it’s mainly cool
Saving this road fool.
Later on, it does get hot
July’s heat burns a spot
Deep into one’s soul
Baking the old foot sole.
Running along any road
During a hot July episode
Earns a clammy wet perk
Since humidity does lurk.
So, go run in the shade
Trails provide cool aid
Green parks are also good
Thanks to that shady wood.


 Hydration is a proper key
For every July road spree
July’s weather grows hot
Baking our July road trot.
Drinking fluid before a run
And after the run is done
Insures, prevents any issue
Requiring more than a tissue.
Folks will sweat when warm
In July outside we do swarm
So, cool drinks are the norm
And most people do conform.
July racing in tricky hot weather
Finds volunteers coming together
With cool drinks for the road crowd
Thus avoiding the dreaded shroud.
Run early, run late, avoid the sun
And one still finds running fun
Stay hydrated during July’s day
Keep dehydration issues at bay.

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